Top 10 ad copy AI tools to maximize ad impact and increase ROI

Discover these ad copy AI tools to revolutionize your marketing efforts.


Githu Ravikkumar

Published Date:

Jan 3, 2024


Last Modified:

Mar 19, 2024

An image of a promotional graphic for GravityWrite with a robot analyzing data on a computer screen, highlighting AI ad copy tools.
An image of a promotional graphic for GravityWrite with a robot analyzing data on a computer screen, highlighting AI ad copy tools.

An introduction to Ad Copy AI Tools

Ads provide a great way to reach your target audience more quickly and efficiently. There are so many forms of advertising: search ads, social media ads, e-commerce ads, and so on. Though they all differ, every ad copy, irrespective of the platform, needs to be optimized.

But we all know that it is not an easy task. But how about generating all of them in a few minutes? Seems interesting?

With ad copy tools, you can generate your ad copy without much effort or time—even better, with greater accuracy.

In this blog, we are going to dig deep into all such tools, and we will give our take on them and help you find your ideal AI copywriting tool. So stick with us till then. 🚀

What are Ad Copy AI Tools and why should you use one?

Ad copy tools are like super smart writing buddies for creating ads. Imagine you're trying to come up with the perfect words to sell your product or service, but you're stuck or just super busy. That's where these AI tools come in!

Here's why they're pretty cool and why you might want to use one:

  1. Time-Savers: We all know time is precious. These tools can whip up ad copy really fast. It's like having a little helper that never gets tired!

  2. Creative Ideas: Sometimes, our brains just don't want to come up with anything new. AI tools can give you a bunch of fresh ideas and ways to say things that you might not think of on your own.

  3. Easy to Use: They're designed to be user-friendly. You don't need to be a tech wizard to use them. Just tell the tool what you need, and bam! You've got some ad copy.

  4. Tailored for Your Needs: These tools can adjust to your style and the kind of customers you're talking to.

  5. Budget-Friendly: Hiring a professional copywriter can be pricey. AI tools can be a more wallet-friendly option, especially for smaller businesses or startups.

  6. Consistency: They help keep your message consistent across different ads. This is super important for building your brand.

In short, ad copy tools are like having a super-efficient, creative, and cost-effective assistant. They make the task of writing ads a whole lot easier, especially when you're short on time or need a dash of creativity.

An overview of the Top 10 Ad Copy AI Tools

In this section, we are going to explore the top 10 ad copy tools that you need to check out. Let us tell you that we have tried and tested all these AI copywriting tools that checked all the boxes and gave us satisfactory ad copies.

1. GravityWrite

In the world of AI, our tool, GravityWrite, has become a reliable AI writing tool preferred and used by professionals and business giants. It can generate flawless brand-based content for a bunch of content needs including ad copies. 

Not to boast, the content generated from GravityWrite looks as natural as human-written. No matter the tool, every tool in GravityWrite is meant to improve your online presence by streamlining your content generation process using AI.

Even better, you can use the tool even if you are a newbie with no tech experience—believe us when we say. 💯

A screenshot of GravityWrite's homepage, featuring AI content creation services and a chatbot interface.

How to use GravityWrite?

Step 1: Go to our home page.
Step 2: Click “Start for free."
Step 3: Go to the advertising tools.
Step 4: Choose your tool, enter your details, and get your content.

It is that simple. 😄

Features of GravityWrite’s ad copy AI Tools:

These amazing features are being adorned by marketers around the world. It made it possible for them to generate attention-grabbing ad copies and reach their target audience right every time.

  1. Over 10+ AI ad tools to play with: From Google ad copies to TikTok ad copies, generate all of them hassle-free.

  2. Generate ad copies in over 70 languages: Reach a wider audience effortlessly by generating ad copies in your preferred language.

  3. No need for prompts: Prompts can get tricky sometimes. To get better output, you need to enter better prompts. But in GravityWrite, all you need to do is enter a few simple questions, unlike chatGPT.

  4. Generate in bulk: You can generate a bunch of ad copies every time you generate content, which will save you time in brainstorming.

  5. Limitless generation: You can generate your ad copies any number of times as long as your plan permits.

  6. Edit and export as you wish: Once done, you can edit and export the output as a .txt file and use it in your ads. 

Now, let us show how the tool works in real time!

A screenshot of the GravityWrite platform's Google Ad Copy interface with input fields for keywords, audience, and goals.


What if we told you that you could use our tool for free? Yes, we are for real. All you need to do is create an account, which will give you 2,000 words per month for free.

Our free tools are good, but our pro tools will exceed your expectations! You can avail of it by spending as little as $15 per month.

2. Semrush

Semrush has become a must-have tool for all business and marketing teams.

But do you know that you can generate ad copies using AI via the tool? Yes, the AI Ad Copy Generator from Semrush is pretty cool for anyone using Google Ads. It looks at tons of ads that did really well and uses that information to write catchy ad copy and headlines for you.

A snapshot of Semrush's ad copy generator tool with a URL input field and a highlighted error message

Just enter your website and some keywords, and bam! You get a bunch of ad ideas in your email. This tool is super handy for freelancers and small agencies since it cuts out the need for deep advertising knowledge and endless trial-and-error tests. It's quick, saves you from hiring expensive ad writers, and even offers an extra service for a human expert to check your ad for a bit more cash. Basically, it's a cool way to get your Google Ads up and running fast and effectively.


You'd have to subscribe to Semrush’s AI Ad copy generator app subscription for $20/month. It will give you unlimited ad copy generation and email support after the process. If you want to go beyond that, you’d have to pay $79/month and subscribe to their premium ad selection in-app, which will allow your AI-generated ad copies to be reviewed by human moderators to improve results.

3. Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI writing assistant that can generate brand-based content for you in seconds. It has dozens of free AI tools that you can use to generate website content, emails, copies, and more.

An image of Writesonic's ad copy editor with a sample New Year promotion for a content writing tool.

Using Writesonic’s AI copywriting tool for ads, you can generate a bunch of ad copies exclusively for your brand. Wondering how? You can input your brand voice in about 5,000 words, use it effectively, and make the output sound like your brand.

Just give in your input, add your brand voice, and hit enter—you’re done! 


The free plan gives you 10,000 words per month with a 1-user limit. This tool offers two paid plans: a plan curated for individuals and freelancers that is priced at $16 a month and uses the familiar GPT 3.5, and a customizable plan curated for small teams and businesses that starts at $33 and goes up to $333 a month. This particular plan lets us choose between GPT 3.5 and GPT 4; however, the other features, like the number of users, will differ according to your needs.

4. Jasper

Jasper is a popular AI writing assistant for marketing and writing, used by a ton of people like solo entrepreneurs, small business owners, and bloggers.

Image of Jasper's AI copywriting tool website featuring a cityscape background with the headline "Not just faster, better.", showcasing the platform's focus on quality and efficiency in content creation for marketing.

It’s got over 50 templates that help you streamline your content creation process using AI. It helps you write anything from catchy ad copies. It also works with SEO tools and Grammarly, so your content ranks well and is error-free.

The cool part? Jasper sounds like a real person when she writes, and it gets better every day as users give feedback. It’s super flexible, letting you create custom commands for whatever you need.

Heads up, though; it might take a bit to get the hang of it.


There’s no free unlimited plan. But you do get 10,000 free words to start with. The paid plans range from $39 to $59 and are suitable for creators and businesses.

5. is yet another free AI copywriting tool on our list. Though it works similarly to Semrush’s AI copywriting tool, it has one distinct advantage: it can completely analyze your target URL and give you the best possible Google ad copy that will target the persona you enter. Cool, isn’t it?

A capture of's free ad copy generator tool with simple input fields for generating marketing copy.

You can use the same process to generate ad copies for Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads. These free tools can be accessed through the link

However, if you want to get more of the tool, you’d have to subscribe to their paid plans.


The free plan is perfect for beginners in AI; it's totally free, gives you access to 2,000 words in chat, and no credit card is needed. The Pro plan, at $49 a month, is great for small teams or entrepreneurs, offering unlimited chat words and more credits. Lastly, the team plan is for larger groups needing more seats and credits, costing $249 a month with unlimited chat words.

6. Rytr

Rytr is one of the AI content creation tools that offers 40+ free AI tools for efficient content creation, including a few tools that use AI for copywriting to generate amazing ad copies that can capture your audience’s attention like a spark. ✨

A screenshot of Rytr's user interface displaying a content editor with marketing copy for an AI writing tool.

You can choose from a bunch of language, tone, variants, and creativity levels and specify how you want your ad copies to be. You can get more or fewer options by choosing the number of variants you want.

Rytr's AI ad copy generator is pretty simple, but GravityWrite's ad copy generators are one step ahead in accuracy and efficiency.


The free plan allows 10K character generation; it is free forever, and you can upgrade your plan when you get a better grip on the tool. This tool offers two paid plans: a saver plan that is priced at $9 a month and an unlimited plan that is priced at $29 a month.

7. Wordtune

Basically, Wordtune is an AI content writer using which you can write, read, summarize, and paraphrase.

An image showing Wordtune's text editor with a product description template and editing options.

With the power of AI, you can generate ad copies, emails, blogs, and more using the available templates. If you can’t see the one you want, you can add your suggestion, and hopefully, it will be added by their team. To ease your content generation, you can rewrite the generated content, personalize it by making it more formal or casual, or expand or shorten the content.

Want to add more masala to your content? You can do it by clicking the ‘+’ icon near the generated content; you can choose from the available spices and add them to your content or suggest new ones.


The free plan lets you use the tool without any commitments. The paid plans begin at $24.99 per month and go up to $37.50 per month for their monthly option. However, you can save some bucks if you opt for their yearly plan. If you want to go one step further, you can opt for their enterprise plan, which gives you a custom plan curated for your business.

8. Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse is an AI writing assistant that is no different from the other tools that we looked at. In fact, it works similarly to tools like Rytr and Wordtune.

A snapshot of Hypotenuse AI's platform for generating tailored content with audience and brand customization options.

You need to enter the product description, keywords, tool, target audience, tone (only the paid plan allows you to add your brand’s voice), and your brand. You are also allowed to enter the number of copies that you want.

What we love about hypotenuse is the level of customization that it offers. The coolest part is that you can have a look at the preview of how the AI-generated copies will look on Google in real-time.


This tool does offer a free trial, but there is no free plan available. The paid plans range from $29 per month to $599 per month. If you want to go one step further, you can opt for their business plan, which gives you a custom plan curated for your business.

9. Anyword

Anyword is yet another AI content generator that we are going to explore in this blog. It has a bunch of ad copy free AI tools to use.

An image of Anyword's advertising copy generation tool with inputs for product details and target audience.

Anyword has a few cool features that make the entire process simple.

You can choose from the presets and select your prompt and target audience. If you think that only you know it better, you can enter on your own as well. You can also enter a few talking points, i.e., the important points; it could be anything—important features, benefits, or unique selling points. To simplify this process, you can choose the talking points from any word's data or integrate other tools such as Hubspot, Google Ads, Meta Ads, and so on.

Not only that, you can set your writing formula, tone, number of outputs, language of the output, maximum character count, and minimum character count.

We loved that the tool gives the optimization score for the generated ad copies, which will be helpful for us to optimize them.


This tool does offer a free trial, but not a free plan. They offer 4 paid plans: a starter plan priced at $49 a month, which is great for solo marketers and freelancers; a data-driven plan priced at $99 a month, which is great for marketing teams; and a business plan priced at $499 a month. It is great for marketing teams who want better performance across channels with AI trained on your best messaging and past campaigns. And an enterprise plan that has custom pricing.

10. WriteCream

WriteCream's ad copy AI tool is like having a clever friend who's really good at selling stuff. This tool is straightforward and simple.

An image of Anyword's advertising copy generation tool with inputs for product details and target audience.

It helps you whip up catchy ads that grab attention. Imagine you're trying to sell a cool gadget or a service; this tool will give you the words that make people go, "Hey, I need that!" And that's exactly what WriteCream does.

Just enter your product and its description and hit enter, and you will get the best ad copies in no time.


The free plan lets you use the tool hassle-free. However, this plan is not for subsequent use. The paid plan is priced at $9 per month; it offers more sophisticated features.

Best ad copy practices to keep in mind

Wondering how perfect the ad copy would look? It is simple. They follow these 10 simple yet powerful steps to make their product or service reach their audience.

  1. Understand your audience: Tailor ad copy to your audience's specific needs and interests.

  2. Clarity: Keep your ad copy clear, concise, and free from complex jargon.

  3. Compelling Headlines: Craft attention-grabbing, relevant headlines.

  4. Emotional Appeal: Use language that triggers emotions to drive decision-making.

  5. Benefit focus: Emphasize how your product or service improves customer lives, not just its features.

  6. Clear CTA: Directly guide the audience on their next action (purchase, sign up, etc.).

  7. Offers and Urgency: Present special offers or create urgency for faster decision-making.

  8. Originality: Ensure your ad copy is unique and memorable.

  9. Brand Alignment: Keep ad copy consistent with your brand's tone and personality.

  10. Keyword Use: Strategically incorporate relevant keywords for SEO, naturally and valuably.

If you want to know more about writing an effective ad copy, you can check out our blog, which will explain how to write the perfect ad copy.

How effective are Ad copy AI tools in driving sales?

AI-generated ad copies can be really helpful for businesses looking to boost sales. When we talk about AI for copywriting, it means using smart technology like AI to create ads. These ads can grab attention and connect with customers. The best AI copywriters, like GravityWrite, can analyze loads of data to understand what customers like. This makes the ads more relatable and effective.

However, while AI copywriting is great for generating ideas and drafts quickly, it's not perfect. Sometimes, it might miss the human touch or the subtle nuances of language that really speak to people.

But overall, using AI in copywriting can save time and potentially increase sales, especially when combined with a human's final touch. It's like having a really smart assistant who can draft up lots of ideas, and then you add the magic touch to make it just right.

Let’s talk about pricing of Ad copy AI tools 💰

Here is a detailed pricing chart to simplify your process of choosing your go-to ad copy AI tool.

S. NoName of the ToolFree Plan?Cost of Paid Plan ($/Month)Important Ad tool Features
1 GravityWriteYes$15Over 10+ AI ad tools, Generate in 70+ languages, Limitless generation, Edit and export
2SemrushNo$20 - $79Unlimited ad copy generation, Email support, Human expert review option
3WritesonicYes$16 - $33310,000 words/month free, GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 options, Customizable plans
4Jasper AINo$39 - $5950+ templates, SEO and Grammarly integration, Custom commands
5Copy.aiYes$49 - $2492,000 words/month free, Unlimited chat words, Analyzes target URL
6RytrYes$9 - $2910K characters/month free, 40+ free AI tools, Customizable variants and creativity levels
7WordtuneYes$24.99 - $37.50Free plan available, Content personalization, Rewrite and spice-up options
8Hypotenuse AINo (Free Trial)$29 - $599 Customization options, Real-time preview, Custom plans for businesses
9AnywordNo (Free Trial)$49 - $499Optimization score, Preset prompts, Integration with other tools
10WritecreamYes$9Simple ad copy generator, Suitable for quick and catchy ads

Why should GravityWrite’s Ad Copy AI tool be your pick?

Choosing GravityWrite's ad copy AI tool is a smart move for several reasons. First off, it's an incredibly user-friendly AI content generator, making it perfect for beginners and pros alike. You don't need to be a techie to get great results. Plus, it offers an impressive range of over 10 different AI ad tools. This variety means you can create all kinds of ad copies, from Google ads to TikTok, without breaking a sweat.

What's more, GravityWrite breaks language barriers by offering ad copy generation in over 70 languages. This feature is a game-changer for reaching a global audience. And if you're worried about coming up with the right prompts, don't be. GravityWrite simplifies this by letting you enter simple questions instead of complex prompts.

The tool also saves you time with bulk generation capabilities, allowing you to brainstorm and produce multiple ad copies in one go. Lastly, it's flexible—once you've generated your ad copy, you can edit it and export it in a .txt format, making it super convenient to use in your campaigns. In short, GravityWrite is efficient, versatile, and user-friendly, making it an ideal choice for enhancing your online presence.

FAQs about Ad Copy Tools

  1. Can AI generated ad copies drive sales?
    AI-generated ad copies can significantly drive sales by creating targeted, engaging, and relevant content quickly. These tools analyze data and trends to produce copy that resonates with audiences, potentially increasing conversion rates. 

  2. Is gravityWrite a free tool?
    GravityWrite offers a free plan, allowing users to access certain features with limitations, like a 2,000 monthly word count cap. While the free plan is useful for basic needs and trials, advanced features, bulk content generation, and broader tool access require a paid subscription. 

  3. How to use GravityWrite?
    To use GravityWrite, start by visiting our website and creating an account. Once registered, you can opt to 'Start for free' and explore various advertising tools available. The process involves selecting the desired tool, inputting necessary details, and then generating content. 

  4. Does AI generated content rank on search engines like google?
    AI-generated content can rank on search engines like Google, especially if it’s well-structured, relevant, and provides value to readers. However, search engines prioritize unique and high-quality content. Therefore, it's crucial to customize AI-generated content to ensure originality, align with SEO best practices.

  5. Are ad copy tools easy to use?
    Ad copy tools are designed to be user-friendly, catering to both professionals and beginners. These tools simplify the ad copy creation process by providing templates, suggestions, and automated writing based on your input. 

  6. What is the character limit of facebook ads and google ads?
    Facebook ads work best under 40 characters for headlines; Google Ads allows 30 for headlines and 90 for descriptions. Check out more from our blog on how to write perfect Facebook ad copies

  7. Are AI generated ad copies accepted by Google, Facebook and others?
    AI-generated ad copies are generally accepted by platforms like Google and Facebook, as long as they comply with the platforms' advertising guidelines and policies. These copies should be relevant, truthful, and not misleading. 

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