AI Generated Content: Exploring the Pros and Cons (2024)

Top Secrets about AI Generated Content Uncovered!



Published Date:

Oct 9, 2023


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Feb 19, 2024

AI generated Content
AI generated Content

Have You Heard About AI Generated Content?

AI-generated content is one of the hottest marketing trends out there. Artificial intelligence like GPT creates unique, high-quality content from people's search queries.

With the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, interest in AI content exploded. SaaS platforms started offering AI writing tools, and marketers began rethinking the content creation process.

AI content generator has huge potential to transform digital marketing. But it also comes with risks. 

This blog will help you understand the key advantages and drawbacks to decide if AI content is right for your brand.

What Exactly Is AI Generated Content?

AI content generators pull existing information from search engines to create new text. When you enter a search query, the AI tools generate a unique response using Natural Language Processing by compiling data it finds online.

The AI content generator helps to create blog posts, ad copy, product descriptions, blog post outlines, landing pages, social media posts, short-form content, and so on.

Essentially, the AI writes brand-new content around your chosen topic by gathering data from the internet.

How Does AI Content Creation Work?

It's pretty straightforward!

You simply enter:

  • The desired text format (blog post, social captions, etc.)

  • A topic

  • Related keywords

The AI content tools sift through the web to compile relevant copy in your selected format. It can even rewrite a company's existing content by incorporating new information from online searches.

This allows it to customize content for different formats and platforms effortlessly using AI tools like GravityWrite.

Pros And Cons Of AI Generated SEO Content

Here are some of the pros and cons of using AI writing tools to ease content creation process:

Advantages of AI Generated Content

Using AI content generators can speed up content creation, like marketing materials, and improve the industry. Here are some benefits of using an AI tool to create content.

Creates Content Faster

AI text generators can produce quick, insightful content, but Content Writers must edit it. Just give the AI generator a topic to eliminate brainstorming and research.

The AI's automatically generated content can help users to start blogging. Humans are needed for accuracy, creativity, and tone. Introduce an editor when the AI generator generates its initial output.

Provides SEO-friendly Content

AI generated SEO content may boost SEO. The tool generates topic-specific content from popular, SEO-optimized sources.

This is especially helpful if you require additional keyword authoring or SEO page structure knowledge. AI generated SEO content may work better for blogs than expert articles. 

The tool can create SEO-friendly content from the start with AI keyword analysis.

Highly Scalable

AI content production is fast and cheap; thus, it has a high ROI and is scalable.

Writer's block, time restrictions, and budget limits can make scaling content difficult for even great copywriters and marketers. AI-generated content marketing, subject ideas, or article outlines may increase scalability, even in small areas of the process.

AI models can ensure brand voice consistency with clear cues. However, working with multiple writers may make it difficult to maintain tone and quality across digital platforms.

Efficiency in Cost

Quality content writers might cost hundreds of dollars for each job based on length, quantity, and technical understanding.

For high-quality research, this may be worthwhile. However, artificial intelligence writing tools may be better for basic content demands.

Many AI writing tool's pricing is affordable and free for limited words. This is cheaper than paying writers. 

AI-generated writing is 10x more detailed than human writing and costs a fraction of the cost.

Stop Writer's Block

AI-generated material may help you write faster and avoid writer's block. The AI tools generate content ideas for articles, social media posts, books, YouTube descriptions, and more. This is particularly beneficial if you need assistance with a subject or feel uneasy about writing.

Sometimes, choosing a topic is hard. AI-powered content platforms like GravityWrite can generate ideas faster than brainstorming. The platform will read your prompt and propose relevant ideas.

Disadvantages of AI Generated Content

Many companies use AI-written content to automate content development and simplify operations. AI has limits since the technology is still developing. 

Possible Google Devaluation

Google's criteria don't discriminate against AI-generated content, but in December 2022, they added an E to the E-A-T idea for assessing beneficial content. The modified acronym is:

  • Experience

  • Expertise

  • Authoritativeness

  • Trustworthiness

AI-only content may not meet Google's quality and reliability standards. While AI may assist with research, grammar, and spell checks, SEO best practices need content based on human experience and subject understanding.

Needs to Check Facts

You should avoid uploading AI-generated material without reviewing or modifying it. Humans can see chaotic, erroneous, or hurtful stuff that AI systems can't do due to ignorance.

Use AI generated content as a starting point, not the final output. For that personal touch, Google wants to make something unique from the results.

Lack of Creativity

Unlike humans, AI-generated writing may rephrase previous ideas but not produce new ones.

This may pose plagiarism problems as you don't know what source material the AI model utilized to produce content.

AI lacks creativity in thinking and expression. Natural language emotions, humour, sarcasm, metaphors, and idioms are difficult for artificial models to understand. They also help create a relatable tale or marketing message.

Factual Results, No Grey Areas

Data quantity and precision may be amazing with artificial intelligence. Still, it lacks emotion and human behaviour comprehension.

Algorithms can precisely compute numbers and facts. They struggle to figure out human behaviour and put it together.

AI can deliver precise facts but cannot supply grey areas; it is either correct or wrong.

Verdict on AI Generated Content

You just read about AI content creation's strengths and downsides. The technology has great potential but also legitimate problems.

Your wants and circumstances determine whether to employ AI content-creation tools. However, these last considerations may help you decide:

  • Need scalable content volumes? 

  • Does your content require a real voice? 

  • Do you appreciate originality and avoid plagiarism? 

  • Do you need specialized knowledge for your content? 

  • Have editorial resources to improve AI content? 

AI content generator should complement your staff of expert writers, editors, and content strategists, not replace them. Used intelligently, these new technologies may help you generate high-quality, creative content at scale.

Try AI-generated content for simpler writing assignment and content marketing process. It may amaze you with its performance! Just provide strict human control during content production.

Writing tools enabled by AI, as well as AI-generated video content, have a bright future. But proceed carefully, concentrate on quality, and highlight your team's distinct abilities. Combining human and machine talents may elevate content production!

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FAQs on AI Generated Content

1. What are the pros of AI-based content generation?

AI-made content can save time and money, boost productivity, and make more personalized content available on a large scale. It can also help with data processing and make material around the clock.

2. Are there any drawbacks to content generation using AI?

Yes, material made by AI might not be creative or have a human touch, which could make it seem impersonal or general.

3. How accurate is the material that AI makes?

The level of accuracy depends on the AI model and the data quality. Even though it can be very accurate for some jobs, it can still make mistakes, especially when it comes to hidden or complicated topics.

4. Can AI-generated material completely replace human writers?

AI can help with and simplify some parts of creating content, but it won't be able to replace human imagination, feeling, and understanding of context in most content areas.

5. Which businesses will gain the most from AI generated content?

E-commerce, marketing, websites, and reporting can benefit greatly from AI-generated content because it can quickly create a lot of content.

6. What does the future hold for AI-made content?

AI-generated content is likely to get better models, better ways for humans and AI to work together, and more use in creating content across many businesses in the future.

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