4 Ways to Use AI for Email Marketing in 2024

Boost Engagement and Conversions with AI Email Marketing



Published Date:

Aug 30, 2023


Last Modified:

Feb 22, 2024

AI for email marketing
AI for email marketing

Best Ways to Use AI for Email Marketing!

Want your email marketing to be more effective this year?

Everyone involved in email marketing should strive to "WOW" and delight their subscribers. Attracting and retaining customers is a key component of effective email marketing. 

However, creating engaging advertisements, producing strong text, and ongoing optimization may be exhausting. Are my ideas coherent?

AI may be useful. It's simple to improve your email marketing using AI tools.

AI has altered email marketing by making it feasible to swiftly and effectively create many high-quality messages. You won't believe how simple it is to use.

In this post, I'll outline four excellent strategies for you to include AI in your email strategy in 2024. You can do the following by using the email marketing tools:

  • Quickly develop fresh suggestions for lead magnets that will aid in list-building.

  • Writing captivating emails for a monthly newsletter is simple.

  • You can create engaging and effective subject lines for your email without effort.

  • And there's more!

Does this seem too good to be true?  It is effective. Using these strategies enabled by AI email marketing tools, you can:

  • Improve your emails' open and click-through rates

  • You can stop spending so much time on email writing.

  • Maintain contact with your subscribers.

  • Step up your email marketing game.

Are you prepared to wow your target audience and attract new followers with AI email marketing tools? 

You should read this article if you want to send emails that get results this year. Okay, let's begin!

4 Smart Uses of AI for Email Marketing

In this article, I will show you 4 smart ways to use artificial intelligence to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

These strategies will result in increased open rates, clicks, and engagement. Prepare to wow your readers.

But how to get started? 

To start, sign up with GravityWrite, an AI writing assistant that will help to generate any kind of marketing content, blog content, ad copies, sales emails, YouTube Scripts, and more in just minutes. 


Once registered, you can see the list of tools in the GravityWrite’s dashboard, and here you go!

GravityWrite Dashboard

To redefine the email marketing strategies, use the following AI email marketing tools from GravityWrite.

Email Marketing tools

1. Construct High-converting Lead Magnets

Using lead magnets will encourage your audience to join your email list. However, no one will choose to participate if your magnet isn't interesting.

Using AI, you may generate audience-specific concepts for magnets:

  • First, select “Lead Magnet Ideas” from the AI email marketing tool of the GravityWrite dashboard.

Lead Magnet ideas
  • Then, describe your business and target readers thoroughly, what interests them, and what they want to achieve.

Lead Magnet Ideas - Enter about your business and ideal customer
  • Then, it will list 5 –10 highly targeted suggestions for lead magnets.

Lead magnet ideas output
  • Analyze the ideas and improve the ones that have the greatest promise.

  • Create an effective lead magnet by combining the finest strategies.

If you follow these steps, you'll be well on your way to creating an attractive reading magnet. You should expect an influx of visitors, potential customers, and sign-ups.

2. Keep Readers Eager for Your Next Newsletter

The sending of a monthly newsletter is an essential component of engagement. Still, it's challenging to come up with excellent newsletter topics on the regular.

With AI, it's easy always to satisfy customers:

Select Newsletter email
  • Fill out the specifics of your newsletter in GravityWrite by including the name of your product, a description of your company, the newsletter's subject, tone, and any updates or topics you want to address.

Newsletter email - Enter the input
  • The tool will come up with interesting suggestions for your edition's outline, and it will.

Newsletter email - output
  • Pick your favourite framework and brief the AI to complete the newsletter.

  • Edit the produced copy till it's exactly what your subscribers have been waiting for.

This method requires little work from you but yields excellent results. Everybody wins!

3. Create Email Subject Lines Like a Pro

Your subject line is the initial impression and should encourage “CLICKS”. The greatest method to improve subject lines is to write more of them, but it's time-consuming to do it manually.

Subject line generation is a breeze using GravityWrite:

Email subject lines
  • You can instantly produce different subject lines based on your email's viewpoint, such as your target audience, what you are promoting, what benefits users can get, and so on.

