How to Write Effective Ad Copy Using AI: Tips and Techniques

Discover effective ad copy techniques that captivate your audience.



Published Date:

Jul 26, 2023


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Feb 22, 2024

How to Write Ad Copy
How to Write Ad Copy

Discover the Best Practices to Write Ad Copy!

Let's be honest - writing effective ad copy is hard work!

With so many ads competing for attention on social media platforms and search engine results pages, writing compelling ad copy is crucial for your marketing campaigns.

Think about this when writing Facebook ads, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  • What would grab their attention over a split second as they scroll by? 

  • How can you convince them to stop, read, and take action?

This guide will help you craft killer ad copy using an AI tool called GravityWrite to generate leads and sales.

Forget the Pictures - Words Sell

A pretty photo may seem tempting, but compelling ad copy is what seals the deal. Your words need to communicate your brand message clearly, highlight your product's benefits, and convince readers to convert. 

Marketers use smart copywriting to stay ahead of the competition and exceed customer expectations. With AI writing tools, you can now easily produce high-converting ad copy at scale, saving time and money. 

The advanced algorithms in AI copywriters analyze user behavior and generate natural-sounding copy that resonates with your target audience. 

But before we dive into writing tips, let's quickly cover...

What Exactly is Ad Copy?

Ad copy is a text that motivates readers to take action. That action could be to buy, download an app, fill out a form, etc. 

Advertising copy uses creative tactics to grab attention and prompt the desired response. Effective ad copy should:

  • Be attention-grabbing and memorable

  • Communicate your brand message clearly

  • Align with your brand identity and voice

  • Explain how your product/service improves people's lives

  • Be truthful - no deceptive claims!

Why Writing Great Ad Copy Matters?

  • When potential customers see your ad for those few seconds, you must immediately grab their attention and interest. Boring or generic ad copy sounds like all the other ads out there.

  • You want an emotional response. Your ad copy should tap into people's emotions and make them feel something about your product or service.

  • Good ad copy focuses on your customers' needs and pain points. It shows them how your offering can improve their lives.

How to Write Ad Copy That Converts - Tips

Follow these tips to create effective ad copy that converts viewers into buyers:

How to Write Ad Copy

1. Get Close To Your Audience

Know your target audience inside and out, and write directly for them. Every ad you create should address your target audience's key questions:

  • What's the brand/product?

  • Why should I care about this brand/product?

  • How can this brand/product help me?

  • Where can I get it?

Your message will land when you speak directly to your target audience's needs.

2. Keep It Short and Sweet

Here's the thing: Most social media users only scroll about 75% down their feeds. Your ad needs to grab their attention quickly as they flip through posts. 

While bright colors and crazy fonts aren't necessary, make your copy interesting enough to catch their eye. The same principle applies to ad length. So, 

  • With only a few seconds to grab attention, every word counts.

  • Get to the point quickly. Keep sentences and paragraphs short.

3. Use Trigger Words That Evoke Emotion

  • Use words that provoke emotional responses from your audience. Some examples are "Guaranteed," "Free," "New," "Instantly," etc.

  • Make them feel excited or curious about your offer.

4. Add a Clear Call-to-Action

A call-to-action (CTA) prompts your audience to take your desired action. You need a CTA button that pops and clearly tells people what will happen if they click. 

In short,

  • Every ad needs a strong call-to-action (CTA) telling viewers what to do next.

  • CTAs should use action words like "Sign up," "Register," "Get started," etc.

Call To Action encourages conversions - they could drive a purchase, increase traffic, get email signups, and more.

5. Sprinkle In Some 😊 Emojis

People use emojis in almost all social media communication these days. Emojis can help your ads stand out since around 90% of customers regularly use them. They convey emotion and tone. For example:

  • Cool tee 😍

  • Cool tee 😉

  • Cool tee 🙁

While the text is the same, the emoji gives each a different feel and attitude.

6. Use Complementary Visuals

Ad copy can't do all the heavy lifting alone. Text is only one part of effective social media promotions. You need visuals that align with and boost your ad copy. 

When clients send us new creative for an ad campaign, we ask: WHY is this image significant? What story does it tell the viewer? Since it will be scrolling by, the visual must quickly convey your product's core value proposition.

Ad Copywriting Tips by Platform

How you write ad copy differs across channels and formats. Here are some platform-specific tips:

Google Ads

  • Optimized ad copy is vital - it's the first thing searchers see about your business.

  • Include strong keywords in the headline and description.

  • Talk directly to the searcher's intent - what they want.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

  • Grabbing attention visually is key here, but don't neglect the text!

  • Keep copy succinct - just a few short, punchy sentences or phrases.

  • Use emojis, questions, humor, and local references. Make it relatable!

Landing Pages

  • Every landing page needs a clear, benefit-driven headline and subheads.

  • Use bullet points, numbered lists, and bold text to make it scannable.

  • Break content into short paragraphs focused on one idea each.

Easy Way to Write Effective Ad Copy Using GravityWrite in Minutes

Strong organic search traffic is necessary to drive revenue and reach new customers. Let's look at a simple way to produce effective ad copy quickly - AI copywriting tools!

GravityWrite is a powerful AI assistant that generates compelling, high-converting advertisements. It makes writing engaging copy effortless. Here's a quick step-by-step guide on how to write an effective ad copy:

Step 1: Log in to GravityWrite.

Log in to GravityWrite.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Create Ad Copy” section.

click on Create Ad Copy

Step 3: Click "Ad Copy."

Click Ad Copy

Step 4: Fill out your product name and product description areas.

Enter product name and description

Step 5: Click on “Create Content.”

click create content

Step 6: GravityWrite automatically generates various ad copy recommendations.

Ad copy Output

Step 7: From there, choose your favourite or generate more possibilities that suit your tastes. 

Select the best one

Step 8: Select the ad copy to which you wish to add emojis, and then go to "Writing Assistant" and click "Add Emojis to Text."

Click on Add emojis to text

Step 9: Paste your ad copy, then click "Create Content."

Click create content

Step 10: Finally, you can see the fantastic ad copy with amazing emojis.

Amazing Ad Copy with Emojis

Final Thoughts

To conclude, copywriting is a process that never ends. Ad copy needs ongoing improvement. These tips will make your social media material more user-friendly and improve your brand's marketing strategy.

So, While Writing Ad Copy, Try This Simple Ad Copy Framework

  • Catchy Headline - Hook them with the first few words!

  • Pain points - Show that you are aware of their pain points.

  • Solution - Describe how your product addresses their problems.

  • Benefits - Describe how your solution makes their lives better.

  • Call-to-Action - Tell them what to do next.

To achieve all these things, use GravityWrite to develop killer ad copy for Facebook ads or effective Google ads that will drive purchases.

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FAQs on How to Write Ad Copy that Sells

  1. What is the use of ad copy?

    Ad copy promotes a product, service, or brand by attracting the target audience, communicating important messages, and encouraging them to act.

  2. Who should study ad copywriting?

    Ad copywriting is useful for marketers, advertisers, businesses, and company promoters. These people benefit most from it.

  3. What makes good ad copy?

    Ad content usually has a catchy headline, interesting body writing, a clear call-to-action, and appropriate imagery or multimedia. These elements draw attention, deliver the message, and achieve goals.

  4. How can I determine my ad copy's target audience?

    Perform market research to discover your target audience. By studying their traits and interests, you can create ad text that appeals to your ideal clients.

  5. How lengthy should ad copy be?

    Ad copy length depends on the platform and medium. Ad text should be brief and concentrated to capture the audience's attention.

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