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Top 12 AI email writers for your email marketing success

Discover these top AI email writers for email marketing excellence.


Githu Ravikkumar

Published Date:

Jan 16, 2024


Last Modified:

Mar 19, 2024

An image of a digital marketing graphic for 'Top AI Email Writers to Scale your Email Marketing Strategy' with a laptop and emails.
An image of a digital marketing graphic for 'Top AI Email Writers to Scale your Email Marketing Strategy' with a laptop and emails.

An introduction to AI email writers

Did you know that email marketing only gets better with time, like fine wine? 📧 It's a hidden gem in the marketing world, often underestimated but packed with potential.

As expected, the concept of using AI in email marketing was rocking and rolling in 2023 and is expected to soar even in 2024. 📈

Imagine boosting your brand's success rate, like the 95% of marketers who believe AI is effective for email creation; 54% say it's very effective. Not only that, according to recent reports, 41.5% of brands consider email marketing crucial for success.

Ready to transform your email campaigns for better engagement and conversion? In this blog, let us discuss a few free AI email writers that will improve your email performance like a finely tuned engine.

An overview of the top 12 free AI email writers

Looking to boost your email productivity? Check out these top AI email writing tools that can help you write better emails. These tools use AI to assist you in crafting more effective and engaging emails.

1. GravityWrite

At the top of the table, we have our super AI content generator, GravityWrite. With over 110+ AI writing tools to choose from, our tool can get you the most from our AI-generated content. From promotional emails to cold emails, you can generate entire email content within a flick using GravityWrite. ⌛🤖

A screenshot of the GravityWrite AI content creation platform's homepage, featuring a chat interface and a red armor suit character image.

Not only that, our AI email tools can be used by almost all individuals and businesses irrespective of their business. It is extremely easy to use; with an intuitive interface, the content generation process feels like a child’s play. 

The emails generated by GravityWrite can attract your target audience with its persuasive content and magnetic headlines.

How to use GravityWrite?

Use these simple instructions and generate all your brand-based content in no time! 

Step 1: Go to our home page.
Step 2: Click “Start for free."
Step 3: Explore our amazing AI email tools.
Step 4: Choose your tool, enter the details, and get your ready-to-use emails.
Step 5: Use the email content in your emails and enjoy the results 🎉

A simple demonstration of the process!

An animated GIF showing the GravityWrite platform's domain name generator in action, demonstrating its workflow.

Our free AI email writer’s feature that stands out:

We don’t just go around talking without such cool features. We always walk the talk!

  1. Click-worthy Subject Lines: Elevate open rates with captivating subject lines designed to grab attention and spark curiosity.

  2. Versatile: Effortlessly craft various types of emails, from cold outreach to promotional campaigns, with a single click.

  3. Multilingual Emails: Easily create emails in multiple languages, broadening your reach beyond English-speaking audiences.

  4. Customizable Tone: Tailor the tone of your emails to perfectly match your brand voice and audience's preferences.

  5. Flexible Email Lengths: Control your email's length, setting minimum and maximum limits to fit your specific content needs.

  6. Simplified Prompt: Forget complex prompts; GravityWrite simplifies the process with straightforward questions for better output.

  7. Bulk Generation: Save time brainstorming by generating multiple emails in one go, streamlining your content creation process.

  8. Unlimited Generation: Generate as many emails as you need within your plan's limits, ensuring a steady flow of fresh content.

  9. Editable and Exportable Outputs: Once generated, easily edit and export your content in .txt format, ready for use in your email marketing campaigns.


You can use our tool for free; just create an account and get 2,000 words per month for free. If you wish to go beyond that, we offer two paid plans: a starter plan, where you can avail of our paid tools by spending as little as $19 per month. And a pro-plan, which is our best plan to unlock the ultimate productivity.

2. Jasper

AI email writers like Jasper are your helping hand to elevate your email marketing game. 

A screenshot of Jasper's dark-themed marketing homepage with a cloudy cityscape background and text "Not just faster, better."

Jasper helps you engage your audience and boost open rates. It personalizes emails using data, even crafting catchy subject lines. Not only that, the tool makes life easy with browser extensions for Gmail and Outlook, allowing you to write and edit emails effortlessly. It offers over 50 content templates, streamlining the writing process, and can rephrase email content for A/B testing.

