12 Best AI Tools for Freelancers in 2024

12 AI Tools Freelancers are Hooked On – Discover Why



Published Date:

Dec 19, 2023

AI tools for freelancers
AI tools for freelancers

Exploring 2024's AI Tools for Freelancers!

Hey freelancers, it's time to add some cool AI tools to your freelancing game! 🌟

It’s 2024, and guess what’s up? AI tools are here to give your freelance work an awesome boost! We’re about to explore the best AI tools for freelancers that'll make your freelance journey super fun this year. 🚀💥

Freelancing isn’t just a side job anymore - it's becoming a big thing! By 2027, many more freelancers will use AI content tools📈. 

So, why should you care about AI content creators? Because it helps to make top-notch content effortlessly. These AI writing tools? They’re like your writing buddies, making your work look amazing!

But wait, there’s more! These AI content tools for freelancers don’t stop at writing. They’re like your super helpers, making tough tasks easy. Say goodbye to boring work and hello to more time doing what you love and freelancing like a boss!😎

So, freelancers, get ready for a fun ride! We're diving into a world where AI meets freelancing, and it’s going to be awesome!

12 Best AI Tools for Freelancers in 2024

Alright, freelancers, gear up to uncover the game-changing top 12 AI tools for freelancers in 2024! 🛠️🚀 Let's dive into the AI content creators that'll supercharge your freelancing journey!

1. GravityWrite

GravityWrite is like your smart friend, always ready to help you out! If you're a freelancer juggling a million things, you know the struggle of coming up with fresh ideas and writing amazing stuff, right? That's where GravityWrite comes in - it's an AI tool for creating content that helps you be more creative.

GravityWrite - The Best AI tools for freelancers

This amazing tool isn't your ordinary helper. It's loaded with 100+ awesome features to make creating content super easy. Whether you're a writer, a small business owner, a marketing pro, or anything in between, GravityWrite is here for you round the clock!🕒

So, how does GravityWrite make your freelancing life easier? Think about this: it covers everything from cooking up catchy blog posts to spicing up websites, jazzing up social media Instagram captions, and even diving into video creation. It's like your ultimate creative toolkit!

Let's take a stroll through GravityWrite's awesome toolkit together. We'll show you how this fantastic tool can help you work smarter, not harder, and turn your creative sparks effortlessly into full-blown fireworks.

Also, GravityWrite won't break the bank. With an affordable starting price and a free plan giving you up to 2000 words monthly, freelancers can access powerful AI writing tools without sweating about the cost. Check out GravityWrite’s pricing overview:

  • Free Plan: $0/month, limited features with 2,000 words/month.

  • Starter Plan: $19/month or ($15/month, when billed annually), offers 50,000 words/month with additional features.

  • Pro Plan: $79/month or ($69/month, when billed annually), provides 250,000 words/month with premium features.

Here's the lowdown on how GravityWrite simplifies the life of freelancers:

Versatile Content Generation📝

GravityWrite offers a toolbox of writing wonders capable of producing blog posts and website pages. Need a blog in just one click? 

Hit up "Quick 1 click blog post," enter your title, and voila – blog content in seconds. 

GravityWrite - Quick 1 click blog post

Creating website content? Click the "About Us page," fill in the info, and hit "Create." There's your amazing about us page content.

GravityWrite - About us page

Marketing Assistance📣

Boost your online presence and attract customers with GravityWrite's advertising copy creation and lead magnet ideas. Want killer ad copies?

Go to "Advertising tools," input product details, hit create - and there you have it, excellent ad copies in seconds.

GravityWrite - Ad copy

Enhanced Creativity and Visual Support🎨

Use the Image Creator to turn prompts into stunning visuals for various platforms. Head to "Image Creator," enter your prompt, and boom – amazing images in seconds.

GravityWrite's Image creator

Writing Assistance✍️

Refine your content with GravityWrite's writing assistants, summarization, rewriting, and emoji integration tools. Need a summary? Enter your input, and boom – Content summarized within moments.

