5 Best AI Copywriting Tools for 2023 (Not ChatGPT)

Boost your content CTR and conversions with these amazing AI tools

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Oct 16, 2023

If you are willing to take your copywriting game to the next level, AI copywriting tools are the best way.

Every time you need better copies to engage your readers, be it a landing page copy, product descriptions, Google AD, social media posts, or email marketing.

Conversion-focused copywriting takes time and effort. But AI copywriting tools are revolutionizing how we write content. 

I will walk you through the top 5 AI tools out there so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

What is an AI Copywriting Tool?

AI copywriting tool is an artificial intelligence software that writes attractive and engaging copies. It is built based on natural language models with machine learning to write every type of content for marketing, business, and personal needs. 

Its advanced algorithms analyze your input text and generate relevant output in a few minutes. 

Using AI copywriting tools is more like creating content automatically that helps marketers produce a lot of high-quality content in a quick time. 

Why use AI copywriting Tools?

Here are some of the key benefits of using AI copywriting tools:

  • They help you create content faster and more efficiently

  • AI tools generate new ideas and creative angles

  • They allow you to automate and outline copywriting tasks

  • They provide high-quality drafts you can refine and finalize

Using AI copywriting software takes much of the heavy lifting out of writing. This frees you up to focus on other marketing techniques and conversion parts. 


Our Top 5 Picks for Best AI Copywriting Tools in 2023


GravityWrite is a powerful AI copywriting tool that is well-designed with advanced artificial algorithms. It produces high-quality content consistently every time.

Its natural language processing capabilities create highly engaging and creative copies in a couple of minutes. 

GravityWrite has inbuilt 15+ proven copywriting formula-based AI tools to create perfect copies for various occasions. This copywriting framework includes AIDA Model, BAB, 4P’s, 3S model, and others.

It has many Advertising copywriting tools to write high CTR copies for Google, Facebook, social media posts, and LinkedIn ads. 

With its collection of over 80 fine-tuned AI tools, it creates copies, long-form blog posts, emails, social media captions, YouTube video scripts, keyword generation, AI images, and many others.

Key Features Of GravityWrite

  • Start creating content in 50+ popular languages to take your marketing efforts to a global audience.

  • Prebuilt copywriting formulas for seamless content creation in quick time.

  • User-friendly dashboard that is well-suited for both beginners and professionals.

  • This AI copywriting software has AI tools for ecommerce, idea generation, YouTube, SEO, and Email marketing.

  • The content package is an exciting tool that creates multiple types of website content with one-time input.

  • GravityWrite has a free version that offers 2000 words per month for free.

Copy AI

Copy AI is a user-friendly AI copywriting tool that creates human-like AI content. You can train it to generate content in your brand's voice that ensure you create content consistent across all type of content.

This AI copywriting software is built with powerful AI models to generate top-quality content every time. Copy AI maintains a high level of security to keep your data safe.

Copy AI helps you generate conversion-focused sales copies for your brand with different copywriting frameworks. 

This copywriting tool has an AI chat specially designed for marketing teams to boost your sales. Type your prompts, or just pick from the prompt template for better output.

Key Features Of Copy AI

  • This AI writing tool has well-built content creation workflows for sales, SEO, social media, and ecommerce to maximize productivity.

  • Boost your Ad conversion with Facebook and Google ad copies with different variations.

  • The built-in document editor makes it easy to write long-form articles by researching with recently updated sources.

  • This has Infobase functionality that saves your product information for future use. So that anyone from your team can easily access it when creating content.

Jasper is an intuitive AI copywriting tool powered by deep learning algorithms to create fantastic content. It writes content in your brand's tone of voice. 

This Copywriting AI tool is built with a combination of multiple natural language models to deliver the best-optimized outputs. This tool covers most of the copywriting templates. 

This AI tool excels in providing writers with well-researched content by analyzing vast amounts of data from reliable sources.

Its ability to provide complex concepts and concisely present them makes it an invaluable tool for content creators.

Jasper is great for teams and companies that want AI-generated drafts tailored to their brand voice. 

Key Features Of Jasper:

  • It has an AI chat that creates more human-like conversations with better knowledge of advanced topics.

