Top 10 AI Writing Software Tools to Improve Your Efficiency

Content Creation Processes Simplified! Enhance efficiency with 2024's best AI writing software tools and create content in a jiffy for all your content writing needs.


Githu Ravikkumar

Published Date:

Jan 19, 2024


Last Modified:

Apr 10, 2024

 An image of a promotional graphic for GravityWrite AI Writing Software Tools, highlighting productivity benefits with visual elements.
 An image of a promotional graphic for GravityWrite AI Writing Software Tools, highlighting productivity benefits with visual elements.

An overview of the best AI writing tools!

Long story short, here's a comprehensive list of all the AI writing tools we'll be discussing in this blog.

  1. GravityWrite


  3. Rytr

  4. Copy AI

  5. Writesonic

  6. Frase IO


  8. GrowthBar

  9. Article Forge

  10. Anyword

Introduction to AI Writing Software Tools

Ever wanted to write amazing magnetic content for yourself like those big brands?

Did you know that 12% of businesses use AI to create content, and 65.8% of people think AI-generated content is on par with or better than human writing? Also, more than 97% of business owners think ChatGPT will help their companies.

But we all know that it is not easy. What if we tell you about a few best AI Writing software on the market that can help you with this? 

To make it easier for you to find your ideal tool let us explore all such tools in this blog. Let's get started. 🚀

An comparison of 10 AI Writing Software Tools

1. GravityWrite

At the top of the table is our very own AI content generator, GravityWrite, designed to streamline and enhance your writing process. With its vast collection of tools, it is crafted to cater to a broad spectrum of writing needs. It has something for everyone, from professionals to novice writers, by offering ideas and suggestions.

An image of GravityWrite's AI writing software interface with options for Meta Title and Description, demonstrating content generation.


Our tool creates content in over 70 languages, perfect for users worldwide. It quickly generates images and content for brands, making it feel as simple as chatting with a friend. You can get real-time writing ideas for platforms like YouTube and blogs and easily change the tone to be more formal or professional. With just one click, convert content between different formats, like blogs to videos, and enhance your website's content effortlessly.

A screenshot of GravityWrite's SEO tool interface featuring AI writing software, with Meta Title and Description options for content generation.


  1. Cost-efficient: It is one of the most affordable AI content writing tools out there.

  2. No need for prompts: Enter what you want in a few simple words and get the output in no time. 

  3. Avoid juggling: Get all the content for your brand in one tool. 


  1. Might require a bit of editing: No AI can be perfect, but we are almost there. So you might need to edit the content here and there.

  2. Might not provide accurate information: As it works on the advanced GPT-4 model, there could be a misfit in the information provided.


Plan 1: Free Plan
Cost: Completely free 
Word Limit: Up to 1,000 words per month.

Plan 2: Starter Plan
Cost: $19 per month
Word Limit: 50,000 words per month.

Plan 3: Pro Plan
Cost: $79 per month
Word Limit: 250,000 words per month.

2. Jasper

We all know about Jasper, don’t we? This tool has turned out to be one of the most popular on the market right now. Just like GravityWrite, it can generate multiple types of content using its templates. It is for this reason that Jasper has become a sought-after tool for marketers. 

An image of Jasper's AI writing software homepage with "AI Copilot for Enterprise Marketing Teams" text and various navigation links.


With this tool, you can make AI content sound like your brand, easily manage your team's schedule, and change content types. It helps plan for various platforms, get peer feedback, and optimize SEO in your style. You can integrate it with Google Docs and create great images easily. It also tells you how your content is doing and lets you improve it quickly.


  1. Easy to use: Once familiar with the tool, it is a bit easier to use.

  2. Multiple formats: the tool supports multiple formats like text, images, and a few more.

  3. Multilingual content: Generate content in multiple languages.

  4. Original content: gives almost original content.

  5. Dozens of templates: Jasper offers many AI writing templates to generate AI content.


  1. Expensive: The tool costs almost twice as much as other similar tools.

  2. No free version: Users must pay to use the tool; there's no free option.

  3. Hard to learn: The tool has a complex interface that can be difficult to understand.

  4. Short free trial: Only a 7-day trial is offered, which is too brief to learn all the features.

  5. Requires payment details: A credit or debit card is needed, even for the free trial.


Plan 1: Business Plan
Getting Started: Talk with a dedicated expert to create an action plan.