GravityWrite's Summarize pro

Social Media Content Generation🌐

Craft content customized for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter effortlessly using GravityWrite's social media magic. Just hit "All in one social post," and watch as a perfectly tailored post for all platforms pops up in seconds! 🌟

GravityWrite - All in one social media post

YouTube Content Creation Support🎥

If videos are your thing, GravityWrite's YouTube toolkit for brainstorming, script crafting, and timestamps is your secret weapon. 

Need killer scripts? Simply hop over to "YouTube Script Creator," input your video title and key points, then hit "create content" -  and voila, outstanding scripts in mere seconds! 🎬✨

GravityWrite - YouTube Script creator

With its range of easy-to-use AI-powered tools, GravityWrite streamlines freelancers' tasks, empowering them to deliver exceptional work to clients with speed and precision.


  • Exciting news! GravityWrite has earned an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars, thanks to the rave reviews on G2!

2. ChatGPT

ChatGPT, the amazing chatbot from OpenAI! It's not your typical chatbot. It's a super multitasker here to change how freelancers get things done🤖.


Think of having a friend who can write, code amazingly, and do a bunch of other stuff, just by chatting with you. That's ChatGPT – your awesome helper in freelancing!

Are you facing a tight deadline? ChatGPT is your lifesaver! Throw any prompt its way, simple or complex, and watch it work its magic. Whether it's crafting blog posts or catchy ad copy, ChatGPT's got your back.

Stuck on a coding snag? Not anymore! ChatGPT flexes its coding muscles in various languages. Ask for a snippet, and there you have it – no more head-scratching over complex code. Want a code to add two integers? Just enter a prompt, and here we go:

ChatGPT for coding

Long texts giving you a headache? ChatGPT's got your back with quick summaries, making info easy to digest. Also, it's really good with languages! It can translate for your clients from all around the world whenever you need it.

Need a touch of poetry or creative flair? ChatGPT is your go-to for weaving words artistically into your projects. Take a look now!

ChatGPT for poetry

But wait, there's more! ChatGPT isn't all work and no play. It's armed with jokes😂, cool facts, and can chat about hobbies or interests, giving you a breather amidst your tasks.

ChatGPT's pricing is a breeze to navigate: from a cost-free plan perfect for casual users to the Plus and Team options. Here is the ChatGPT’s pricing breakdown - 

  • ChatGPT Free: Offers basic access with GPT 3.5, with usage thresholds during peak times. Ideal for general use.

  • ChatGPT Plus: Priced at $20/month, featuring the GPT-4 model with priority access, quicker responses, and additional functionalities like image processing.

  • ChatGPT Team: Tailored for businesses at an additional $5 per month per user, offering enhanced message caps and team collaboration tools.


  • ChatGPT is rocking it with a 4.7 out of 5 rating on G2. Pretty cool, huh?

3. Simplified

Simplified - the superhero of AI toolkits designed for marketing teams, but guess what? It's a hidden treasure for freelancers, too! 🚀


Simplified is like a magical chest of AI goodies! We're talking about presentation makers, video editors, image generators, background removers, rewriters, and social media maestros. It's your one-stop shop for all things awesome!

Imagine having over 50 AI templates at your fingertips. With Simplified, freelancers can effortlessly whip up emails, product descriptions, taglines, or ad copies – there's a template for every creative whim!👏

Need a blog post? Simplified's AI blog writer is your new best friend. It cooks up plagiarism-free articles with a killer intro, structured outlines, and fully fleshed-out content in mere minutes. 

Simplified - content creation

Writer's block? See you later!👋👀

Simplified's Superpowers:

Multilingual Magic: Break the language barrier with content in over 30 languages and 10 tones. It's like having a linguistic superhero on your freelancing team!

Long-Form Brilliance: Simplified isn't just about short snippets. Its long-form writer tool helps you craft extensive articles. Plus, features like article rewriter, paragraph generator, and sentence expander take your content to the next level.