Worried about losing your brand's voice? Don’t be. Jasper's got you covered. With custom style guides collaboration is a breeze with document sharing and status updates.


Ready to dive in? Hold on, there’s no free unlimited plan. But you do get 10,000 free words to start with. The paid plans range from $39 to $59 and are suitable for creators and businesses.

3. Copy.AI

Want to simplify your email generation process using AI? Here is Copy.ai, the AI email writer that simplifies content creation.

An image of Copy AI's interface showing suggested cold email subject lines for promoting the GravityWrite offer.

It understands your target audience, your brand's voice, and aligns with your goals to create subject lines, content, and calls-to-action that truly connect with your readers. Not only that, it streamlines your workflow, letting you generate your email copy effortlessly. It generates optimized email copies while you focus on strategy.

They've got templates to automate every workflow. The best part is that you can seamlessly integrate Copy.ai with 2,000+ tools like documents, sheets, and many more to make it easy to get started. You can also customize pre-built templates in seconds.


The free plan gives you access to 2,000 words in chat, and no credit card is needed. The Pro plan, at $49 a month, is great for small teams or entrepreneurs, offering unlimited chat words and more credits. Lastly, the team plan is for larger groups needing more seats and credits, costing $249 a month with unlimited chat words.

4. Rytr

Rytr is yet another free AI email writer that has gotten our attention. The tool is transparent. All it takes are a few simple steps to generate your desired email.

Start by creating your account, and then head over to the dashboard. Here, you can pick your language and how you want your email to sound—just go with what feels right for you. Since we're going to write an email, choose 'email' from the dropdown.

Now, you get to decide what you want in your email. Choose how many variations you want and how creative you'd like it to be. Once you've got it set up, click "Ryte for me." It's that easy! You'll have your email ready to go without any difficulties.

If you want to create a new case you’d have to opt for their free plan.

A screenshot of Rytr's user interface for crafting an email, highlighting the convincing tone and email use case options.


Using the free plan, you can generate up to 10K characters; it is free forever. This tool offers two paid plans: a saver plan that is priced at $9 a month and an unlimited plan that is priced at $29 a month.

5. Writesonic

Writesonic has a set of AI content creation tools to generate AI content, photos and even audio. Not only that, you can churn out brand-based content for you in seconds. It has dozens of free AI tools that you can use to generate website content, emails, copies, and more.

A snapshot of Writesonic's AI tool interface with a draft email to promote content writing, emphasizing the ease of content creation.

Having said that, you can generate a bunch of emails with their readymade template simplifying your workload.  

Enough talking; let us generate a cold email using Writesonic’s AI email writer like a child’s play in simple steps. 

  1. Click “Get Started” and launch the tool’s dashboard.

  2. Look for “email templates” and choose the desired tool

  3. Enter the details and hit ‘Generate’

It's that simple. 

We honestly felt that there were not as many email templates as we have in GravityWrite. Now, let us jump into the pricing of the tool.


The tool offers a free plan with basic features. However, it offers three paid plans: a plan priced at $20/month suitable for small teams, a plan priced at $16/month for individual content creators, and an enterprise plan priced at $500+/month with more advanced features.

6. Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse is a smart free AI email writer that can generate a complete email copy in seconds. The entire process is super simple like how you’d send a WhatsApp text to your friend and get a reply. 

An image of Hypotenuse AI's platform showing a draft for cold email outreach with a conversational tone and content creation tips.

All you need to do is enter what you want to do, additional information, if any, number of copies you want, and the tone, of course. However, you can add your own brand only if you have a paid plan.

Once generated, you can move the output to the editor, and change the language, look for plagiarism errors, and even export to use it as you see fit. 

Though it works similarly to other tools that we have looked at so far, this tool has one distinct feature that sets it apart from the rest. It can search the web and provide you with accurate output with the menial output you enter. Not only that, this tool has two more features to fine-tune your content generation experience: the feature depth option in the tool provides more detailed output, and the feature 'speed' option provides the output more quickly. This feature is not only useful for emails but for everything.


This tool provides a free trial, yet it lacks a free plan. The paid plans vary, starting at $29 monthly and extending up to $599 monthly. For a more curated experience, you can choose their business plan, which offers a custom package designed specifically for your business needs.

