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Top 7 AI Cold Email Tools for Outreach Success in 2024

Check out 2024's top 7 AI cold email tools for enhanced outreach!



Published Date:

Feb 27, 2024

AI Cold Emails
AI Cold Emails

Skyrocket Your Outreach With AI Cold Emails

Fed up with sending cold emails that go unnoticed? It's time for a change! 

Enter “AI Cold Email tools,” where technology meets creativity to give your email campaigns a winning edge.

Visualize a tool that takes care of your email writing and understands exactly what your audience is interested in. That’s the power of an AI Cold Email Generator! 

And there’s more! An AI Cold Email Writer creates your messages in a way that makes them personal and engaging, just as if you had written them yourself.

Even better, some of these AI Cold Email Writers are free, offering you top-notch email writing without dipping into your budget.

We've picked the best 7 AI for Cold Email tools to revolutionize your email outreach. They come packed with features that will transform your email game:

  • AI cold email outreach tools customize emails for better engagement.

  • Cold email AI writer quickly crafts emails, saving time.

  • AI improves open rates by understanding your audience better.

Ready to step up your cold email strategy? Dive into our blog, where we explain everything about AI Cold Emails and the best tools to use. 

This guide is great for people who want to write emails that get attention and work well. Start exploring these AI tools today and see the difference in your email outreach!

What are AI Cold Emails?

AI Cold Emails upgrades traditional cold emails by adding smart features. Think of regular cold emails as simple, one-size-fits-all messages sent out blindly. AI Cold Emails, however, are different. They use smart technologies like machine learning to tailor each message specifically for its recipient, making each email more interesting and engaging.

These AI cold email tools look into the person's information you're emailing. It then crafts messages that feel more customized and personal. This smart email marketing approach helps target the right audience better and increases the chances of getting a response. 

It constantly learns from feedback, tweaking and improving the way they write emails. This makes cold emails feel less like a random message and more like thoughtful notes, increasing the chances that people will pay attention and respond.

Key Features to Look for in AI Cold Email Tools

When selecting an AI Cold Email tool, certain features stand out as essential for effective outreach:

  • Personalization Capabilities: The ability to generate content that resonates with each recipient.

  • Quality of Content: Ensuring the AI produces coherent, engaging, and professional emails.

  • Integration with Existing Platforms: Seamless compatibility with your current email systems.

  • Ease of Use: User-friendly interfaces that do not require extensive technical knowledge.

  • Analytics and Reporting: Tools should provide insights into the performance of your emails.

  • Customization Options: Flexibility to tweak AI suggestions to better suit your brand's voice and message.

  • Scalability: AI enables handling large volumes of emails effortlessly, perfect for growing businesses.

  • Continuous Improvement: AI learns from feedback, continually improving the quality of your cold email campaigns.

The importance of AI in enhancing cold email campaigns lies in its ability to personalize, optimize, and automate the process, leading to more effective and efficient email marketing efforts.

7 Best AI Cold Email Tools for Effective Outreach

Explore the 7 best AI tools for cold emails to make your email outreach smarter and more effective. These tools help you send better, more personalized emails easily.

1. GravityWrite

GravityWrite is our top choice among AI cold email tools. It's a fantastic AI cold email writer that boosts how well you reach out through emails. This tool is great because it gives custom tips for making your first cold emails and follow-up emails. It uses smart AI cold email techniques to do this.

GravityWrite - Best for AI cold Emails

To access the cold email feature on GravityWrite, please follow the steps below:

  • Open your web browser and go to the GravityWrite website.

  • Click on the ‘Login’ button. Enter your username and password. If you're new, sign up first.

  • After logging in, you'll be on your GravityWrite dashboard.

  • Look for a section or menu labeled "Email Tools" on the dashboard.

  • Within "Email Tools," find and click on "Cold Emails."

  • Now, you can start creating your cold email or follow-up email.

Here's a closer look at how GravityWrite transforms your email campaign:

Crafting the Cold Email with AI:

GravityWrite starts by identifying the main goal of your outreach, be it for collaboration, job offers, or product introductions. It ensures your email's message aligns with your objectives, incorporating AI cold email generator capabilities. 

Consider this example of input prompts for a cold email generator and the resulting personalized message:

  • Primary Goal: Introducing a Product

  • Recipient Details: Jane Doe, Marketing Director at XYZ Company, renowned for innovative marketing strategies.

  • Self-Description: John Smith, Product Manager at ABC Tech, specializing in AI marketing tools.

  • Unique Opportunity: Proposing exclusive early access to our new AI marketing platform to XYZ Company.

  • Desired Action: A demo session to showcase our platform’s features.

  • Tone: Professional

AI Cold Email Output

GravityWrite's cold email

Creating the Follow-up Cold Email:

GravityWrite, the AI cold email writer, also aids in composing follow-up cold emails that build on the initial contact, keeping the conversation engaging and relevant. 

For instance:

  • Original Email: Hi Jane Doe,

I'm John Smith, a Product Manager at ABC Tech, where we blend AI with marketing tools.

I've admired how XYZ Company continually pushes the boundaries of innovative marketing. It's clear we share a passion for staying ahead of the curve, and I believe I have something that will intrigue you.

Would you be open to exploring this? I’d like to offer you an exclusive early look at our new AI marketing platform. How about we set up a quick demo session to walk you through its features and discuss how it could fit into your future campaigns?

Best regards,

John Smith

Product Manager, ABC Tech

[Phone Number]

  • Recipient's Reply: Hello John,

Thank you for reaching out and for the kind words about our marketing efforts at XYZ Company.

Your proposition certainly sounds intriguing. AI is a field we're actively exploring to enhance our marketing strategies, so I'm interested in seeing what your platform offers.

Could you please provide some available time slots for the demo session? Also, it would be helpful if you could send over any relevant information or brochures about your platform ahead of our meeting.

Looking forward to learning more about your AI marketing tools.


Jane Doe

Marketing Director, XYZ Company

  • New Updates/Offers: Emphasize the platform's unique AI capabilities and exclusive benefits of the early access program.

Follow-Up AI Cold Email Output

GravityWrite's Follow-up cold email

This follow-up email, crafted with the GravityWrite AI Cold Email tool, addresses Jane's queries while maintaining an engaging, informative tone. It's designed to deepen the conversation, provide valuable insights, and steer towards a more positive discussion or demonstration of the product.

Whether you're seeking an AI cold email writer free of cost or a more sophisticated solution, GravityWrite shows how AI can make cold email outreach better, easier, and more tailored to each person.

Features and Benefits

  • GravityWrite’s AI cold email writer tailors each email to align with specific outreach goals and the recipient's details, ensuring personalization.

  • A follow-up cold email generator re-engages recipients, adapting to non-responses and integrating updates or new offers.

  • This AI for cold emails suggests engaging subject lines, increasing the likelihood of your emails being opened.

  • The AI cold email generator personalizes messages for individual contacts or mass campaigns, enhancing the personal touch in outreach.

  • Organizing email content into a coherent structure, the tool ensures clarity and impact in communication.

  • The AI adjusts email tone to suit both your brand's voice and the recipient's expectations, which is crucial for effective email outreach.

  • Simplifying the cold email process, the tool saves time, freeing you to concentrate on other critical business aspects.


  • Free Plan: $0/month for one user with a 2,000-word limit.

  • Starter Plan: $19/month, offering 50,000 words, 50 AI image creations, and a diverse range of templates, tones, and languages, plus unrestricted downloads.

  • Pro Plan: $79/month, catering to multiple users, includes 250,000 words, 100 AI image creations, more expansive template and language options, full access to professional tools, and the newest AI models.

2. Instantly.ai

Instantly.ai is an innovative tool designed to revolutionize how businesses approach cold emailing. It's particularly effective for those seeking to increase leads, schedule meetings, and close deals. 

Instantly.ai for cold emailing

What makes Instantly.ai stand out is its ability to handle large-scale email campaigns effortlessly. It lets people send as many emails as they want and helps get these email accounts ready. This is important for ensuring emails go to the inbox, not the spam folder.

The platform is incredibly user-friendly. Its standout feature, Unibox, lets users manage dozens of email inboxes from a single place. This is especially helpful for businesses that must keep track of numerous conversations with potential clients. The analytics dashboard is another key aspect, providing detailed insights into how email campaigns are performing and helping users understand what works and what doesn’t.

Features and Benefits

  • People can send lots of emails without a limit and use a special warmup feature for their email accounts. This helps more emails get delivered properly.

  • It gives access to a vast database of business-to-business leads, making finding and reaching potential clients easier.

  • Unibox for easy inbox management is a unique feature that allows managing multiple email inboxes in one place, streamlining the communication process with leads.

  • The Real-Time analytics dashboard offers up-to-the-minute data on how email campaigns perform, enabling users to make quick, informed decisions to improve their strategies.

  • Comprehensive cold email resources within Instantly.ai include over 600 cold email templates and a collection of strategies and guides, which are incredibly useful for setting up effective campaigns.


  • Growth Plan: $37/month ($30/month if billed yearly) - Unlimited email accounts and warmup, 1,000 active leads, 5,000 emails/month, live chat support.

  • Hypergrowth Plan: $97/month ($77.6/month if billed yearly) - Includes Growth features plus 25,000 active leads, 100,000 emails/month, and premium support.

  • Light Speed Plan: $358/month ($286.3/month if billed yearly) - Expands on Hyper Growth with 500,000 emails/month, and 100,000 uploaded contacts.

  • Growth Leads: $47/month ($37.9/month if billed yearly) - 1,000 verified leads/month, advanced filters, enrichment + domain search.

  • Hyperleads: $197/month ($169.3/month if billed yearly) - 10,000 verified leads/month, all Growth Leads features included.

  • Light Speed (Leads): $492/month - Hyperleads features plus 25,000 verified leads/month.

3. Smartwriter.ai

Smartwriter.ai is a remarkable AI cold email tool primarily because of its ability to craft highly personalized emails swiftly and efficiently. This tool uses advanced AI and machine learning technologies to compose outreach messages that are far more effective than traditional human-written content, evidenced by an impressive response rate that's eight times higher.

Smartwriter.ai for personalised cold emails

One of Smartwriter.ai's standout features is its LinkedIn prospecting capability. It extracts crucial details like names and designations from LinkedIn profiles, ensuring the accuracy and personalization of each message. This feature is particularly useful for verifying potential contacts on LinkedIn before sending out tailored cold emails.

Moreover, Smartwriter.ai excels in hyper-personalization. It allows users to incorporate specific details about prospects, such as names and company information, directly into the cold email tool. This level of personalization fosters a sense of trust and relevance in communications, significantly enhancing the chances of engaging effectively with potential clients.

Features and Benefits

  • SmartWriter.ai automates the entire research and copywriting process, enabling the creation of effective emails in just one click.

  • The tool personalizes emails using online data about prospects, suitable for sales or backlink campaigns.

  • It boasts high reply rates due to its personalized messages crafted with conversion-focused systems.

  • Ideal for B2B sales, the tool searches through various data sources like podcasts, interviews, articles, and blogs to craft unique and contextually relevant messages.

  • Features social personalization by using details from a prospect's job bio, profile, or posts to create customized messages.


  • Free Trial: All plans come with a free trial option for new users.

  • Basic Plan ($59/month): Includes 400 leads, up to 15 personalized lines per lead, full AI tools access, AI email generator, and LinkedIn Personalisation Outreach.

  • Popular Plan ($149/month): Offers 1200 leads, same personalized line features as Basic, all AI tools, and added functionalities for broader outreach and copywriting.

  • Pro Plan ($359/month): Provides 3500 leads, maintaining the 15 line personalization feature, comprehensive access to AI tools, ideal for agencies and large marketing teams.

4. Copy.ai

Copy.ai's cold email generator is a creative tool that makes writing custom cold emails easier. This tool stands out for its user-friendly approach, allowing users to quickly generate customized cold emails by inputting essential details. These details include the recipient's name, background, title, company, and company background, along with the sender's name, title, company, and company value proposition.

Copy.ai for user-friendly cold email interface

The integration with LinkedIn enhances its capability to tailor emails specifically for each recipient, making it a powerful tool for professionals and marketers. The generator crafts the email body and suggests compelling subject lines, ensuring that the entire email is coherent and tailored to the recipient's profile. This customization and ease of use make Copy.ai's tool one of the best options for sending cold emails.

Features and Benefits

  • Utilizes natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) for AI-powered email generation

  • Personalizes emails by accessing data from the recipient's public LinkedIn profile

  • Designed for quick bulk generation of tailored cold emails

  • Best suitable for sales development representatives, marketing coordinators, and business development managers

  • User-friendly interface simplifies the process of crafting cold emails


  • Free Plan: Free forever, includes 1 seat, 2,000 chat words, and 200 bonus credits for individuals starting with AI.

  • Pro Plan: $49/month for entrepreneurs or small teams, offering 5 seats, unlimited chat words, and 500 monthly workflow credits.

  • Team Plan: $249/month for growing teams, providing 20 seats, unlimited chat words, and 3,000 monthly workflow credits.

5. Writecream

Writecream's AI Personalized Cold Emails Generator offers a streamlined solution for creating targeted email templates for cold outreach campaigns. Users start by logging into their Writecream account and selecting the ChatGenie option. The process involves simply entering a command tailored to their specific needs, such as generating an email for a potential customer. This approach ensures each email is finely tuned to the recipient's interests and the sender's objectives.

Writercream - AI cold email generator

The tool's standout feature is its flexibility and adaptability. If the initial output doesn't align with the user's expectations, they can again hit the "Generate" button to produce different versions. This capacity to iterate quickly, combined with its focus on personalized content, positions Writecream as a highly effective tool for boosting engagement and conversion rates in cold email strategies.

Features and Benefits

  • Writecream helps craft engaging cold emails with attention-grabbing content and actionable advice for standout email creation.

  • Offers creative subject line suggestions to boost open rates and tailors content for recipient engagement.

  • Advises on structuring email content effectively from start to finish, ensuring clear message delivery.

  • Enhances email language for persuasion and appeal, aiming to increase positive responses by adapting tone and style.


  • Free Forever: Free; includes 20 credits for icebreakers, short/long articles, podcasts, and YouTube voice-overs.

  • Unlimited (Limited Offer): $29/month; unlimited credits for all content types, including unlimited blog posts, podcasts, and voice-overs.

  • Standard: $49/month; 200 credits for 200 icebreakers, 20 long and 40 short articles, podcasts, and YouTube voice-overs.

  • Extended: $69/month; 750 credits for a high volume of icebreakers, articles, podcasts, and voice-overs.

6. Outbound Flow

Outbound Flow excels as an AI cold email tool with its ability to generate personalized emails in just one click, revolutionizing how cold emails are created. Its advanced AI capabilities enable users to craft engaging cold emails 100 times faster than traditional methods. This tool stands out for its unique ability to automate, personalize, and inspire the entire cold email outreach process.

Outbound Flow - AI cold email tool

The tool is a great asset for various professionals. Marketers use it to attract numerous potential customers, sales teams for fast lead engagement and deal closures, founders for reaching wider audiences with personalized emails, and content creators for building networks and collaborations. This wide range of applications makes Outbound Flow a go-to solution for effective, AI-driven cold email campaigns.

Features and Benefits

  • Quickly creates custom cold emails for each recipient, making reaching out easier and faster.

  • Uses advanced AI from Open AI and Eluther AI to make smarter email suggestions.

  • The AI learns from a lot of data to ensure emails keep readers interested.

  • Saves a lot of time by automating the process of writing personalized cold emails with just one click.

  • It works with over 20 languages, allowing you to send emails in languages like English, French, Spanish, German, and more.

  • Writes emails that sound like they were written by a person, helping to make a better connection with the reader.


  • Monthly Premium Plan: For $49.00 USD monthly, you get the ability to generate 100 AI-powered cold emails each month. This plan includes unlimited AI generations, full access to tools, the option to save all AI creations, and standard support.

  • Yearly Plan: At $299.00 USD annually, this plan allows unlimited generation of AI-powered cold emails. It encompasses unlimited AI generations, access to every tool, saving capabilities for all AI outputs, and enhanced premium support.

7. Warmer.ai

Warmer.ai is one of the top AI cold email tools on our list, specializing in crafting personalized emails quickly. By analyzing data from a prospect's LinkedIn profile, website, and other sources, Warmer.ai generates tailored email messages in seconds. This approach leads to higher response rates, increased sales opportunities, and significant time savings over traditional manual personalization methods.

Warmer.ai for effective ai cold email outreach

The platform is especially valuable for many users, including sales professionals, marketing teams, recruiters, and small business owners. It supports various objectives like booking meetings, driving web traffic, or engaging potential candidates. Warmer.ai's ease of use and efficiency in creating customized, professional-looking emails make it a powerful tool for anyone looking to enhance their cold email outreach.

Features and Benefits

  • Warmer.ai saves significant time compared to manual personalization and can analyze LinkedIn profiles and websites for targeted email content.

  • It allows for bulk email processing with CSV uploads and supports diverse objectives like meeting bookings and event promotions.

  • It continuously improves engagement by A/B testing emails for better response rates.


  • STARTER: Priced at $59 monthly, offering 500 credits, costs 0.12¢ per lead. Includes LinkedIn personalizations and up to 5 lines per lead.

  • BASIC: Costs $97 per month, provides 1,000 credits. Lead cost is reduced to 0.10¢. Features similar to the STARTER plan.

  • PLUS: At $279 monthly, this plan expands to 5,000 credits and reduces the lead cost to 0.06¢. Retains the same features as the previous tiers.

AI Cold Email Tools Pricing Summary

The table below summarises the pricing and features offered by the best AI cold email tools.

S. NoToolsPricingFeatures
1GravityWriteFree: $0/mo, Starter: $19/mo, Pro: $79/moFree plan for one user with a 2,000-word limit; Starter plan offers 50,000 words, 50 AI image creations; Pro plan includes 250,000 words, 100 AI image creations
2Instantly.aiGrowth: $37/mo, Hypergrowth: $97/mo, Light Speed: $358/mo, Growth Leads: $47/mo, Hyperleads: $197/mo, Light Speed (Leads): $492/moGrowth plan allows unlimited email accounts and warmup, 1,000 active leads, 5,000 emails/month; Hypergrowth includes 25,000 leads, 100,000 emails; Light Speed offers 500,000 emails, 100,000 contacts
3Smartwriter.aiFree Trial, Basic: $59/mo, Popular: $149/mo, Pro: $359/moFree trial available; Basic plan includes 400 leads, 15 personalized lines per lead; Popular plan offers 1200 leads; Pro plan provides 3500 leads
4Copy.aiFree, Pro: $49/mo, Team: $249/moFree plan includes 1 seat, 2,000 chat words; Pro plan offers 5 seats, unlimited chat words; Team plan provides 20 seats, unlimited chat words
5WritecreamFree, Unlimited: $29/mo, Standard: $49/mo, Extended: $69/moFree plan includes 20 credits for various content types; Unlimited plan offers unlimited credits; Standard plan provides 200 credits; Extended plan includes 750 credits
6Outbound FlowMonthly: $49.00, Yearly: $299.00Monthly plan offers 100 AI-powered cold emails; Yearly plan allows unlimited AI cold emails
7Warmer.aiSTARTER: $59/mo, BASIC: $97/mo, PLUS: $279/moSTARTER plan provides 500 credits at 0.12¢ per lead; BASIC plan offers 1,000 credits at 0.10¢ per lead; PLUS plan includes 5,000 credits at 0.06¢ per lead

Try AI Tools for Better Cold Emails!

When discussing AI tools for sending better cold emails, each of the seven tools we discussed has its own cool features. Instantly.ai and Smartwriter.ai excel in managing extensive AI Cold Email campaigns and personalization. Copy.ai and Writecream shine with their user-friendly AI cold email writer interfaces, effectively engaging recipients. Outbound Flow and Warmer.ai contribute with their rapid personalization and data-driven customization, perfect for AI cold email outreach.

But GravityWrite is like the star of the show. It's super at advising your first email and even the ones you send after using the AI cold email generator. GravityWrite uses smart AI to make suggestions for each situation, helping your emails hit the right note with people. This makes it a valuable tool if you're serious about making your cold emails work well.

For anyone in marketing or business, GravityWrite is like a game changer. Its blend of advanced AI Cold email writer free capabilities with an intuitive interface positions it as a tool and a strategic partner in your marketing endeavors. It helps get more people to open your emails, keep them interested, and turn them into customers. GravityWrite combines AI with email, offering to enhance the productivity and success of digital marketing strategies.

FAQs on AI Cold Emails

  1. What is cold email marketing?

    Cold email marketing involves sending emails to potential customers whom you haven't contacted before, aiming to introduce them to your product or service.

  2. What is the best AI tool to write cold emails?

    GravityWrite is a top AI tool for writing cold emails, specializing in crafting personalized initial and follow-up emails with precision and effectiveness.

  3. How do you write cold emails?

    Writing cold emails involves understanding your recipient's needs, crafting a clear and engaging message, and including a strong call to action, all while keeping the tone professional and courteous.

  4. How to use AI cold emails?

    AI tools like GravityWrite are used in cold email campaigns to tailor each email specifically to the recipient, enhancing personalization and increasing the likelihood of a positive response.

  5. Is cold emailing illegal?

    Cold emailing is legal but must comply with regulations like the CAN-SPAM Act in the US, which mandates clear identification of the sender, a truthful subject line, and an easy opt-out option.

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