Social Media Management Tool: Tame the social media jungle with Simplified. It turns content creation and scheduling into a breeze, ensuring freelancers are always shining online.

Presentation Creation: Need to dazzle with presentations? Simplified's AI presentation maker lets you whip up stunning slides in minutes. Perfect for wowing clients or acing those marketing pitches!

Fun Social Media Tools: TikTok/Reels script generation, social media quotes, tweet-to-image magic, and meme creation - Simplified knows how to add a sprinkle of fun and creativity to your content game🎉💭.

Simplified's AI writer pricing scales with your needs, offering a perfect mix of value and versatility for individuals and teams alike!

  • Pro Plan: Priced at $18/month for one seat and 35,000 words, offering GPT 3.5 & 4, AI Blog Wizard, Chat by Simplified AI, and more, ideal for boosting team efficiency.

  • Business Plan: Costs $49/month for five seats and 100,000 words, includes all Pro features plus API access, suitable for advanced AI collaboration.

  • Agency Plan: At $199/month with ten seats and 600,000 words, this plan offers extensive features for large-scale content creation and in-depth collaboration.


  • Simplified has been consistently rated at 4.6 out of 5, reflecting its user satisfaction, as per G2's standards.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is a friendly tool that's like having a writing buddy to make your freelance life easier!🖊️


Grammarly is not confined to just one place. It's everywhere you need it! Whether you're online, working on your computer, browsing, or using Microsoft Office, Grammarly's got your back. It's like that reliable friend who's always there when you need a hand!

With just a click, you can tweak your text, make it simpler, jazz it up, or even change the tone. It's like magic for your words!

At its core, Grammarly is the grammar hero freelancers need. It zaps those sneaky mistakes, trims the fluff, and makes your writing shine. It's the editor you've always dreamt of – reliable, swift, and looking out for your best interests. 💎

What Grammarly Does for Freelancers:

🌟 No More Mix-Ups:

Grammarly helps ensure you use the right version of words in your writing. Example: "Their cat is cute" vs. "They're going to the store." 

🎯 Punctuation on Point:

Make sure you place commas correctly in sentences like, "Let's eat, Grandma" (vs. "Let's eat Grandma") or ensure proper period placement for clear pauses and endings.

📚 Style that Pops:

Enhancing your writing style by suggesting changes in sentence structures or offering synonyms to replace repetitive words, making your content more engaging and varied.

🔍 Originality Guaranteed:

Ensuring your work doesn't unintentionally resemble content from other sources, avoiding issues with plagiarism or unintentional copying of phrases.

🔠 The Right Words, Every Time:

Suggesting alternative words or phrases to better convey your message or tone. For instance, swapping "big" for "enormous" or "important" for "crucial" to add more depth to your writing.

Grammarly suggestions

😊 Express Yourself Right:

Helping you understand if your message sounds formal, casual, friendly, or serious, depending on your intended audience or context, ensuring your tone aligns with your goals.

Freelancers, let Grammarly be the guiding light in your writing world – where language meets perfection, and crafting your message becomes a delightful experience! Grammarly's pricing offers options for different levels of writing enhancement:

  • Free Plan: ₹0/month, providing basic writing corrections and a glimpse into your writing tone.

  • Premium Plan: ₹984/month (billed annually), expands on the Free version with advanced writing feedback, sentence rewrites, fluency enhancements, plagiarism checks, and more.

  • Business Plan: $15/member/month (billed annually), includes all Premium features plus tools for team writing, style guides, and advanced analytics.


  • Grammarly has quietly earned a respectable 4.7 out of 5 rating on G2.

5. Canva

Freelancers, imagine whipping up captivating social media graphics tailored for your brand’s unique vibe in a flash! Canva hands you the reins to design Facebook covers, Pinterest gems💎, and Insta Stories that scream "YOU." With their free templates, your online presence gets an instant upgrade.


Canva's Magic Design? It's a freelancing dream come true! This free AI-powered gem takes your vision and turns it into personalized templates that fit your freelancing gig like a glove. Simply add your content, and boom! Your unique template is ready to shine.