7. Flowrite

Flowrite simplifies your email creation using AI. It is like a piece of cake to generate emails using the tool. The tool gives you the complete email copy using various AI email templates under different categories.

n image of Hypotenuse AI's platform showing a draft for cold email outreach with a conversational tone and content creation tips.

Not only that, but they also offer extensions that you can use with other tools like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and even popular platforms like WhatsApp, Zoho CRM, and HubSpot CRM, among a few others.

All you have to do is click 'Start for free' and sign in however you prefer. Add a few details about your job, and you're good to go. You'll need to install Flowrite’s extension since it integrates with your email and messaging apps. Choose the tool you need, and you'll be set up in no time. Once you're in, a box pops up for you to specify whom you're messaging. Whether you're starting a new message or replying to an existing one, just type '/' to use a ready-made template or create your own. Replying? Simply use the phrases the tool suggests, select a template, or write your reply. It'll show you three versions to choose from. Tweak them until you're satisfied, then hit 'use this version'. Copy your message and paste it into your email or messaging app. It's that simple—this tool is designed to make your digital communication easier and more efficient.


They don’t have a free plan, but they offer a free trial. But their paid plans don't cost much either. In fact, their plans start at $5 a month and go up to $24 a month, which gives you unlimited words. 

8. Hyperwrite

If you not only want to create email using AI email tools but also want to create your own email tool using AI for free, you need to check out this tool called HyperWrite. To top it all off, this tool is also an AI writing assistant that is stuffed with free AI tools.

An image of HyperWrite's interface featuring a cold email template to promote the GravityWrite content tool with a conversational tone.

It has a handful of handy AI email tools. First up, the Email Responder is your go-to for generating quick replies to emails without any effort. Then there's this cool tool that helps you come up with catchy subject lines that make people want to actually read your emails. If you need to write a complete email that's got to look sharp and clear, there's a tool for that too, which keeps things straightforward. And for those times you need to reach out to someone new, maybe about a cool product or to connect with someone on LinkedIn, there's a tool that helps you write an intro that doesn't sound like a robot.

Not only that, but 3 other features can take your email to the next level: 

  1. The 'Sources or Use Search function' will find relevant articles and sources to include or use as a background when generating your responses. 

  2. The 'Use Scholar' function will use Google Scholar to find relevant papers and sources to include or use as a background when responding. 

  3. The 'actions, or use the browsing function', will engage with the HyperWrite Extension and use it to take action and complete the given task via your browser. 


This tool doesn't have a free plan. There are 2 paid plans: a premium plan priced at $19.99 a month with slightly limited possibilities, and an ultra plan priced at $44.99 a month with unlimited usage and more sophisticated features.

9. Bard AI

Bard AI is Google’s very own generative AI platform that works similarly to ChatGPT. It can do a whole lot of things for you, from generating all forms of content to emails to complex codes.

A snapshot of Bard AI's chat interface, showing a draft email about enhancing content creation with GravityWrite's AI tool.

Just enter what kind of email you want in the text box and hit enter. Too lazy to type? Click the microphone button, record your input, and hit enter. It gives you three sample drafts every time you generate emails, and you can ask Bard to read the generated email as well.

Not only that, you can modify the generated response by making it shorter, longer, simple, and more casual and professional. Also, you can double-check the response against the Google search results.


Bard is completely free to use, as of now

10. ChatGPT

You guessed it right, next on our list is none other than ChatGPT. It has transformed the way we work and has opened the doors to the world of AI. 

Just like Bard AI, Chat GPT can generate emails, ad copies and more. In fact, the possibilities are endless. 

A screenshot of ChatGPT interface with a draft email highlighting the key features of GravityWrite AI content writing tool.

Enter a simple prompt and hit enter, simple. In no time, you will have a ready-to-paste email in seconds. After generating your email, copy and paste it in your desired email client. 

One downside of ChatGPT and Bard AI is that you need to enter prompts to make this tool work. Also, the output generally looks very unnatural and robotic unless you tweak it with better prompts. 


ChatGPT offers a free plan that uses GPT 3.5. The paid tool is accessible for $20 per month, and it has more sophisticated features like being able to access GPT-4, their most advanced model, and explore a range of functionalities, including browsing, creating, and utilizing various GPTs. Also, unlock a suite of extra plugins such as DALLE, Browsing, and Advanced Data Analysis to enhance your experience and capabilities.