Email subject lines - enter the inputs
  • Consider all the possibilities and settle on the three or four that serve you best.

Email subject lines - output
  • To increase future open rates, just keep using the successful subject line.

Using AI, improving your subject lines is quick, easy, and based on hard facts.

4. Craft Compelling Promotional Emails

Promotional email campaigns provide positive results, but writing the accompanying email is a chore. The help of AI is here!

GravityWrite can manage your promotional copy:

Promotion Email
  • Specify the product or service, applicable discounts, conditions, etc.

Promotion Email - Enter the input
  • Build a sample email that interestingly describes your offer.

Promotion Email - output
  • Make it your own by editing and sending the copy.

Boom! You may have a very effective promotional email ready to send out in minutes.

Looking to Improve your Email Marketing with AI Further?

Here are a few more tips and tricks for using AI email tools from GravityWrite. Are you prepared to take your email game to the next level with less email marketing efforts? Come on, then!

Abandoned Carts with Personalized Emails

All of us have shopped until we had a full basket, yet forgotten to pay for our purchases.

Fortunately, AI can help you recover these lost revenue streams by sending targeted abandoned cart emails.

Allow GravityWrite to produce abandoned cart email templates on your behalf swiftly by providing the product name and what you are promoting. 

 abandoned cart email

Then, dynamically add the customer's name, the items in their basket, and a discount to each one.

The effect is the same as if you had written each one by hand. This is the proper way to convert shoppers who leave their carts.

Create Consistent Sales Emails That Convert

Emails are a great place to ask for the sale. However, it is challenging to create fresh and engaging sales emails constantly. AI excels in this situation.

Tell GravityWrite about your product, who you're trying to sell it to, what you are selling, the maximum and minimum number of words, etc. It can provide a sales email template based on your needs.

Sales Email

Simply modify the template with your sales data (dates, prices, etc.) to boost email marketing performance.

 What a delightful sound!

Start Scaling Your Email Marketing with AI

In this post, we've discussed 4 cutting-edge applications of AI that will significantly improve your email marketing in 2024.

Artificial intelligence-based writing assistants like GravityWrite enable you to:

  • Put an end to the weekly hours spent attempting to think of fresh lead magnets and email concepts.

  • Create optimized subject lines for higher open rates in an instant.

  • Easily produce reliable, interesting email content regularly

And a whole lot more!

The thought of never again struggling with writer's block or irritation when composing an email is exciting. Instead, you'll always have access to new, interesting email content, lead magnets, and subject lines.

Most importantly, you'll be able to make emails that your readers really look forward to reading and interacting with.

That's incredible, right?

We've arrived at the next level of engaging and simple email marketing. The use of AI in email marketing not only makes it conceivable but also makes it available to anybody.

You merely need to take the first initiative.

In that case, why delay any longer? Leverage AI tools like “GravityWrite” to deliver convincing and attention-grabbing emails in 2024. Improve your email marketing strategy immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions AI for Email Marketing

  1. What advantages does GravityWrite offer for email marketing?

    GravityWrite may produce email content, subject lines, lead magnet ideas, newsletters, and more based on your instructions. It is a comprehensive AI email marketing solution.

  2. How might GravityWrite enhance the way I send emails?

    By automatically creating first draughts of emails, subject lines, and lead magnets, it helps you save time. This simplifies your procedure.

  3. How exactly does GravityWrite create emails?

    You provide criteria for content and prompts. Utilizing its cutting-edge AI, GravityWrite uses them to provide relevant copy choices. Afterward, you decide which one is better.

  4. How challenging is it to begin using AI for emails?

    It's quite simple! The majority of AI authoring tools are intended to be simple to use. With a few clicks and some instructions, you can produce content. It is useful for all levels of expertise.

  5. Do my emails seem robotic when I use GravityWrite?

    No, the content is natural sounding and engagement-optimized. However, you may edit the AI draughts before sending to get the tone and voice you like.

  6. Does GravityWrite produce finished emails?

    GravityWrite can write your whole email for you with only a few suggestions. It will produce initial copies you may customize when you provide background information and objectives.

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