Canva- Magic design

Canva’s Freelancer-Friendly Features

Catering to Freelance Needs: Whether you’re starting out or a seasoned pro, Canva's templates are like a playground designed just for freelancers from every niche.

Simplicity in Designing: Canva's interface is a breeze - perfect for freelancers diving into the design world without tech headaches.

Team Collaboration Made Smooth: Collaborate, share, and work together seamlessly. Perfect for freelance projects that require a team touch.

Direct Social Media Impact: Share your crafted designs straight to your preferred social platforms. Canva ensures your brand stands out online🔥.

Quick Design Solutions: Need a quick visual? Canva's got your back with tools made for those sudden bursts of creativity.

Learn and Grow: Dive into their wealth of tutorials and guides designed to help freelancers level up their design game.

Templates for Every Freelance Gig: An endless variety of pro templates awaits, saving you time and sparking creativity for your freelance projects.

Canva's pricing is playful and flexible, making design accessible for everyone:

  • Canva Free: ₹0/month - A treasure trove of basic design features and a generous library of templates and graphics.

  • Canva Pro: ₹499/month (per person) - Unlock a world of premium content, magical design tools, and AI wizardry to elevate your creations.

  • Canva for Teams: ₹998/month for up to 5 people - A collaborative design space where teams can create, share, and thrive together.

With Canva, you can start for free and grow into more sophisticated design tools as your needs expand.


  • Canva is making waves with a fantastic 4.7 out of 5 rating on G2.

6. AI Image Enlarger

Freelancers, get ready to supercharge your visuals! The AI Image Enlarger takes your photos to a whole new level of crispness and clarity. Whether it's for social media, website design, or client presentations, this tool helps make every image stand out.

AI image enlarger

Want to turn small images into big, high-resolution ones?🤔 The AI Image Enlarger does just that! It pumps up images to 2k and 4k resolutions, making them sharp and perfect for sharing online or printing without getting blurry.

AI image enlarger 4k resolution

Key Highlights & Tech Tidbits for Freelancers📌

Up to 400% Enlargement: Go big without losing quality. Great for marketing or printing projects that need high-resolution images.

Deep Learning Magic: Special algorithms work behind the scenes to make your larger images look just as sharp and detailed as the small ones.

Top Features Designed for Freelancers

Say Goodbye to Blur: This tool helps clean up any fuzziness in your images, making them look sharp and professional.

Improved Lighting and Colors: Your photos get a makeover with better lighting and richer colors.

Fast and Easy to Use: It's quick and user-friendly, making it perfect for freelancers on the go🏃.

There's a limit to how much the tool can enhance resolution, but it'll take your images pretty far!

While the free version is fantastic, it has some size and usage limits. But hey, quality enhancements like these are worth a little trade-off!

  • Free Plan: $0/month - Perfect for occasional use with 10 credits monthly.

  • Starter Plan: $4.9/month - A step up for regular users offering 100 credits monthly.

  • Premium Plan: $9.9/month - For heavy users with 1000 credits monthly.

  • Advanced Plan: $19/month - Unlimited access for those who need bulk processing.

Jump into image enlarging with AI Image Enlarger's free credits or scale up as your needs grow, all without a fuss!


  • AI Image Enlarger has a 4.3 out of 5 rating on G2. Quite decent, indeed.

7. MidJourney

Have you checked out Midjourney AI Art Generative Tool yet?🧐 This super cool tech piece is about turning your words into awesome pictures. Think of it as your personal artist that takes your text and transforms it into art. Pretty neat, huh?


So here's the deal with Midjourney: you type in what you're thinking, maybe something like "cute rabbit wearing glasses"👓🐇 or "a futuristic city," and hit the “imagine” command. Bam! You get an image that brings your words to life. 

Midjourney Image

And the best part? You don’t need to be a tech wizard to use it. Start with simple commands, and as you get the hang of it, you can play around with more complex stuff to really get those creative juices flowing.