Basically, YAMM is a mail merging software. But it has a set of free AI email tools to simplify your email creation process. 

  1. AI Email Subject Line Generator: A smart tool to get you some catchy subject lines.

  2. AI Email Generator: To help you churn out attention-grabbing emails quickly.

  3. AI Sentiment Analyser: To identify how your email would possibly sound to your audience in real-time.

  4. AI Grammar Checker: To look for any grammar errors and make your emails look tidy.

A screenshot of YAMM's interface displaying a suggested email template to boost writing skills with GravityWrite.

Generating your emails is as easy as pie. Just enter what your mail is all about in 200 characters max, how you want to sound, your preferred writing style, your recipient’s name, and other optional details.


Though all the tools that we had a look at are free, subsequent usage of the tool might charge you. They have three plans: individual, team, and unlimited, ranging from $25 to $150. Should you want a custom plan, you can get that as well by contracting their sales team.

12. Botowski

This tool, called Botowski, is elementary and straightforward. It offers a couple of AI email tools: an AI email writer tool to generate complete email copies for you and an AI email subject line generator.

A screenshot of Botowski's email writer tool with options to choose tone and generate a professional outreach email.

The working of this tool is simple; you enter what you want, and this tool just does that correctly. To fit your writing style better, you can modify the tone of the email; there are 3 tones now. However, the tool is hopefully bringing more of them.


Though these tools work as intended in the free plan, you might need to upgrade your plan to other paid plans: starter, pro, and premium, priced at $19 per month, $49 per month, and $99 per month, respectively, if you’re using this tool in the long run.

Tips to write engaging emails

If you want to craft the best emails, you need to stick to these 10 points without fail and thank us later. 😄

  1. Keep It Short and Sweet: Aim for brevity in your emails. Get to the point quickly to respect your reader's time and attention.      

  2. Personalize your email: Use the recipient's name. Personal touches can make your email feel more engaging and less like a generic message.

  3. Clear and Compelling Subject Lines: Choose subject lines that are straightforward and intriguing, making recipients eager to open your email.

  4. Include a strong call to action: Be clear about what you want the recipient to do next. A direct call to action can increase response rates.

  5. Use simple language: Avoid complex jargon. Write as if you're having a friendly conversation with someone you respect.

  6. Use Bullet Points for Clarity: When listing items or benefits, bullet points can make your email more scannable and easier to digest.

  7. Be Honest and Relevant: Ensure your subject line accurately reflects the content of your email. Misleading subjects can frustrate readers and damage trust.

  8. Professional Yet Friendly Tone: Balance professionalism with a friendly tone. Be courteous, but not overly formal.

  9. Organize Your Content: Structure your email with clear headings and short paragraphs. This makes it easier for readers to follow your message.

  10. End on a positive Note: Conclude your email with a friendly sign-off. It leaves a good impression and encourages a positive response.

What are the benefits of using AI email generators?

If you are still wondering about the reason to use the best AI email writers, here are some benefits that you can enjoy from using them.

  1. Better open rates:  AI fine-tunes subject lines and content, increasing the likelihood that your emails will be opened and read by recipients.

  2. Saves Your Time Big Time: AI email writers can whip up emails quickly, saving you hours you'd otherwise spend writing and editing.

  3. No More Writer's Block: Stuck for words? AI jumps in with fresh ideas and phrases, making sure you're never at a loss for what to say.

  4. Creative Subject Lines: Grab attention right from the start with unique and catchy subject lines generated by AI.

  5. Always the Right Tone: Whether it's friendly or formal, AI can match the tone you need, making your emails sound just right.

  6. Multilingual Magic: Need to write in another language? AI's got you covered, making it easy to communicate with a global audience.

  7. Personalization Made Easy: AI helps tailor each email to its recipient, making them feel special and more connected to your message.

  8. Error-Free Writing: Say goodbye to typos and grammar mistakes. AI keeps your emails looking professional and polished.

An unbiased pricing chart of AI email writers

Here is an overview of all the tool’s pricing and features in a table to help you select the best AI email writer on the market.

S. NoName of the ToolFree Plan Available?Cost of Paid Plan ($/month)Important Paid Plan Features
1GravityWriteYesStarts at $19Click-worthy Subject Lines, Multilingual Emails, Customizable Tone, Bulk Generation, Editable Outputs
2JasperLimited Free Trial$39 to $59Over 50 Content Templates, Browser Extensions, Custom Style Guides, Document Sharing
3Copy.aiYes$49 (Pro), $249 (Team)Unlimited Chat Words, Integration with 2000+ Tools, Customizable Templates
4RytrYes$9 (Saver), $29 (Unlimited)10K Characters on Free Plan, Multiple Language and Tone Options, Simple Interface
5WritesonicYes$20, $16, $500+/monthAI Content Creation Tools, Multiple Free AI Tools, Easy Template Use
6Hypotenuse AINo (Free Trial)$29 to $599Web Search for Accurate Output, Speed Feature for Detailed or Quick Output, Custom Brand Addition
7FlowriteNo (Free Trial)$5 to $24Email and Messaging App Integration, AI Email Templates, Easy Digital Communication
8HyperWriteNo$19.99 (Premium), $44.99 (Ultra)Free AI Tools, Email Responder, Subject Line Generator, Advanced Features in Ultra Plan
9Bard AIYes (Completely Free)FreeGoogle's AI Platform, Multifunctional, Voice Input, Response Modification Options
10ChatGPTYes$20 (Advanced)Access to GPT-4, Browsing, Creating, and Utilizing Various GPTs, Extra Plugins
11YAMMLimited Free Tools$25 to $150Mail Merging, AI Subject Line Generator, Sentiment Analyzer, Grammar Checker
12BotowskiYes$19 (Starter), $49 (Pro), $99 (Premium)AI Email Writer, Subject Line Generator, Multiple Tones, Simple Interface

Why should our AI email writing tool be your top pick?

Why should you choose GravityWrite for writing emails? It's really easy to use. Think of it as a helpful and smart friend who's always there to help you write awesome emails that people want to read. Whether you're sending a sale announcement or just saying hello to your customers, GravityWrite makes it fun and easy.

Plus, it can write in different languages, which is super handy if you’re handling customers from around the globe. You can also make your emails sound more like you—friendly, serious, or anything in between. Plus, who gives you 10+ AI email tools if it is not going to be GravityWrite? So, why not try GravityWrite and see how it makes your email writing a breeze? 🌟📧

Head to our home page and reveal the email magic yourself.

FAQs on AI email writing tools

  1. Is GravityWrite available for free?
    Yes, GravityWrite provides a free plan with a monthly allowance of 2,000 words per month. For those seeking more extensive usage, our paid subscriptions start at a modest $19 per month. This plan unlocks additional word capacity and premium features, enhancing your writing experience.

  2. How can I use GravityWrite to generate emails? 

    To generate emails using GravityWrite, visit our website and create an account. Look for email tools in the tools section. Choose your desired tool, enter a few basic questions, and hit enter. And there you have it.

  3. Is the generated content Google-friendly? 

    Certainly, yes! We have seen AI-generated content rank higher on search engines like Google. The key is to structure your content legibly, add relevance, and provide value to readers. Don’t forget to optimize your content according to the best SEO practices.

  4. Can a beginner use AI email writing tools to generate emails?

    Yes, AI email writing tools are designed to be beginner-friendly in general. Though there are many tools on the market, they all keep them low to make people with technical knowledge use and enjoy the tool’s benefits.

  5. How long should my emails be? 

    There is no character limit for emails in general. However, it is always better to keep it straightforward while conveying everything you want to encourage more readers to read your emails. 

  6. How does an AI email generator work?

    They work by using sophisticated technologies like AI to generate your emails. As they have been trained with large datasets, they can be great at providing your input in a very short time, say seconds, with very minimal input.

  7. Can AI-written emails get a good open rate? 

    Of course, they can! AI-written emails can achieve great open rates. They're crafted to have catchy subject lines and personalized content that grabs attention. Plus, AI can analyze tons of data to figure out what works best for your audience, making your emails more relevant and engaging. This tailored approach often leads to higher open rates.

  8. How can AI email creation tools be useful to me? 

    These tools have been designed for everybody, irrespective of their profession. All of us have used email at some point in our lives, and AI email writing tools simplify it. Check out our blog to learn more about the use cases of AI in email marketing.

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