Plan 2: Pro
Pricing: $59 per month/seat
Getting Started: Free 7-Day Trial

Plan 3: Creator
Pricing: $39 per month/seat
Getting Started: Free 7-Day Trial.

3. Rytr

Rytr is an efficient free AI writer on the market that is getting all the hype, and you may want to check it out for a few reasons. Just like every other AI writing assistant, it can generate all forms of content, from blogs to emails. But is Rytr worthy enough of the hype that it's getting? Let us get into the details and find out.

An image of Rytr AI writing software's homepage, showing blog idea outlines for enhancing SEO with AI tools.


With over 40 templates to create AI content easily, you can choose your style and tone. Generate content in over 30 languages. Make images with simple prompts and check for copied content with a plagiarism tool. Paid plans let you create your use case. A rich text editor makes editing easy, and you can change formats without hassle. You can also control how creative the AI's output is. To top it all off, you have an AI chatbot interface called “chat” to generate any content and a feature called “magic command” to enter your own input. 


  1. Cheap: First things first, it is affordable.

  2. Simple: Unlike Jasper, this tool is easy-to-use. 

  3. Fast output: Just like GravityWrite, you can get faster output

  4. Free plan: The tool offers a free plan, and you can use it to generate up to 10,000 characters per month


  1. Difficulty in generating long-form content: This tool might not generate better long-form content like website copies and more.

  2. Not many use cases: Not only are the use cases limited, but you can’t create your own in the free plan either.

  3. It might require heavy editing: It may produce unrelated content that also needs editing.

  4. No integration supported: This tool does not offer integration with other third-party tools


Plan 1: Free plan
Pricing: Completely free.

Plan 2: Saver:
Pricing: $9/month

Pan 3: Unlimited 
Pricing: $29/month 

4. is yet another AI writing generator that we are going to explore today. It is often preferred by marketers and content writers as it has a suite of AI tools to get the job done effortlessly. As icing on the cake, has a bunch of free AI tools to generate content without any financial commitment. Want more info? Let's dig in.

An image of's homepage, highlighting its AI writing software for generating marketing email subjects and drafts.


Tired of entering the same information? With Infobase, save your crucial information, call it using the ‘#’ key, and use it in your prompts.

Who knows about your brand better? None. Enter a blog post or any content that resonates with your brand, analyze the voice, and save it. The next time you want to generate content for your brand, just click the brand voice you saved and generate the output in the same voice. Automate your content generation process with workflows. Generating content in bulk? No worries. Do it all in the workflow table and view the progress. Also, there are a few common features, like multi-language support and many more.


  1. Seamless Integration: Easily integrates with existing workflows and other third-party applications.

  2. User-Friendly: It is simple to use and features an intuitive user interface.

  3. Template Variety: Many templates are available to generate content.

  4. Task Automation: Automate time-consuming tasks.


  1. Cost Concerns: It might be on the pricier side if you are running on a low budget.

  2. Inconsistency Issue: Sometimes it gives inaccurate or weird copy generations.

  3. Editing Required: There are times when you have to manually edit some of the copies written by

  4. Long-Form Limit: Difficulty in generating long-form content.

  5. Credit Usage: Consumes credit even for regenerating content.

  6. Trial Limitation: Limited trial period.


Plan 1: Free plan
Pricing: Free forever

Plan 2: Pro
Pricing: $36/mo

Plan 3: Team
Pricing: $186/mo

Plan 4: Growth
Pricing: $1,000/mo

Plan 5: Expansion
Pricing: $2,000/mo

Plan 6: Scale
Pricing: $3,000/mo

5. Writesonic

Writesonic is another AI writing generator that you may want to consider. It offers a few features that might be helpful to generate various forms of content, like text, photos, and even voiceovers. There are a few templates—not many, though. Also, you can add your brand voice and generate content curated for your brand. However, you need to upgrade to their paid plan to use it.

