5 Best Use Cases of AI in Email Marketing (2024)

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Published Date:

Oct 18, 2023


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Feb 21, 2024

AI in Email Marketing
AI in Email Marketing

Analysing the Best Use Cases of AI in Email Marketing!

As we all know, AI in email marketing continues to be one of the most affordable and profitable marketing methods available. But since there is a lot of competition and email inbox clutter, you need a competitive edge to stand out.

Here, AI can help you. Email marketing and AI integration can improve your messages' personalization, relevance, and general intelligence. 

You can target clients more accurately, forecast behaviors, and produce customized content for each subscriber when AI is on your team.

But what does AI email marketing mean? And how can you use email marketing tools to draw in customers and expand your business? 

 This blog will bring you real-world examples and explain everything clearly. Let's discuss effective email marketing strategies now!

What is AI Powered Email Marketing?

AI powered email marketing strategy uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance the email experience. This comprises:

  • Modifying the email message text for each subscriber

  • Predicting levels of engagement

  • Advising the best send times

  • Creating effective subject lines

  • Grouping your audience into segments and more!

AI-powered tools make future emails more productive using information from previous email campaigns and client interactions.  

Identifying trends and possibilities you might overlook is like having a marketing expert analyze your target market and campaigns around the clock.

Who Can Use AI-Based Email Marketing?

The good news is that businesses and marketers of all sizes can employ AI email marketing tools! There's no need for a big fund or team. There are answers for:

  • Startups and small businesses

  • Ecommerce sites and online enterprises

  • Influencers and bloggers

  • Schools and charities

  • Enterprise businesses

  • Anything in between as well!

Thus, AI email marketing tools are not only for the major players. Any company looking to update its email marketing has solutions that are ideal for them.

How AI and Email Marketing Work Together

Do you want to know how AI and email marketing could enhance your emails? Three of the primary advantages are as follows:

  • Personalization - AI divides your list into several groups and creates emails tailored to each subscriber's preferences. This customized approach distinguishes your material.

  • Optimization: To find the most effective components, AI technologies A/B test subject lines, calls-to-action, and send timings. Then, such optimizations are automatically applied.

  • Automation - AI automates time-consuming chores like delivering personalized emails and managing onboarding processes. This saves you time and gives subscribers a sense of appreciation.

As you can see, AI eliminates any uncertainty from email marketing. 

The Use of Machine Learning in Email Marketing

Before discussing techniques, you must understand how machine learning powers AI email marketing. Machine learning algorithms learn from fresh data without programming to improve over time.

How email marketing works:

  • Link your email to a machine-learning tool.

  • The tool finds trends and patterns in email data.

  • You aim to increase clickthrough rate or conversions.

  • It tracks A/B test results to determine what works to reach that aim.

  • Algorithms learn from these insights to improve goal achievement.

So, machine learning is the key to AI email marketing. Let's now look at some AI-based email marketing for your campaigns.

5 Ways to Use AI in Email Marketing

The following are five effective techniques for using artificial intelligence AI “GravityWrite” for email marketing:

1. Personalized Email Subject Lines

Email subject lines with personalization may boost open and clickthrough rates. However, finding distinct, intriguing topics for each person is difficult. This is where AI writing email subject lines may transform email marketing.

How AI tools write email subject lines:

  • Natural language processing tool produces recipient-specific subject lines. You provide each subscriber with a unique subject line.

  • According to recipient engagement, it optimizes subject lines utilizing email performance data.

  • Generate topics from client data. Using interests and preferences, the AI may tailor subjects.

  • The tone complements each recipient's style and personality for optimum relevance.

Here's an example:

AI in email marketing - Email subject lines

The AI makes personalization easy so that you can catch readers from the subject line! Surprise yourself with AI-optimized subjects' effectiveness.

2. Smarter Newsletter Curation

AI writing assistance can help you write engaging newsletters that readers adore.

Increase quality using the AI newsletter writing tool:

  • AI may analyze email content and user activity to determine subscriber preferences. This lets AI offer great styles, designs, and ideas.

  • AI technologies speed up newsletter production by creating drafts from prompts. AI can create engaging content from data and talking points.

  • AI writing assistance helps email teams concentrate on strategy, ideation, and great content by managing repetitive writing and offering insights.

Here's an example of a smarter newsletter:

AI in email marketing - Smarter newsletter

3. Create Better Sales Emails

AI writing tools can determine the best sales email formats, content, and styles from data. This lets sellers copy established email approaches.

Artificial intelligence writing tools improve sales email success in various ways:

  • AI can instantly change emails using consumer data to improve messages. It boosts open and response rates.

  • AI writes great emails in seconds, saving marketers 30+ minutes. This lets sellers concentrate on high-value tasks.

  • AI emails are clear, engaging, and emotion-free. This engages customers.

  • More data helps AI technologies write successful sales emails targeted to each seller's clients.

This sales email works:

AI in email marketing - Sales emails

4. Targeted Email Promotions

AI email writing solutions provide marketers with a break by employing data insights to write promotional emails that seem personalized. This boosts conversions and engagement.

AI can swiftly produce promotional emails for subscribers using their name, buying history, hobbies, etc. It makes messages more relevant.

AI in email marketing - promotional emails

AI may organize promotional emails across social media, online, advertisements, etc., for coherent messages.

5. Effective Email Sequences

An AI writing tool can use user data and behaviour to provide email subjects, timely offers, follow-up possibilities, appealing subject lines, and proven templates. 

The AI assistant “Email Sequence Generator” customizes multi-touch sequencing based on audience and objectives.

AI in email marketing - email sequence

The following are the key benefits:

  • Automates targeted email creation and sequencing, saving time

  • Personalized email marketing based on user data increases engagement

  • Offers proven open-rate email designs and frameworks

  • Customise AI input to suit varied intents and audiences

Expand Your Business With Intelligent Email Marketing

Here are 5 proven methods to include AI for email marketing campaigns. As you can see, AI manages the time-consuming and analytical components of email campaigns to assist you in meaningfully engaging subscribers.

With subscriber data and automated time savings, you can write more engaging emails and develop true connections.

Are you prepared to explore the possibilities of AI, such as blog content generators, social media content generators, SEO tools, and more for your company in the future? 

No matter your financial situation or available resources, the tools are more available than ever. 

Your audience can be increased, engagement can be increased, sales can be increased, and you can compete with the major players with a little help from AI.

Get a free trial now and start sending more intelligent emails. Don't wait around while your rivals advance! 

You can create messages that WOW your subscribers and advance your company by working with the proper AI email partner.

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FAQs on AI in Email Marketing

  1. What is the main reason for using AI in email marketing?

    AI improves email marketing by enhancing categorization, personalizing content, and maximizing interaction.

  2. What part does AI play in optimizing email content?

    AI suggests changes to the subject line, the body, and photos to enhance email performance.

  3. How does AI-based email marketing improve the personalization of emails?

    AI personalizes emails with relevant product suggestions, discounts, and send times.

  4. Can AI predict the results of email marketing campaigns?

    Yes, AI uses predictive analytics to estimate open rates, click-through rates, and conversions to help with decision-making and improve outcomes.

  5. Can AI help cut the expenses of email marketing?

    Yes, cost savings can be achieved by eliminating manual labour and enhancing ROI via AI-driven automation and better targeting.

  6. Do small businesses have access to AI technologies to use in their email marketing campaigns?

    Yes, tools and services for AI-based email marketing are available for companies of all sizes, including small enterprises, to fully use AI's advantages.

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