Why is Midjourney a Big Deal?

  • A+ Image Quality: The images you get are super sharp and realistic. It's like having a pro artist at your fingertips.

  • High-Resolution Output: We're talking big, detailed pictures here – up to 1,792 x 1,024 pixels!

  • Super Accessible: It works through Discord, so pretty much anyone can jump in and start creating.

  • Customize All You Want: There are lots of options to tweak your images until they’re just perfect.

  • Great Community: There's a Discord server where you can share your art, get tips, and chat with other users.

  • Always Getting Better: The Midjourney team keeps updating the tool, so it's always getting cooler and more powerful.💪

Let’s Talk Pricing:💸

  • Basic Plan: For $10 a month (or $8 if you pay for a year), you get 200 minutes to make your art.

  • Standard Plan: This one's $30 a month ($24 for a year). It gives you 15 hours of creation time plus unlimited time in relaxed mode, which is perfect for most people.

  • Pro Plan: This one’s for the serious creators. For $60 a month ($48 a year), you get 30 hours of fast creation time and some special features like keeping your images private.

  • Mega Plan: This is for those who really can’t get enough. It's $120 a month ($96 a year), and you get a huge 60 hours of creation time🎨


  • According to the latest G2 ratings, Midjourney has secured a score of 4.4 out of 5.

8. Durable

Meet Durable AI Website Builder, the AI-powered superhero of the web design world. It's here to make creating and maintaining a professional-looking website a breeze for businesses of every size. You don't need to be a coding guru to get it done!

Durable AI

Why You'll Love Durable AI🥰:

  • Saves You Time: Imagine automating all the nitty-gritty of website design and development. More time for coffee breaks, right?

  • Consistent & Reliable: No more worrying about your website crashing during those crucial moments.

  • Grows with You: Whether you're a start-up or scaling up, Durable AI is your growth buddy.

  • SEO Friendly: Want to be Google's best friend? Websites built here are SEO-ready to climb those search engine ranks.

  • User-Friendly: Your customers will enjoy browsing your site, thanks to the intuitive design and seamless user experience.

Features That Spark Joy

  • Choose Your Style: With a range of pre-built templates, creating a unique site that screams 'you' is super easy.

  • Drag & Drop: Moving things around your website is as fun as playing a puzzle game.

  • Content Management Made Simple: Updating your site is a walk in the park with an easy-to-use CMS🧡.

  • Insights at Your Fingertips: Get the lowdown on your website's performance with advanced analytics.

  • Sell Online: E-commerce integration means you're just a few clicks away from making sales.

  • Mobile Magic: Your site will look fabulous on phones and tablets.

  • AI Superpowers: Leverage AI for smarter website interaction, like understanding customer sentiments.

Pricing That Fits Your Pocket:

  • Free Trial: Try it out first with a free trial. Zero commitment!

  • Starter Plan: Only $12/month (billed annually) for a custom domain, 10 pages, and more goodies.

  • Business Plan: $20/month (annually billed) for the full suite – unlimited pages, priority support, and all the bells and whistles.


  • It looks like Durable AI hasn't been rated on G2 yet.


Lyne.AI is a sales automation tool powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning🧠. It's designed to revolutionize sales prospecting and outreach for marketers by offering highly personalized services.

Lyne AI

Let's dive into its standout features:

Scale Up Personalized Cold Emails:

Lyne.AI streamlines the process of sending personalized cold emails on a larger scale, effectively automating one of the most time-consuming tasks in your workflow. This feature empowers growth professionals and freelancers to expand their outreach efforts effortlessly.

Lyne Cold Emails


When it comes to research speed, Lyne.AI takes the lead. It operates a staggering 9000% faster than your top-performing SDR (Sales Development Representative) or VA (Virtual Assistant). This rapidity significantly accelerates campaign scalability while maintaining the utmost quality👌.