  • With its generative AI capabilities, you can refine your questions for more refined answers.

  • 50+ AI writing templates to create perfect content and copies for your brand.

  • Jasper offers better AI integration with popular tools like Google Docs, Chrome, Zapier, Grammarly, etc.

  • This AI copywriting tool can create art in minutes with a simple input.


Rytr is a robustly built AI copywriting tool that creates high-engaging copies effortlessly. It has user-friendly features that enable copywriters to produce high-quality content effortlessly.

Create high-converting copies with proven copywriting formulas like AIDA and PAS.

It has 40+ templates for various use cases to create content in over 30 languages. This copywriting tool has an inbuilt editor that takes it to the next level. 

This editor can transform any ordinary draft into a super exciting one with various formatting functionalities. 

Key Features Of Rytr

  • It has a built-in plagiarism checker to find any repeated content.

  • Collaborative team management functionalities to create and manage your content. 

  • With Rytr AI, you can make high-converting copies for business and marketing purposes.

  • Generate content in over 20 tones to express various emotions.


INK AI generates SEO-optimized copies for your marketing and business needs. Create 10x faster plagiarism-free content with advanced content shield protection.

The INK AI sales framework can boost your content's click-through rate (CTR).

This AI copywriting tool offers real-time research to provide conversion-optimized copies. 

Key Features Of INK AI

  • Various sales frameworks to create high CTR copies to improve conversions. 

  • This AI copywriting tool creates semantic SEO-optimized content that helps to rank content better on search engines.

  • With its AI image generator, just provide a short description of your images, and it creates a fantastic art image in minutes. 

  • Its inbuilt keyword research tool will understand your audience and do keyword research to save you hours.

How To Pick The Best AI Copywriting Tools

When evaluating the best AI copywriting tools, keep these factors in mind. It provides an idea of how to pick the right one. 

Quality Content 

The AI copywriting tool should produce more human-written content and grammatically correct copy with fewer errors. It should always be reliable in creating a better draft with each inbuilt tool.


Flexible functionalities are another essential factor in choosing the right AI copywriting tool. You want control over tone to suit your brand voice. 

Pick the tools that allow you to create content in multiple languages. A good AI copywriting tool allows for generating content in at least 20+ popular languages. 


It’s better to pick a well-rounded AI tool offering more than copywriting tools. 

It also needs various AI tools like an outline generator, video script writer, image prompt generator, and caption generator because it helps when you need to create some other type of content.


Pricing is one of the significant things to consider. Most AI copywriting tools offer a free version. But that comes with word limitation and doesn’t provide access to premium tools. 

So, it’s better to pick the right AI tools with excellent value for money. Make sure there are no hidden fees or rigid contracts.


AI copywriting tools have transformed the way copywriters create compelling content. They offer unmatched efficiency, better creativity, and the ability to maintain consistency across various platforms. 

Using these copywriting tools, you can streamline your writing process, save time, and deliver persuasive content that captivates your target audience. 

Most of these AI tools offer a free trial with a limited number of words per month. So, start using it today to create unique content.

FAQs on AI Copywriting Tools

What is the best AI tool for Copywriting?

GravityWrite is the best AI tool for Copywriting. With its advanced fine-tuning of AI copywriting tools, it delivers high-quality content in no time. 

It is prebuilt with 17+ prebuilt copywriting frameworks and formulas proven highly effective in boosting conversions. It also offers 2000 words per month for free.

Can I use AI tools for copywriting?

Yes, using AI tools for copywriting is a perfect productivity hack for every content creator. If you are using it, you could save time, money, and effort. 

AI content creation is growing tremendously, and with advanced language models, it can generate content more like humans. 

Are AI copywriting tools suitable for all types of content? 

AI copywriting tools can assist in various types of content creation, such as AD copies, emails, blog posts, social media posts, landing page copies, and product descriptions. 

AI tools like GravityWrite can write YouTube scripts, too. So, it's also essential to pick the right AI tool. 

Can AI copywriting tools offer multiple languages?

Most AI writing tools support multiple languages, but the extent of language support may vary. It's essential to check the language options each tool offers before use. 

GravityWrite supports content creation in 50+ languages so that you can create content in the most popular languages.

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