It is good that this tool also has a dedicated article writer. Enter your topic, sample link or text, keywords, and additional information, if any. The tools also provide Botsonic, a ChatGPT-powered AI chatbot builder, for improved customer interactions. 

An image of Writesonic's AI writing software interface, displaying blog title suggestions and a free writing prompt.


Writesonic comes with a suite of AI-powered tools to enhance digital content creation. Botsonic, powered by ChatGPT, offers an advanced AI chatbot for engaging customer interactions. Photosonic allows the generation of vibrant images from prompts, simplifying AI image generation. Audiosonic provides a unique voiceover feature, enabling users to select from various AI voices. Additionally, a dedicated AI article writer and Brand Voice tool help create tailored content, ensuring consistency and alignment with your brand's tone.


  1. Easy to use: Writesonic is designed with a simple, intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use, even for first-time users.

  2. Time-saving Features: Writesonic offers a range of time-saving features that allow users to quickly and efficiently create content.

  3. Automated Workflows: Writesonic allows users to quickly and easily create and manage automated content workflows.

  4. API and Integration: This tool provides an API and allows you to integrate with other tools and software.

  5. Collaborative Environment: Writesonic provides a collaborative environment, allowing users to work together on content creation.


  1. Credit system not clear: The credit system is a little confusing, as you have to use credits every time you want to make a minor text change.

  2. Difficult to understand: The tool can be overwhelming at first.

  3. Errors: Sometimes it responds with repeated content and grammatical errors.

  4. Expensive: Some might feel that this tool is pricey.

  5. Less free trial words: Just 10,000 free words to get started with the tool. 



Plan 1: Free plan
Pricing: Free forever

Plan 2: Small Team
Pricing: $19/mo

Plan 3: Freelancer
Pricing: $20/mo

Plan 4: Enterprise
Pricing: $500+/mo


Plan 1:
Free plan
Pricing: Free forever

Plan 2: Plus
Pricing: $20/mo

Plan 3: Business
Pricing: $49/mo

Plan 4: Enterprise
Pricing: Custom


This free tool called Frase is very simple. Nothing fancy, just a bunch of AI content creation tools to generate content. It has 40 templates, including a few AI SEO tools.

An image of's AI writing software for SEO content optimization, analyzing a blog post about AI writing tools.


Frase offers features like automated keyword and topic research, generating relevant questions for targeted articles. It offers AI-generated content briefs, quickly creating detailed briefs with various SEO elements. For existing content, Frase optimizes SEO by comparing it with top Google results and suggesting improvements. Its unique AI-based chatbot learns from website content to intelligently respond to user queries. Additionally, Frase provides strong customer support, educational resources, and live demos, enhancing the user experience and SEO efficiency.

There are a range of AI tools, like the YouTube Idea Generator and the Pros and Cons Generator, to generate content. Not satisfied with the existing templates? Create a new one and configure it based on your needs. Want to take Fraser everywhere you go? Integrate it with Google Search Console, Google Docs, and WordPress. This tool also provides API integration as well.


  1. Simple and clear interface: This tool comes with a simple and clear interface.

  2. Fill Content Gaps: Identify and fix topic gaps in your content.

  3. Good customer support: Offer customer support in the form of email and chat


  1. Not accurate: It does lack accuracy in generating keywords and content.

  2. The trial is not FREE: It's weird that we need to pay $1 to avail of the trial and it is non-refundable as well.


Plan 1: Solo
Pricing: $14.99/mo

Plan 2: Basic
Pricing: $44.99/mo

Plan 3: Freelancer
Pricing: $114.99/mo

7. Content at Scale

Content at Scale is one of the best AI writing generator if writing long-form content is your deal. It's super simple to use—just one click, and it writes an entire article. The best part? The articles it writes are unique, good for getting noticed on search engines like Google, and they don't sound like a robot wrote them.