Expand Your Freelance Opportunities:

For freelancers, Lyne.AI serves as a game-changer by enhancing their project pipeline and accelerating conversions. It provides intricate contextual account intelligence, equipping users with invaluable insights that give them a competitive edge.

Affordable Options: Choose Your Plan💰

Free Plan:

  • Pay-as-you-go with no monthly charges.

  • Payment based on credits and offers integration with various tools.

Custom Plan:

  • Tailored plan offering personalized rows and 1200 'lynes' per month.

  • Priced at $0.10 per 'lyne' with rollover credits and complete integration support.

  • Available for a monthly subscription fee of $120.


  • Lyne.AI has been rated a whopping 4.6 out of 5 on G2.

10. Rescue Time

For freelancers who are masters of multitasking, RescueTime emerges as a top-tier productivity assistant⭐, designed to bring efficiency back into your work life. This acclaimed software, quietly residing in your taskbar, whether a PC or Mac user, automates tasks and sheds light on your work habits to keep you focused and driven.


RescueTime isn't just a passive observer. It actively assesses your work patterns and meeting schedules, crafting a personalized daily Focus Work Goal to boost your productivity. 

RescueTime is not just about tracking the time⏱️ you spend on tasks. It's about understanding the apps and websites that eat up your time, helping you recover those lost hours and fine-tune your workflow like a pro. 

With RescueTime, you're not just managing your time but mastering it, propelling yourself towards peak productivity and effortlessly reaching your goals.

The Highlights of RescueTime

  • Efficient Time Allocation: It's a wizard in managing your hours and saving time⏳.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to navigate, rich in valuable data.

  • Responsive Support: Quick and helpful support when you need it.

Areas to Improve

  • Desire for Speedier Load Times: Some users hope for faster software performance.

  • Infrequent Updates: Updates to the product could be more frequent.

  • Customization Complexity: Some adjustments might need a bit more effort than desired.

Pricing Options

  • Lite Version: Absolutely free.

  • Premium Package: $12/month for those seeking more advanced features.


  • RescueTime has received a rating of 4.1 out of 5, as per G2.

11. ClickUp

ClickUp, a versatile tool designed for various professional needs, offers an array of AI-driven functionalities. Although it has certain limitations, it stands out in assisting with content creation, task automation, and data analysis.


At its core, ClickUp's AI writing assistant🖋️ is a remarkable feature. It simplifies the process of drafting emails, creating blogs, and generating diverse content. This tool is particularly beneficial for improving and editing sections of text quickly because of ClickUp Doc feature. 

Additionally, the Summarize Document feature is a standout, efficiently condensing long documents to highlight the most crucial points. These features are particularly useful for freelancers and professionals aiming to enhance their work efficiency and quality🎯.

Highlighting ClickUp's Best Features

  • A broad range of AI tools caters to various professions, including marketing, sales, product design, engineering, content production, and writing.

  • The 'Write with AI' feature enables quick and efficient drafting of blog posts, emails✉️, and more.

Addressing ClickUp Limitations

  • The mobile app, while handy, doesn't yet match the full functionality of its desktop version.

  • The project management aspect of ClickUp may present a learning curve for new users.

ClickUp Pricing Structure

  • Free Forever plan for basic needs.

  • An unlimited plan is at $7 per month per user.

  • The business plan is at $12 per month per user.

  • Enterprise plan: Custom pricing upon contact.

  • ClickUp AI: Accessible on all paid plans at an additional $5 per Workspace member per month.


  • ClickUp has done well with a 4.7 out of 5 rating on G2.

12. Mailchimp

Do you know the importance of messages you send through emails?💌 Well, they're like the superheroes of communication - super reliable and direct. Mailchimp is like your trusty sidekick, making it super easy to handle those crucial emails, especially for freelancers!


Why do emails matter so much? They're the go-to for professional chats, whether you're a freelancer hunting for gigs or a marketer aiming to keep clients coming back. They're personal, versatile, and get the job done!

