GravityWrite Vs Jasper: Which is the Best AI Tool (2024)

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Published Date:

Jul 18, 2023


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Feb 19, 2024

GravityWrite Vs Jasper
GravityWrite Vs Jasper

GravityWrite Vs Jasper - Who Wins?

Have you heard about AI writing tools like GravityWrite and Jasper but aren't sure which one to choose in 2024? 

You've come to the right place!

With so many AI writing assistants available now, it can be tough to determine which one best fits your needs. But have no fear, we're here to help simplify your decision between GravityWrite and Jasper.

In this comprehensive comparison post, we will analyze the important aspects you should consider when choosing an AI writing tool:

  • Ease of use - How simple is it to use each tool effectively?

  • Writing quality - How coherent, engaging, and human-like is the AI writing?

  • Available features - What built-in features does each tool offer?

  • Pricing/plans - How much do they cost, and what plans are available?

We will provide an in-depth, unbiased look at how GravityWrite and Jasper stack up across these criteria. You'll learn each tool's unique pros and cons, from text generation abilities to pricing models.

By the end, you'll understand exactly what makes GravityWrite and Jasper different so you can choose the optimal tool to simplify and enhance your writing.

Ready to finally decide between these popular AI writing tools? Let's get started!

GravityWrite Vs Jasper: A Quick Glance

Since GravityWrite and Jasper are two of the most well-known AI writing tools currently available, we will discuss each and see how they compete against one another.


GravityWrite is an AI writing assistance that offers users a wide variety of features and tools that make it easy for them to produce material of high quality. You may access everything from blog posts and social media updates to landing pages, ad copies, sales emails, and anything in between with just a few clicks. This makes it ideal for assisting your marketing and sales staff with their written content.


The interface is straightforward, making the platform ideal for beginners and those just starting out. GravityWrite is a helpful tool for content producers and students who want assistance since its output is accurate and interesting.


Jasper (formerly known as Jarvis) is a content-generation automation tool for writers. The whole system is predicated on AI and machine learning. As long as you provide a short description, target audience, subject, tone of voice, and keywords, it will generate material for you.


This article generator sets out because it produces high-quality, tailored results depending on your input. It generates the best appropriate sentences and words for your requirements. 

GravityWrite vs Jasper: Which is the Best Option?

The reality is that there is plenty of generative AI technology possibilities to choose from. Since, at first glance, it seems that GravityWrite and perform identical functions, you may wonder why you should use GravityWrite instead of

GravityWrite Vs Jasper

Although both tools have many similarities, certain authors may succeed more with GravityWrite due to its unique features. They include the cost, features, and enhanced all-around user experience.

Let's examine these components and the significance they have for you.

Comparing GravityWrite Vs Jasper

GravityWrite Vs Jasper

Let's compare GravityWrite with Jasper to evaluate their features.

1. AI Technology

Knowing how GravityWrite and Jasper function can help you understand them. 

GravityWrite employs GPT 3.5 as well as GPT - 4 AI model and performs well on many language-based benchmarks, highlighting its potential for real-world usage. Its strong language-generating skills enable it to respond coherently and appropriately to complicated prompts and inquiries.

Jasper, like many AI copywriting tools, uses GPT-3 to generate text. GPT-3, a neural network machine learning model, generates internet-based text with little user input. Anyone can benefit from hands-on GPT-3 project experience.

2. Pricing

GravityWrite and Jasper are subscription-based. GravityWrite has Free, Starter, and Pro plans. Users may create up to 2000 words per month on the free plan. The paid subscription offers limitless projects, 80+ copywriting tools, and 25+ brand tones. GravityWrite’s package is excellent if you routinely need content for your blogs, ad copies, sales emails, and more.

The starter package is $19/mo with priority support, while the Pro plan costs $79/mo and includes all GravityWrite offers.

On the other hand, Jasper provides Creator, Teams, and Business options. Creator and Teams plan cost $49 and $125 monthly, respectively. Additionally, the business plan's custom price considers all of the features.

3. Word Limit and User Limit

The free version of GravityWrite allows you to generate 2,000 words. After the trial period ends, you may switch to a premium plan with monthly limits of 50,000 words for the Basic plan or 2,50,000 words for the Pro plan. What's more interesting about working with GravityWrite is that there are no hard constraints on the number of users. Multiple users may share a single account.

In contrast, Jasper's premium paid plans, which are much more expensive, come with limitless words. However, offers 10,000 auto-generated words to new users for 5 days. However, a credit card is needed to join Jasper. When it comes to user limit, one user per account is the maximum allowed.

4. Templates

Signing up with GravityWrite gives you access to 80+ writing tools and 25+ brand tones, improving content quality and setting you apart from the competition.

Similarly, Jasper provides its users with 50+ writing tools in various voice tones to maintain a uniform tone throughout the work.

5. User Experience

Both GravityWrite and Jasper offer user interfaces that are intuitive and easy to use. Overall, GravityWrite is a tool that is considerably easier to use than Jasper, and it takes far less time to become proficient with GravityWrite. 

While Jasper is complicated, the user experience is layered inside the tool so that beginners may utilize a simplified version. After you have ensured that everything is in order, you may then switch to power mode.

6. Language Support

Both tools support the vast majority of widely used languages. Although English is the most common of all the other languages, you can choose to communicate in various other languages, like Spanish, Italian, Swedish, French, and so on. 

GravityWrite supports 30+ languages, while Jasper supports 25+ languages. These figures are amazing since they can grasp the context of a given input in one language and produce meaningful sentences for it in another language. 

Final Thoughts

When comparing GravityWrite and Jasper, it's important to pay attention to the details of the distinctions between the two.

GravityWrite outperforms Jasper in various ways. GravityWrite is a strong tool for content production and enhancement for blogs, sales emails, ad copies, product descriptions, youtube scripts, etc., due to its easy design, excellent writing aid, and user-friendly pricing structure. GravityWrite improves writing with its AI-powered grammar and style recommendations. The tool's wide vocabulary and contextual suggestions benefit writers of all levels.

It's also crucial to recognize Jasper's strengths. Jasper's features encourage authors and spark creativity. Jasper is also useful for research and comprehensive information because of its natural language processing features.

To choose, try GravityWrite and Jasper. Each tool is useful for various writing tasks. Explore their features, try their functions, and select the tool that matches your writing style and objectives. 

However, given that they both offer free trials, why not test out both of them and determine which one you like better?

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Frequently Asked Questions on GravityWrite Vs Jasper

1. How do GravityWrite and Jasper differ?

GravityWrite outperforms Jasper in many ways. GravityWrite has been fine-tuned and trained to generate text. Its extensive data exposure allows it to give accurate and contextually suitable solutions across areas, using GPT- 3.5 AI model, whereas Jasper uses GPT - 3 AI model.

2. How does Jasper's text quality compare to GravityWrite?

Both Jasper and GravityWrite produce high-quality text. GravityWrite's rigorous fine-tuning and intensive training make it a better alternative for customers who want high-quality content.

3. Can GravityWrite and Jasper recognize and comprehend other writing styles?

Since they've explored different writing styles, GravityWrite and Jasper can adapt to many tones, forms, and topics. Both tools can help you write professional, informal, compelling, or instructive writing.

4. How does GravityWrite handle lengthy, difficult writing prompts?

GravityWrite excels at lengthy, complicated writing prompts. Its unique design lets it grasp and break down complex input, assuring clear and relevant replies. However, clear directions and prompt structure are necessary to get the intended result.

5. Which model is faster: GravityWrite or Jasper?

GravityWrite's GPT - 3.5, as well as GPT - 4 AI models, is more sophisticated than Jasper's GPT - 3. Thus, it answers quicker and more accurately.

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