We'll look at the features and explain why you should use Content at Scale and why you shouldn’t.

An image of Content at Scale's homepage, showcasing its AI writing software advertised as "The World's Most Humanlike AI Writer."


This tool is great for writing long articles. It boosts your content's visibility on search engines and uses its AI for quality checks. What's cool? It combines three AI writers with diverse styles. It's not just GPT-4; it's a mix of three different AIs working together for one goal—optimizing your content. They grasp the whole concept, language nuances, and what makes writing pop which helps you get SEO-optimized, AI-written blogs fast.


  1. Offers Integration: You can integrate the tool with your WordPress and Shopify sites.

  2. Natural sound content: Articles sound & read like a human wrote them

  3. Great for long-form output: You can generate high-quality blogs and articles in over 300 words hassle-free.

  4. Easy interface: Welcomes users with a simple and clear interface

  5. Less redundancy: Very little repetitive content

  6. Multilingual capability: Supports content generation in 100+ languages 

  7. Flexibility: Various article word count options

  8. Less AI-detectable content: Only a small percent of content is detectable by software, which is okay.

  9. Share then and there: Share the generated article and more directly to WordPress websites


  1. Pricey: Extremely expensive pricing plans

  2. Not perfect: content isn't always perfect and slightly buggy at times.

  3. Not good for short-form: Content at Scale is best used for long-form content articles, so if you’re looking to write copies for a landing page or ad, you should look into other solutions.

  4. Can't outdo AI detectors: Content can sometimes be detected by AI detectors depending on the type of content. 


Low volume:

Plan 1: Generative AI
Pricing: Starts at $39/mo

Plan 2: Content Production Bundle
Pricing: Varies 

High volume:

Plan 1: Starter
Pricing: Starts at $399/mo

Plan 2: Standard
Pricing: $799/mo

Plan 3: Scaling
Pricing: $1199/mo

8. Growthbar

Growthbar SEO is an AI writing tool specializing in generating SEO-friendly content within seconds. It utilizes generative AI and natural language processing to enhance your content creation, making it 10 times more efficient. The tool also offers a variety of free AI SEO tools that you can use without logging in. However, the SEO tools provided are considered neither fair nor sufficient. For more in-depth keyword research and backlink analysis, exploring alternative SEO tools is recommended. Now, let's examine the standout features and the pros and cons of this tool.

An image of GrowthBar's homepage, featuring AI writing software for SEO research, writing, optimization, and distribution.


Growthbar's app is super handy because you can easily use it as a Chrome extension. What's cool is that it comes with a bunch of AI tools, and guess what? They're totally free to use. Plus, if you're into making your content stand out online, there are SEO tools included that help you tweak your stuff to rank better. It's pretty straightforward and user-friendly, so you may want to give it a try if you are just getting started with SEO 


  1. Clean UI: The interface is clean and intuitive

  2. Great keyword tools: This tool can churn out the best ROI search terms 

  3. Few unique features: There are a few unique tools for SEO like Client Care Checkup


  1. Not for all: Not suitable for high-level SEO activities and tasks.

  2. Limited free trial: Just a 7-day free trial to explore the tool

  3. No free plan: The tool does not offer a free plan.

  4. Not on par with its competitors: There are a few tools that offer better functionalities than GrowthBar.


Plan 1: Standard
Pricing: $36.00/mo

Plan 2: Pro
Pricing: $74.25/mo

Plan 3: Agency
Pricing: $149.25/mo

9. Article Forge

Looking for an AI writing generator to save time? You may want to check out this AI content creation tool called, Article Forge. We tested this tool and it immediately caught our attention. 

You can generate amazing, high-quality, SEO-friendly articles using AI with this tool. It will be useful for  solopreneurs, bloggers, SEO enthusiasts, and more. Longer content, such as eBooks or downloadable lead magnets, can also be generated beside articles.