Now, Mailchimp steps in as the ultimate email helper. Imagine having to send a bunch of emails, but you don't want to spend hours doing it. That's where Mailchimp swoops in, making it a piece of cake to set up and manage email campaigns without the hassle. 💌✨

Here's what's in its bag of tricks:

Automation: It helps marketers send tailored messages to boost leads, and freelancers keep clients happy without the stress.

Analytics Dashboard📊: Dive into the data pool! Get insights into your audience's habits and preferences all in one place. It's gold for creating awesome campaigns.

Segmentation: Have you ever thought of sending emails that feel made just for your audience? Mailchimp helps you do exactly that! Freelancers, this means targeting your clients spot-on!

When it comes to sending emails, Mailchimp's got plans for everyone:

  • Free: Start with a bang! 1000 monthly emails, one seat, and email support for a month. All free, folks!

  • Essentials: Next up, the cool stuff. 5000 monthly emails, 3 seats, round-the-clock support, templates, integrations, and more. 

  • Standard: Stepping up the game! After a trial, 6000 emails, forms, creative assistance, and a bunch more,

  • Premium: The whole shebang! All in on the features, removing Mailchimp branding, A/B testing, scheduling, and more.

Note: The pricing plan depends on the number of contacts you have.


  • It has been reported that Mailchimp has achieved a rating of 4.4 out of 5 on G2.

Pricing Summary

🔍 Compare top AI tools! See prices 💵, free plans ✅, and key features 🌟 for tools like GravityWrite, ChatGPT, and more.

ToolsFree Plan AvailabilityStarting Price for Paid PlansKey Features of Paid Plans
GravityWriteYes$19/month50,000 words/month, access to all tools, priority support
ChatGPTYes$20/monthFaster response times, GPT-4 access, priority new features
Simplified14 days free trial $18/monthAdvanced AI capabilities, Grammarly integration, team collaboration
GrammarlyYes$30/monthFull-sentence rewrites, vocabulary ideas, tone suggestions, Plagiarism detection
CanvaYes$ 6/monthAccess to Magic switch, background remover, content planner, 1TB storage
AI Image EnlargerYes$4.90/monthStarter plan with basic enlargement features, email support
MidJourneyNo$10/month200 minutes to 60 hours of creation time
DurableYes (Free Trial)$12/monthCustom domain, 50 contacts, 1 user, 10 pages
Lyne.aiYes$120/month1200 'lynes' per month, integration with various tools
Rescue TimeYes (Lite Version)$12/monthPremium features for productivity tracking
ClickUpYes$7/month per userUnlimited tasks and advanced features
MailchimpYesVaried (Essentials Plan)1000 to unlimited monthly emails and round-the-clock support

Upgrade Your Freelance Game with GravityWrite

AI tools are changing the game for freelancers🎲, making work easier and more profitable. If you're a freelancer handling writing, social media, or tasks, these tools are your new best friends.

But among all these AI content creators, one of the best free AI tools for freelancers is GravityWrite. It's like a superhero app for freelancers! Imagine automating your work to get more done with less stress. That's GravityWrite in action.

Think of it this way: you're hustling hard, but GravityWrite helps you hustle smarter, not harder. It streamlines your tasks, giving you more time⌛ for yourself and your best work.

Ready to level up your freelance game? Try out GravityWrite and see how it can supercharge your creativity, make your tasks smoother, and give you more time for the things you love❤️!

FAQs on AI Tools for Freelancers

  1. How does GravityWrite support freelancers' needs?

GravityWrite offers a suite of AI-powered tools that streamline content creation, marketing efforts, and video production, empowering freelancers to work more effectively.

  1. How can GravityWrite's pricing plans benefit freelancers on a budget?

GravityWrite's pricing is flexible, including free plans with limitations of 2000 words every month and an affordable premium plan starting at $19, enabling freelancers to access powerful tools within their budget constraints.

  1. Are AI tools suitable for all freelancers, regardless of their industry?

Yes, GravityWrite and similar AI tools cater to freelancers across various industries, offering adaptable features for content creation, marketing, and task management.

  1. