6 Efficient Ways to Use AI in Content Marketing

Discover the top 6 strategies for using AI in content marketing to increase engagement and effectiveness. Learn how AI can transform your content creation process.


Githu Ravikkumar

Published Date:

Feb 9, 2024


Last Modified:

May 28, 2024

 An image of a promotional graphic highlighting the top 6 impactful applications of AI in content marketing with an illustrated person on a laptop
 An image of a promotional graphic highlighting the top 6 impactful applications of AI in content marketing with an illustrated person on a laptop

Introduction to using AI in content marketing

You are doing your content marketing wrong. Yes, trust me, you are—if you're not using AI tools for content creation.

Seems like an exaggeration? It’s not.

More than 76% of marketers now use AI for content marketing. About 34% of companies are already using AI, and another 42% are trying it out. Most people are okay with AI in ads, as long as it doesn't become annoying. Around 23% of marketing professionals use AI, and 66% of people worldwide believe that AI will change their lives in the next 3 to 5 years.

What if I told you that you can use AI in your content marketing strategies just as effectively and reap the benefits of this powerful technology? Yes, you can.

Excited? I understand. In this blog, we will explore how to use AI for content marketing and how GravityWrite, one of the best AI writing tools, can optimize your content creation experience.

Top 6 ways to use AI in content marketing

Are you just getting started with AI for content marketing or want to enhance our productivity by using AI the right way? Cool! Then check out these 6 ways you can use AI with the help of our AI content generator, GravityWrite.

Before we dive in, let me give you the gist of what our tool is.

GravityWrite is an AI writing tool that can generate various types of content like blogs, emails, social media posts, ad copies, and even home page copies using the power of AI.

We achieved over 1 million users recently, and it’s being rated an amazing 4.6 out of 5 on G2.

Now, let me tell you about the ways to use the tool to strengthen your content marketing strategy.

1. SEO

AI tools for SEO can be of great help to you, if you are serious about improving your online presence. There are a bunch of ways to do it.

i) Meta Title and Description

The first impression is the best impression. Meta title and description are the first thing your users see when they enter a keyword. Having something not so relatable to your business will be fatal, as no one will care to click on your website, which in turn will reduce your CTR and your visitors gradually. 

Now let me tell you how to generate SEO-friendly meta titles and descriptions using GravityWrite in seconds. 

A screenshot of "Meta title and description" feature in GravityWrite, showcasing AI generated meta titles and description for best organic foods.

Want to know more ? Check out our blog where you can find all the information about using our meta title and description generator.  

ii) Topical Map

Have you ever heard of topical relevance? Basically, it means the relevance a site has over a keyword. For instance, imagine you are writing a blog with the title “AI tools to use in 2024.” You will obviously want to cover all the relevant topics related to the title. This is what the search engine checks; it will help the search engine deliver better results upon a search query. 

GravityWrite has a tool called create topical map, using which you can create topical maps to improve topical relevance. 

Now let me tell you how to generate topical maps using GravityWrite in seconds. 

That’s it. 

A screenshot of "create topical map" on GravityWrite with input fields to enter target keyword, no. titles and more settings to the right and topical map for "baking tips" to the right

iii) Clickbait Titles

Clickbait titles are nothing but long-tail keyword-style titles in a clickbait format to attract your audience and induce them to perform an action. GravityWrite’s clickbait title generator crafts amazing clickbait-style titles and gets them noticed in no time.

Our clickbait title generator is just the thing you need to generate these titles.

A snapshot of GravityWrite's "Clickbait title generator" tool, reflecting AI's innovation. There are input field to enter the keywords, number of titles and 3 AI generated normal titles  and clickbait titles.

iv) Long-tail keywords

Keywords are the foundation of an SEO strategy. In simple terms, they are what your target audience will search for on search engines like Google. It could be anything: a brand, a blog, or nothing in particular. But why long-tail keywords in particular? Because they carry a lot of information, they have low competition, specifically address the concerns of the audience, and, most importantly, the intent is clear.