An image of Article Forge's AI writing software homepage, promoting quick generation of SEO-friendly articles.


Article Forge offers a bunch of handy tools for creating long-form content. The main attraction is its Article Generator, where you just plug in a keyword, like "Best AI Tools," and give it some instructions. It'll whip up an article for you, complete with images and options to bypass AI detection. They've also got a bulk article generator for making lots of articles at once, a cool feature for WordPress blogs to post content directly, and a post scheduler to set up articles to go live later


  1. Versatile Media: Option to add videos, images, external links, etc. to the articles

  2. Unlimited Creation: Create an unlimited number of articles.

  3. Scheduling Feature: You can schedule articles and publish them on your WordPress site.

  4. User-Friendly: Easy to use


  1. Trial Barrier: It has a trial option that asks you to enter your credit card information.

  2. No Freebie: No free plan

  3. Content Limitation: Not suitable for short-form content


Plan 1: 
Pricing: Starts at $27/mo

Plan 2: Business
Pricing: Custom

10. Anyword

Let's dive into Anyword, a AI writing tool on the market that you may want to check out. It's packed with AI-driven writing tools.

An image of Anyword's AI writing software dashboard, displaying project management and document creation features.


Anyword offers easy-to-use features. Select presets, prompts, and your target audience. Prefer a personal touch? Input your details. Add key talking points, either from Anyword's data or your insights. Integration with tools like Hubspot and Google Ads is a breeze. Customize your writing style, output quantity, language, and character limits. Plus, get an optimization score for your generated content.


  1. Efficient Usability: User-friendly interface for effortless operation.

  2. Personalization Options: Customizable settings for tone, length, and language.

  3. Tool Compatibility: Integration with popular marketing tools.

  4. Creative Variety: Wide range of presets and prompts.


  1. Cost Barrier: No free plan, only a trial.

  2. Budget Concerns: May be expensive for individuals or small teams.

  3. Content Limitation: Limited to digital marketing content.

  4. Learning Curve: Requires some learning for best results.

  5. User Complexity: Potentially overwhelming options for new users.


Plan 1: Starter
Pricing: $39/mo

Plan 2: Data-Driven
Pricing: $79/mo

Plan 3: Business
Pricing: $349/mo

Plan 4: Enterprise
Pricing: Custom pricing

What are the benefits of using AI writing Tools?

  1. Automation of Repetitive Tasks: AI tools are capable of handling repetitive writing tasks and saving you time.

  2. Improves Writing: Spot and fix grammar mistakes, making your writing look polished.

  3. Good for SEO: AI tools can help you use the keywords for better ranking.

  4. Easy to Use: Most of these tools are pretty straightforward – type in your topic and you’re good to go.

  5. No Writer’s Block: When you're stuck staring at a blank page, AI can help get the words flowing.

  6. Consistency: Makes the content sound like it’s from the same person.

  7. Language Translation: AI tools can translate your work or help you write in another language.

In short, AI content writing tools are like handy, smart buddies that help you write better and faster without needing to be a writing expert.

Pricing chart of AI Writing Tools

We have put together a detailed and transparent pricing chart that will compare the cost, pricing, and features of all the tools that we have discussed so far.

S. NoAI Writing Software ToolFree Plan?Cost of Paid Plan ($/month)Important Paid Plan's Features
1GravityWriteYesStarts at $19Multilingual, Real-time writing ideas, Format conversion, 70+ languages
2JasperNoStarts at $39Multilingual, SEO optimization, Google Docs integration, Image generation
3RytrYesStarts at $940+ content types, Multilingual, Plagiarism tool, Rich text editor
4Copy AIYesStarts at $36Infobase, Brand voice analysis, Workflow automation, Multi-language
5WritesonicYesStarts at $19ChatGPT-powered chatbot, Voiceovers, Photosonic, Brand Voice tool
6Frase IONo (Free Trial)Starts at $14.99SEO optimization, AI chatbot, Google Docs integration, Custom templates
7Contentatscale.aiNoStarts at $39Long-form articles, SEO optimization, Multi-AI integration, Multilingual
8GrowthBarNoStarts at $36SEO tools, Chrome extension, Clean UI, Unique SEO features
9Article ForgeNoStarts at $27Bulk article generation, WordPress integration, AI detection bypass
10AnywordNoStarts at $39Marketing tool integration, Customizable settings, Optimization score

Which is the BEST AI writing software tool for you?

Choosing the right AI writing software tool might seem like a daunting task with all the different options out there. From Jasper's brand voice personalization to Rytr's simplicity and affordability, each tool has its unique strengths that cater to a wide range of writing needs. simplifies your content generation process, while Writesonic brings to the table advanced features like ChatGPT-powered chatbots. is all about SEO optimization, and Content at Scale excels in producing long-form articles that sound human. For those focused on SEO, Growthbar SEO offers valuable tools, whereas Article Forge can generate SEO-friendly articles effortlessly. Anyword targets digital marketing content with precision.

Among these excellent choices, GravityWrite stands out by incorporating the goodness of all these tools in one, ensuring you don't need to juggle multiple platforms. It's uniquely positioned to create content in over 70 languages and generate images and content as if you're simply having a conversation. With GravityWrite, you're not just choosing an AI writing software tool; you're selecting a comprehensive solution designed to meet the diverse needs of brands and writers alike. It's cost-efficient, requires no prompts, and consolidates all your content creation needs in one place.

The best part? GravityWrite is accessible to everyone, offering a free plan that allows you to write up to 1,000 words per month. So, if you're searching for an AI writing software tool that offers unmatched versatility, user-friendliness, and combines the strengths of the market's best tools, consider giving GravityWrite a try.

Click here to create your free account and discover how it can streamline and transform your writing process. Start your journey to effortless, compelling content with GravityWrite today.

FAQs on AI Writing software Tools

Improvising your experience; helping you choose the best AI writing software!

  1. What is an AI writing software tool?
    It uses AI to churn out various forms of content, from social media posts to emails, thereby reducing the workload, manpower, time spent on brainstorming, and even the cost spent on hiring resources in some cases.

  2. Is GravityWrite free?
    Yes, GravityWrite offers a free plan, making it accessible for everyone to start. This plan includes basic features, suitable for occasional use. It's great for trying out the tool and small projects. However, for more extensive features, there are affordable paid plans.

  3. How to use GravityWrite?
    Using GravityWrite is straightforward. Simply sign up, choose your plan, and start typing your content requirements. The tool guides you with prompts and suggestions, making it easy to generate content. It's like having a conversation, making writing tasks simpler and faster.

  4. Does AI-generated content rank on Google?
    Yes, AI-generated content can rank on Google, especially if it's well-optimized, relevant, and provides value to the reader. However, it's important to ensure the content is original, engaging, and complies with SEO best practices for the best results.

  5. Is GravityWrite beginner-friendly?
    Yes, GravityWrite is designed with beginners in mind. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it easy for anyone to start creating content. It requires no technical expertise, making it ideal for beginners and professionals alike.

  6. Which is the best AI writing tool to use?
    You know, it's tough to pick the "best" tool since it depends on what you need. But GravityWrite is making waves for its user-friendly interface and innovative features. It's worth checking out if you want to save loads of time and get productive.

  7. Is there any free AI writing Software to use?
    Absolutely! GravityWrite offers a free version, which is a great way to dip your toes into AI writing. It's perfect for casual writing tasks without the need to invest right away. Give it a try; you might just love it!

  8. Does Google punish AI content?
    Google doesn't specifically punish AI-generated content. However, it prioritizes high-quality, informative, and user-focused content. If AI content is poorly written, irrelevant, or spammy, it may not rank well. Quality is key, regardless of how the content is generated.

  9. How can an AI writing softwares be useful to me?
    Tools like GravityWrite can significantly enhance your content creation process. They help generate ideas, automate repetitive writing tasks, improve writing speed, ensure grammatical correctness.

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