Top 6 AI Marketing Tools in 2023 

Time to boost your productivity with AI marketing tools

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Nov 20, 2023

I know you are busy growing your business, but what if there is a tool that can save you hours of time in marketing efforts? 

Marketing is one of the busiest departments where AI is having a huge impact. That’s why there is a high demand for powerful AI marketing tools. 

Efficient marketing needs a lot of optimization, content creation, hours of research, and many other things that make marketers multitask and reduce productivity. 

But what if there were an AI marketing tool that works like a perfect assistant, doing everything from keyword research to writing high-conversion landing page copies? 

Sounds interesting. These AI marketing tools are trained to create marketing content and optimized to deliver high-quality results. 

Make the AI marketing tools your investment that provides high ROI on each marketing campaign. 

This blog post will look at the six best AI marketing tools that every marketer should know. 

What are AI Marketing tools?

AI marketing tools are AI tools exclusively built for marketing purposes. They are developed with artificial intelligence and constant machine learning algorithms to understand the input and produce the content. 

With the capabilities of AI marketing tools, it will analyze the millions of web pages to research data, find customer behavior, create high conversion CTAs, provide insights, and optimize campaigns that help marketers work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. 

AI marketing tools enhance productivity and effectiveness by reducing manual work and allowing marketers to focus on high-value activities. 

Benefits of Using AI Marketing Tools 

There are many premium and free AI marketing tools available. However, there are some primary benefits to using AI tools for marketing. 

Increased Productivity 

AI helps to automate time-consuming tasks like data analysis, research, content creation, etc. This allows marketers to get more done quickly, leading to high productivity. 

Improved Campaign Optimization

AI tools can analyze customer data and pain points, identify trends and patterns, and optimize campaigns for better results. Better campaigns always result in improved conversion. 

Whether it's a catchy headline or click-worthy CTA, AI marketing tools create multiple versions that make a massive difference in high-budget campaigns. 

Enhanced Personalization

AI powers personalization at scale across channels like web, email, social media, etc., leading to better engagement. AI tools are great at generating personalized marketing copies. 

Be it a promotional email, follow-up email, product descriptions, video scripts, or whatever it writes in a more customized way by understanding specific consumer behavior and tone of voice. 

Better Consumer Insights

With its powerful research capabilities, AI finds consumer behavior patterns and provides actionable insights to boost marketing strategies. 

These best AI marketing tools can understand various industries and produce content based on each scenario. 

Cost savings 

AI's quicker results and optimization abilities lead to greater efficiency and lower costs for marketing activities. Once you start using it, you could save lots of money with better content on the go. 

Best Premium and Free AI Marketing Tools

Here is our list of best AI marketing tools for free and paid that take your marketing game to the next level and boost your business growth. 

1. GravityWrite

GravityWrite is a powerful AI content marketing tool that can generate high-quality blog posts, social media posts, landing pages, emails, catchy headlines, and more in just minutes. 

It creates human-like content that is more reader-friendly and natural sounding. 

This AI marketing tool uses advanced language processing algorithms to produce top-quality content to boost your marketing efforts. 

GravityWrite offers various AI templates with over 100 use cases tailored for multiple occasions. It is a contextual AI marketing tool that analyzes data in real-time and produces content. 

Key Features

  • Flexible content creation that supports over 50 international languages to reach a global audience. 

  • An image generator from Gravitywrite creates images in minutes with simple inputs that can be used for your marketing purposes. 

  • GravityWrite has over 15 proven copywriting formula tools, such as the AIDA model, PAS, BAB, 4Ps, etc. It also allows you to simply rewrite previously published landing page copies for better conversion by sharing the URL.

  • Write various emails with AI templates like abandoned carts, promotional emails, sequence emails, and follow-up emails. 

  • One of GravityWrite's impressive tools is an AI video scriptwriter who writes scripts for YouTube videos, reels, and shorts in minutes.

  • An all-in-one social media tool allows you to generate content for various social platforms in a minute. 

  • This free AI marketing tool has content package functionality that enables you to create multiple varieties of content with one-time input. 

  • Some of its content packages include branding, complete website content, sales copywriting packages, video scripts, and social media posts. 

  • It stores your brand, product, and service information to use each time you create content. 

2. Copy AI

Copy AI is a copywriting platform powered by AI that creates impressive marketing copy for almost any niche, like technology, real estate, finance,  e-commerce, SaaS, and more. 

With its Generative AI functionalities, it creates extensive content for various marketing purposes. This best AI marketing tool has pre-built workflows for social media, ecommerce, sales, and SEO. 

These workflows allow you to approach your marketing task step-by-step and create efficient content. For ecommerce, workflows generate extensive collections of product descriptions with exclusive follow-up sequence emails. 

Copy AI has a specially designed AI marketing OS exclusively built for marketing workflow automation. 

You can easily research, analyze, create, and optimize your marketing campaigns from the dashboard.  

It has three specific OS for SEO, content, and demand generation, allowing it to move beyond simple idea generation and deliver better results. 

It is integrated with Zapier to connect to thousands of applications for more powerful automation functionalities. This AI marketing tool can generate product descriptions, blog posts, repurpose content, emails, ad copies, and other materials. 

Copy AI maintains a high standard for securely maintaining your business data that keeps your data safe. 

Key Features

  • It has 90+ AI tools and templates for multiple use cases to take your content creation to the next level. 

  • With Infobase, store your brand, product, service, and target audience information so that you can refer to it whenever necessary to avoid repeat inputs. 

  • Create content with a similar brand voice across all your content that resembles your brand with the audience.   

  • The AI chat from Copy AI is built with multiple advanced language models, which makes generating marketing copies more flexible. 

  • Uniquely designed sales OS that automates your lead generation, CRMs, and product deals with well-defined workflows. 

3. Surfer SEO 

Surfer SEO is a well-known SEO tool. But it is also an AI tool that writes amazing articles. It is built with advanced GPT-4 to produce high-quality and more relevant articles without any repetition of content. 

First, this AI marketing tool lets you do detailed keyword research on articles. 

Once the keyword research is done, you can generate and optimize the content with keywords for better ranking. As an SEO tool, it mainly focuses on creating SEO-optimised content that ranks on the SERP. 

Select the article template and tone of voice, and then Surfer SEO AI creates a quick outline. Make the necessary changes to the outline headings and select them to create a uniquely optimized article. 

Surfer SEO has an AI assistant called Surfy, which was developed with machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to improve the ranking of your article by analyzing its over 500 web signals. 

Surfer SEO AI Key Features

  • It evaluates over 300K words of content and checks the facts to generate an article for you. 

  • With Surfy AI assistant, polishing your generated articles by rephrasing, editing, and restructuring in real-time is fast and produces high-quality output. 

  • This AI marketing tool integrates with Google Docs, WordPress, and Jasper for seamless content creation.

  • Surfer SEO offers add-ons like Audit, SERP Analyzer, Whitelabel, and API that can be purchased separately on their basic plans.

  • Surfer offers multiple languages, but it is limited by various conditions and tools. 

  • Surfer AI examines the suitable tone of voice for that particular SERP article and offers the option to add yours. 

4. Simplified

Simplified is a well-rounded AI marketing platform that offers multiple AI tools for marketers. These AI marketing tools include an AI image generator, AI presentation maker, AI blog writer, video script generator, and content rewriter.

Simplified AI can generate optimized visual designs tailored to different platforms. This free AI marketing tool offers over 50 AI templates for generating various copies. 

Simplified generates content in 10+ tones and 30+ languages that lets you cover a wide range of global audiences.

These AI copywriting templates include product descriptions, landing pages, Facebook Ads, attractive headlines, and lengthy blog posts.

Simplified Key Features

  • With content, rewriters turn any ordinary copy into a highly engaging copy. Rewrite Ads, marketing copies, quotes, captions, and bios to be unique. 

  • Simplified has a specially built long-form writer tool that produces interesting long-form blogs, books, and articles. 

  • Top-notch graphic designing tools like magic resizer, background removers, and image designing tools with pre-built templates and access to free stock images. 

  • User-friendly and easy-to-use Instagram reels and GIF maker with attractive animations. 

  • Create endless brand kits by adding fonts, colors, and brand logos that can be easily shared.