Using our long-tail keyword generator you can generate a well-formatted table of 30 long-tail keywords in no-time.

A screenshot of the "long-tail keyword generator" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter your target keyword, and there is a table with numbers, long-tail keywords, Suggested title, and search intent.

Want to ace your keyword generation using AI? Go through this blog where we have compared the best free and paid keyword generators in the market.

v) On Page SEO Guide

If you don't have time to strategize an entire on-page plan but still want to do it the right way, we have a tool called related keyword & on page SEO guide that will help you plan your entire on-page SEO strategy by providing you with keyword variations, related keywords, SEO-friendly titles, meta descriptions, page slug suggestions, and also feature image ideas.

If you're someone who handles customers worldwide and wants to generate keywords and more in different languages other than English, you can formulate an entire on-page plan in 70+ languages.

A screenshot of the "related keyword & on page SEO guide" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter details about your business and output to the right.

vi) Keyword Clustering

Feeling that your keyword generation takes a lot of time and are you struggling to get it together? No, issues. With this tool called keyword clustering - PRO you can group your keyword effortlessly. Not only that, you get to know related keywords along with their keyword intent which is pretty challenging to decipher 

How to use the tool? It is easy. Just plug in your keywords and hit “Generate Content” and within seconds you will have a well-formatted table of clusters, keywords and their search intent.

A screenshot of the "Keyword clustering - PRO" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter details about your target keyword and generated output to the right.

vii) Ranking Guidelines

Want to improve your search ranking for your primary keyword? Then you need to try this tool called Ranking Guidelines for 1 Keyword. This tool is a complete package which will provide you with SEO--friendly FAQs, related keywords, SEO-optimized long-tail keywords, a clear and a legible slug which is necessary for SEO and also meta title and descriptions. 

There is no need for you to do the heavy-lifting, all you have to do is enter your target keyword and hit enter. You can generate them any no. of times until you are satisfied. 

A screenshot of the "Ranking guidelines for 1 keyword" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter your keyword and the AI-generated output to the right.

2. Blogs

Any content marketing strategy is incomplete without blogs. GravityWrite has 11 tools, especially to help you generate amazing blogs that not only help you to share knowledge but also to improve your search ranking. With our suite of tools, you can generate everything from blog ideas to SEO-optimized blogs to human-written blogs.

Let me explain about all of them and help you generate blogs just like you wanted.

i. Blog Topic Ideas

Coming up with blog topic ideas isn’t easy. There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind. But if you want to generate trendy ideas in just seconds, trust me, you need our tool, Blog Topic Ideas.

The tool itself is self-explanatory and simple. You’d have to enter your niche, which could be anything—fashion, healthy living, skincare, and so on—and hit “Create Content.”

In seconds, you will have a table of keywords, a suggested blog title, and the keyword intent. I’m gave “Healthy living” as the niche. You can enter your blog’s niche.

A screenshot of the "Blog topic ideas" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter the niche of your blog and the AI-generated output to the right.

ii. Blog outline

Now that you have a blog topic, let us start generating the outline of the blog with nothing but the blog title that you chose. Let us imagine that you chose the title. “Top 10 tips to embrace a healthy lifestyle,” and you want to generate a blog outline for it.

Hop on to the tool, Blog Outline, enter your blog topic, and hit enter.

Count to 10, and I bet you will have an entire bog outline within that time.

iii. Blog content

What comes next to the outline? content, right? To generate the content for your blog, Navigate to the tool, Blog Content, enter your blog topic and blog outline. Change the language if you wish. Once done, hit enter. 

Look for errors, check if the content matches your blog title and outline, copy or export blog content and use it on your CMS and elevate your search ranking gradually with consistent efforts. 

