How to Build Social Media Content Calendar Using AI

A Simple way to plan and build a social media content calendar


Manoj Kumar

Published Date:

Nov 8, 2023


Last Modified:

Mar 12, 2024

Exploring Social Media Content Calendar!

Social media content calendar generator is an AI tool that allows you to create perfect social media planning quickly.

In the modern world, social media has become one of the vital strategies in every successful business.

Regardless of what work you do, you need proper planning to get it successfully done. Likewise, on social media, it’s not about publishing random things but coming up with fresh, on-brand ideas day after day to keep them engaged. 

So, you need a proper social media content calendar that helps you and your business stay organized and achieve your goals.

But if you are the one who regularly spends a lot of time creating a social media content calendar, looking for easy ways to create one, or just getting started, this post is for you.

Have you considered creating a week or month of social media content ideas in a few minutes? 

Creating a content calendar for your social media platforms can feel overwhelming when planning for multiple social media. But AI can help make this process super simple and stress-free. 

In just a few steps with an AI tool, you'll have an optimized social media content calendar that saves you time while keeping your followers engaged. 

What is a Social Media Content Calendar?

A social media content calendar is a document that outlines your social media posting schedule in advance. This content calendar helps to keep your social media strategies and ideas organized. It typically includes some data like, 

  • The dates and times you will publish the content (e.g., Monday, Oct-20 at 2.30 PM) 

  • Social media platforms where you will publish the post (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) 

  • The types of content you will share on that particular social media (e.g., videos, images, articles) 

Think of it like an editorial calendar for all your social media activities. The data in the social media content calendar changes based on everyone's needs and requirements. 

Why Do You Need a Social Media Content Calendar?

Having a social media content calendar or social media planner helps to improve your productivity, and you can’t miss a post.

1. Saves Time

The primary purpose of using an AI tool is to save time and maximize productivity. With an AI social media calendar, you can create a week of ideas in minutes. 

2. Keeps You Organized 

Planning posts in advance helps you remember and don’t urge for content at the last minute. You'll avoid social media silences or gaps in your feed. 

3. Helps To Maintain Consistency 

Using a calendar lets you space out your content and keeps your social presence active and engaging for your audience. 

4. Improved Strategy

A social media calendar lets you plan a thoughtful mix of content types (links, photos, etc.) and schedule key content for high visibility.

5. Better Collaboration 

For teams, a shared calendar improves workflow by allowing members to see upcoming content plans at a glance.

Steps To Build Social Media Content Calendar Using AI

Here is a detailed step-by-step method of creating a week or month of social media content calendar with AI tools.

Step 1: Visit GravityWrite Website

You can visit GravityWrite and Select Start for Free at the top right corner. 

Step 2: Login to GravityWrite

Once signed up or logged in, you will have a neat, easy-to-use dashboard like the one below.

On the dashboard, the list of available AI tools is arranged on the left side. It is neatly organized into multiple categories for better navigation of the users. 

Alternatively, you can also use the search bar at the top of the dashboard to quickly search for any particular tool.

Step 3: Select the Social Media Tools

In the list of AI tools, select the Social Media Tools menu. 

It opens a dropdown menu where all the social media tools are neatly listed. 

Besides the Social media content calendar, it will have various social media tools like All in One Social Post, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn Post, hashtag generator, and hidden fact finder.

Step 4: Select Social Media Content Calendar

On the dropdown, select the Social media calendar 

It opens a social media calendar generator tool on the right side. 

Step 5: Enter the Inputs

Here, you can provide the post details with three entries. Just provide your product name, describe the type of product/services you are offering, and the list of social media you need to create a content calendar. 

On describing your product or services, include some better details about your audience, their pain points, and user benefits. 

It helps the AI tool to get a better understanding of your business and create a perfect social media content calendar for your business. 

Below that, on more settings, you will have the option to choose the 50+ language option on which you need to generate your social media content calendar. 

Once you’ve filled in the details and selected the language, click the Create Content button.

Step 6 - AI Generated Social Media Calendar

In a couple of minutes, it creates a neat content calendar for the social media you have provided. 

The social media content calendar includes posting day/time, post description, creative type, and formats. 

This AI social media planner or social media calendar provides a neat layout specially designed for each social media platform, and you can just copy and paste your document and manage it efficiently. 

Besides, it has a unique tool like All in One Social Media. It creates post content for multiple social media with a single input, which saves you a lot of time and effort.


AI is becoming an integral part of content creators. Likewise, building a social media content calendar is fast and highly effective using AI tools. 

It’s more like having a social media assistant with you. With this, you will not struck at creating the social content calendar.  Social media is not about just posting content randomly, and it needs a strategy, content relevance, post timing, and consistency to make it better. 

Creating a robust social media content calendar takes time, but it’s necessary for social media marketers. And with AI, you can make it quickly and be more detailed. More than that, AI writes impressive copies and social media posts, too.

Start creating your social content calendar today to make a clear plan to engage with your audience.

FAQs on AI Social Media Content Calendar 

  1. Can AI create a Social media Calendar? 

    Yes, the AI tools from GravityWrite can create a perfect social media calendar. It makes a neat and detailed social media calendar based on your inputs and keywords. 

    With its advanced machine learning algorithms, it will analyze your inputs and create a neat social media content calendar suitable for multiple social media platforms in a couple of minutes.

  2. Which is the best AI tool for creating a social media calendar? 

    GravityWrite is the best AI tool for creating a social media calendar. This will also provide the best time for posting your content on social media. GravityWrite comes with specially designed 10+ social media AI tools that allow you to create excellent social media posts in a quick time. 

    It includes some special tools like All-in-one social posts, the hidden fact finder, and a social content calendar generator that makes it a better AI tool for social media content creation. 

  3. What makes a good social media content calendar?

    A good social media content calendar will have a day and time of posting, social platform, content format, and post descriptions. This helps you to be consistent and keep track of your social postings without missing them.

  4. Can AI tools make social media posts?

    Yes, AI tools can create social media posts for multiple platforms. It includes post descriptions, captions, hashtags, and social media images. On GravityWrite, there is an image generator that helps to generate images for your post. 

    You just need to input a small description of an image you need, and in a couple of minutes, it creates an image. So, creating a post is much quicker and easier with GravityWrite.

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