  • Amazing presentation makers seamlessly generate attractive AI presentations. Just provide the title to create stunning presentations in minutes. The presentation is fully customizable and features attractive images and content. 

  • This free AI marketing tool allows you to manage social media effectively with a user-friendly dashboard. Integrate social platforms to plan, create images, generate captions, and publish directly to your social accounts. 

5. Jasper AI

Jasper is a collaboratively built AI tool for marketing teams that needs practical outputs. With the cross-section of advanced artificial intelligence language models, it produces high-quality content every time. 

This AI marketing tool comes with unified functionalities for marketing campaigns, allowing you to run a high-converting campaign quickly. 

Provide a quick detail about your marketing campaign, and it generates multiple content for your campaigns. Seamlessly repurpose your content with different formats for content marketing. 

Jasper offers easy integrations with Zapier, Google Sheets, Webflow, and others. It allows you to refine content strategies, audience research, and brand voice. 

This AI marketing tool has a long list of AI content templates, including sentence expanders, company bios, Google Ads, Amazon product descriptions, Quora answers, email subject lines, and many others. 

Jasper Key Features

  • Easily collaborate with your teams and user role management to determine who can view and access your documents. 

  • With the Jasper AI tool, teams can create customized templates and workflow automation to complete tasks. 

  • For high-conversion marketing, it offers actionable insights and content improvement recommendations with one click to optimize it.

  • Generative AI functionalities with Jasper chat allow you to interact with AI more like humans. 

  • Jasper chat allows you to generate content in real-time, create ideas, and refine your content with inputs. 

  • Email marketing is made easy with Jasper AI. With the Jasper browser extension, edit directly in your Gmail with rewrite and rephrase your marketing copies. 

6. Rytr

Rytr is an easy-to-use AI writing assistant that allows marketers to generate top-quality content. It is one of the top-rated AI marketing tools that saves you time creating efficient marketing copies. 

This excellent AI tool can help overcome writer's block. It has 40+ well-designed templates for various uses. 

Rytr has a rich text editor that changes any simple idea into full-fledged content. It has some amazing functionalities like rewording, expanding, shortening, and various formatting options that can polish and improve the quality of the content. 

Rytr Features

  • Create content with 20+ tones of voice in over 30 languages. 

  • It comes with easy collaboration and project management 

  • functionalities, allowing you to organize your projects in one place. This AI marketing tool has an SEO analyzer to find the important keywords and generate content around it. 

  • It has specific WordPress, Shopify, and Chrome extension plugins to work on famous applications. 

  • With its built-in plagiarism checker, it makes sure that you get unique content by avoiding repetitive content. 

  • Rytr chat has generative AI functionalities that can create and refine your content on the go. It is specially designed for marketing and business purposes.

AI Marketing Tools: Final Words

AI marketing tools are becoming unavoidable for modern marketers looking to work smarter and drive better results. 

The template, workflow, efficiency, and creativity of AI marketing tools can give marketers an advantage. 

This list of best AI marketing tools can transform your marketing efforts. It can automate manual tasks, provide smart insights about your customers, create better content faster, and optimize your overall strategy. 


What is the best AI tool for content marketing?

GravityWrite is the best AI tool that offers more than 100+ templates with a wide range of marketing copies. Within a short time, it gained so much popularity with its ability to create fantastic content for marketing purposes. 

It can create more engaging content that boosts conversions for Google Ads, landing page copies, YouTube scripts, email copies, catchy taglines, and social media captions. 

How does AI help in marketing?

There are various areas where AI helps with marketing. Some areas include research to find ideas, long-form blog posts, email marketing copies, social media captions, image creation, video scripts, SEO, etc. 

When it comes to marketing and content creation, AI helps in most areas by providing efficient templates and workflows that boost productivity. 

How can I get started with using AI marketing tools? 

Many AI marketing tools offer free plans or trial versions to test the platform. You can sign up for the tool and start using it. 

Most AI marketing tools are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for those without much technical knowledge. They have pre-built templates that allow you to select and start creating content simply. 

Are AI marketing tools worth the investment? 

Yes, AI marketing tools provide an impressive return on investment. With the subscription costs, you can save time and money through automation and improved productivity. More importantly, AI allows you to create better marketing content faster.  

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