A screenshot of the "Blog Content" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter your blog topic and a blog outline and the AI-generated output to the right.

iv. Blog Images

Images complete a blog, don’t they? With the help of GravityWrite’s Image Brief for Blog tool, you can generate your blog images as well.

First off, we need to generate the image prompts and then generate images from the prompts. Let's dive in.

All you need to do is enter your blog’s outline and hit enter.

Within seconds, you'd have gotten 10 image prompts, using which you could generate images for your blog.

A screenshot of the "Image brief for blog" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter your blog outline and the AI-generated output to the right.

To generate images from the prompt, head to our image generator tool, enter the generated image prompt, and hit enter.

A screenshot of the "Create new image" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter your image [rompt and the AI-generated image for the prompt below,

Similarly, you can generate images for your blog all in one place without juggling between platforms.

v. Blog calendar

Now, you have the complete blog and you are good to go. But when do you post them? Do you post them all at once or how? A dedicated blog calendar is as important as the blog itself. 

With GravityWrite’s Blog Content calendar, you can generate a full fledged blog calendar with just a click. 

Just enter your target keyword, and hit enter. Of course, you can change the language if you want. 

A screenshot of the "Blog content calendar" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter your target keyword and the AI-generated output to the right in a table format.

vi) Rewrite Article

Ever wanted to rewrite your blog or article to make it more SEO-friendly? We all have been there and it has never been easy. To rewrite articles, head to the tool, enter your existing article, tone, select the language and hit “Create Content.”

A screenshot of the "rewrite article with keywords" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter your article, keyword, second keyword and the AI-generated output to the right.

I took the input from ChatGPT, you can paste any article that you want to rewrite. 

Look for mistakes if any, once done, copy and paste the blog and enjoy 😎

3. Web Content

A good website content is important for your online presence and also for a better content marketing strategy. With our website content generation tools, you can generate for your all website pages in a minute. 

i) Home Page

With our tool, creative home page, you can generate the content for your entire home page using a few simple details about your website/brand. The best part is that the generated home page content follows the right optimized that can get you the most attention. 

How do you use it? Enter your product/brand name, tell the tool what you do, say important key features of your product or service, a bit about your target audience, choose the language and hit enter.

A screenshot of the "creative home page" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter your brand name, key features about your product or service, target audience details and the AI-generated output to the right.

As the homepage content has been generated by AI, look for errors and do a deep check if the content matches your brand and your writing style. 

Once done, carefully add it to your CMS :) 

ii) Service page

Want to make your services reach your target audience better? Then you need to use our Service Page Content tool

This smart tool can help you generate magnetic content to reach them with negligible efforts in less than a minute. 

Just enter your product name, key features and your target audience and hit enter. 

A screenshot of the "Service page content" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter your brand name, key features about your product or service, results to expect and the AI-generated output to the right.

As I always say, look for errors and use them as you see fit :)

iii) About us page

Do you know that the about us page is the 2nd most visited page in a site? Yes, you heard it right. Now you know the importance of an about us page. 

Now how can you generate an about us page? Simple. Just navigate to the About us page generator, enter a few simple details, pick your preferred language and hit enter.

A screenshot of the "About us page" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter your brand name, business details, features about your product or service and the AI-generated output to the right.

iv) Landing page image

Using images in your landing page will improve the readability of your website. Also, with better SEO-friendly image alt tags they can rank on the image column on Google. 

Using the tool is like a piece of cake, head to the image content of the landing page tool, paste the content of your website, choose the art from that you want and hit enter.

A screenshot of the "creative home page" tool by GravityWrite. There is an input field to enter your website content and your art image for image prompt generation name and the AI-generated prompts to the right.

4. Emails

Emails are an evergreen part of any content marketing strategy. There are 11 email tools to facilitate the use of AI in content marketing. 

You can generate all the forms of emails like cold emails, sales emails, promotional emails, newsletter emails, lead magnet ideas and more. 

i) Sales Email

Sales emails are often a part of a marketing strategy. They are a bit tricky, it should be engaging and must not sound salesy. 

No need to worry about making it that way. Go to the sales email tool in GravityWrite, fill in the basic details and hit “Create content.”

A screenshot of the "sales email v1" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter product's key features, target audience details, min and max words and brand name and the AI-generated sales email to the right.

ii) Promotional email

Want to promote your product or service? Then sending promotional emails could be a great way. 

GravityWrite’s promotional email generator gets the job done easily for you. 

Trust me, you will have the entire promotional email curated for you in seconds. Here’s how.

A screenshot of the "promotional email" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to describe your product and the AI-generated promotional email is to the right.

iii) Email subject lines

Email subject is the selling point of any point. The x-factor in the email subject lines can get you more email opens.

Our email subject line generator is just what you need. It generated crisp, clear, and concise email subject lines that your target audience couldn’t refrain from opening.

How do I make use of the tool? Enter the goal of sending the email, select the type of email from the dropdown, and select the draft of the email for better results. It is optional, though. And hit enter.

A screenshot of the "email subject lines" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter the primary goal of your email, type of the email and a field to provide the email draft and the AI-generated email subject lines is to the right.

iv) Lead magnet ideas

Lead magnet ideas are a marketing trick or strategy to get the details of your target audience, like name, email, or contact number, by giving a free giveaway like an ebook or a cheat sheet that will be useful for them and is relatable to your business as well.

The main thing to keep in mind is that, never give fake information or promises as that will spoil your reputation. The key is to be valuable, trustworthy and useful. 

Let us see what our lead magnet idea generator has to offer. 

A screenshot of the "lead magnet ideas" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter your business's details, details about your ideal customer and the AI-generated lead magnet ideas subject lines is to the right.

v) Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to engage and entertain your audience.

It can be great to keep your existing audience updated on the latest updates, product launches, new offers, and more.

The key here is to use great subject lines, be relevant, and be captivating; if not, your newsletters would be resting in the spam folder or the junk folder.

Not satisfied with your newsletters? Use our newsletter email generator.

A screenshot of the "newsletter e-mail" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter your brand name,  business's details, theme of the newsletter details and the 1st update to cover in the newsletter and the AI-generated email is to the right.

vi) Cold email

A cold email is a tailored email that you send to someone with whom you don’t have a prior connection. To be precise, they are strangers. The goal of sending cold emails is to start a conversation, introduce yourself, build a relationship, and engage them. 

GravityWrite’s cold email generator follows the right principles and practices to get eyes on. 

Here is how you can uncover the tool’s magic.

A screenshot of the "cold e-mail" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter your primary goal, details of the recipient, your work details and the solution offered name, and the AI-generated email is to the right.

There are a few more tools that you need to get a hands on! Be sure to check them all.

5. Social media

Social media is a vital part of content marketing. It is actually a process of creating and scheduling content designed to grow and nurture an audience across social media platforms like Instagram, Meta, X, LinkedIn, and many others. You can also advertise your product or service on social media, which makes it a convenient all-in-one platform. 

We have over 23 tools to help with social media post generation and over 8 social media as marketing tools to generate content in over 70 languages. . 

i) Social media management

Want to generate social media posts for all your social media at once? Use our all in one social post that will generate social media posts for Facebook, Instagram, X, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google My Business. 

Just enter what your post is about in a few words and hit enter. 

A screenshot of the "All-in-one social post" tool by GravityWrite. There is an input field to enter your post details and the AI-generated social media post to the right is to the right.

ii) Scripts for YouTube and Tik Tok videos and Instagram reels

You can create scripts for YouTube, Tik ToK and Instagram using the AI script writing tools in GravityWrite. 

These tools work in the same way: Enter your title, main talking points of the video and your target audience. 

If you wish, you can generate them in over 70 languages to cater it to a wider audience. 

Let's generate an entire YouTube script for using our YouTube script Generator. 

Check out our TikTok Video Script generator and Instagram Reels Script generator to get the most out of your social media. 

A screenshot of the "script for YouTube videos" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter your video title, key talking points,  target audience details with a button, and the AI-generated YouTube script is to the right.

Check out our blog where we have explained more about AI social media post generators, use cases, pros and cons best practices and more. 

6. YouTube

A content marketing strategy is incomplete without a strong YouTube presence.

With our AI YouTube tools, you can generate YouTube ideas, scripts, thumbnail descriptions, and more

i) YouTube ideas and content

Just enter your channel’s niche and hit enter.

Within seconds, you will have your video title, outline, and key talking points, i.e., the important points that you need to cover in the video, with our YouTube idea and content planner.

A screenshot of the "YT idea and content planner" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter your video's niche and a button below, and the AI-generated YouTube plan is to the right.

ii) Title and thumbnail ideas

A good title and thumbnail are important for a better CTR. FOllowing the best practices is necessary. You can generate such YouTube titles and thumbnails using this clever tool, title and thumbnail ideas generator

Let me tell you how to use it. Enter your keyword(s), change the language is required and hit enter. 

A screenshot of the "script for YouTube videos" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter your video's keywords with a button below, and the AI-generated YouTube title and thumbnail ideas is to the right.

iii) Description & tags

An apt, brief and concise description is a must for YouTube SEO. Be mindful to use the right tags that are related to your niche and video.

When it comes to description, keep it clear and concise. 

But leave all these aside. 

Our YT descriptions and tags generator gets it done for you in just 10 seconds. 

A screenshot of the "descriptions & tags" tool by GravityWrite. There are input fields to enter your video script, key talking points, with a button, and the AI-generated YouTube description and tag is to the right.

Pros and cons of using AI tools for content creation

AI is not all good. As I said, there are many benefits and a few limitations. Let us check them all out in detail.


  1. Saves Time: AI can churn out articles, reports, and social media posts quickly. It's like having a super-fast writer on your team.

  2. Cost-effective: Over time, using AI can be cheaper than always hiring new writers or marketers.

  3. Personalization: AI can help tailor content to fit different audiences.

  4. Data Analysis: AI is great at digging through tons of data to find what content works best.

  5. Consistency: AI can keep your content style consistent across all platforms.


  1. Lacks Emotion: AI might miss the mark on emotional depth or humor. Remember, they can only mimic humans' writing styles, but they are not humans.

  2. Quality Control: Sometimes AI can make mistakes or produce generic content.

  3. Creativity Limits: AI might struggle with truly creative or out-of-the-box ideas.

  4. Ethical Concerns: Using AI can raise questions about originality and intellectual property.

  5. Dependence: Relying too much on AI could make teams less skilled in content creation.

So, while AI can be a huge help in content marketing, it's not perfect. It's about finding the right balance between using the best AI writing tools and keeping the human touch in your content.

Human content creation vs. AI-powered content creation

Human content creation and the use of AI-powered content creation both have their benefits and drawbacks. Both are being widely used. However, companies are slowly making their transition towards AI. And here, AI takes the lead, with a few limitations, of course. Here is a rundown of all the common aspects.

AI writing tools are great for creating content, but they miss the human spark, like humor or empathy. So, it's awesome to get the job done, but you still need a human touch to add some magic and keep things real.

S. NoAspectAI ContentHuman Content
1Quality of ContentAI writes correctly and has the facts right, but it might not get the deeper meaning or details.People can give more thought to what they write, adding deeper understanding and ideas about what things mean.
2Speed and EfficiencyAI works fast and gets writing done in a few minutes.People take more time to write because they need to think, research, and write carefully.
3ScalabilityAI can write a lot about many things at once.If people write a lot about many things, it takes a lot more time and effort.
4CostAfter setting up AI, it’s cheap to keep making more content.Paying people for their work means it costs more to make content.
5Creativity and InnovationAI can spot patterns and make content, but it’s not new or different.People can come up with new ideas and write creatively.
6Reliability and AccuracyAI is good at working with data but might get things wrong if it doesn’t understand well.People can check facts from different places and think clearly to make sure what they write is right.
7PersonalizationAI tries to match what it writes to what it thinks a person likes, but it might not always work.People can understand who they are writing for and make it fit just right for them.
8Ethical ConsiderationsAI could be used in the wrong way to make things look biased.People try to do the right thing when reporting. But sometimes, they might take others' work as their own.

Wrapping up: GravityWrite - One of the best AI writing tools

GravityWrite is not just an ordinary tool; it is one of the best AI tools for content creation. With GravityWrite, you can take your content marketing strategy to the next level. It's like having a personal assistant who helps you create captivating content that stands out from the crowd.

What makes our tool so special is its AI-powered content creation. It can generate ideas, content, and more that resonate with your target audience. Whether you're a blogger, marketer, or business owner, our super tool can help you achieve your goals and take your brand to new heights. Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to endless possibilities. It can also help you create different types of content, from blog posts to social media updates, making your job easier and more efficient. It can also optimize your content for search engines so that your target audience can easily find you online.

But that's not all. GravityWrite can write in multiple languages, which means you can reach a global audience with ease. So, why not give it a try? It's not just an AI writing tool; it's a smart investment in your future success.

Let GravityWrite take care of the hard work so that you can focus on what you do best: creating amazing content that inspires and engages your audience. Try GravityWrite today and experience the power of AI-powered content marketing.

FAQs on AI in content marketing

  1. What is AI in content marketing?

    AI in content marketing refers to the use of AI to create, optimize, and distribute content. It includes tools that can analyze data, automate repetitive tasks, and even generate content to engage audiences.

  2. Does Google mind AI-Generated Content?

    Google doesn't automatically dislike AI-generated content, as long as it's high-quality, relevant, and useful to readers. The main thing is that all content, whether written by humans or AI, should be helpful and meet Google's quality standards. If AI-created content is misleading or not very good, it might not rank well in search results. So, the focus should be on making sure your content, AI-made or not, is genuinely useful to people.

  3. Can AI replace human content creators?
    No, AI cannot fully replace human content creators. While it can assist in generating basic content and data analysis, the creativity, emotion, and understanding of nuanced user needs in content creation require a human touch.

  4. Can I use AI content for SEO?

    Certainly, you can! AI-generated content is as good as human-written content for SEO. As AI tools might lack emotion, it is a must to make the AI content fit your writing style. But remember to be relevant and adhere to the best SEO practices to achieve better results on search engines like Google.

  5. What are the use cases of AI in content marketing?
    AI in content marketing helps in creating personalized content for different audiences, improving engagement. It can analyze data to suggest content strategies and SEO optimizations. AI tools generate articles, social media posts, and marketing copy quickly. They also assist in monitoring content performance and adjusting strategies accordingly.

  6. Is there any free tool to create content?
    There are plenty! Tools like GravityWrite can be the best free AI tool to generate most of your content all at one place. From blogs to social media, the tool can generate all of them in just seconds. Using the tool is elementary and transparent; just a few simple details and you are done. 

  7. How does GravityWrite help in my content marketing efforts?
    GravityWrite boosts your content marketing by quickly generating diverse types of content with AI. It enhances creativity, ensures SEO optimization, and reaches a global audience by supporting multiple languages. It makes content creation efficient and tailored to your target audience, elevating your brand's online presence.

  8. Does AI affect my content marketing strategy negatively?

    AI can affect your content marketing strategy negatively if not used wisely. Over-reliance on AI without a human touch can lead to content that lacks emotion, creativity, or personal connection with the audience. Misusing AI can also result in content that doesn't accurately reflect brand values or meet user expectations. However, when integrated thoughtfully, AI can enhance content marketing efforts by improving efficiency, relevance, and engagement.

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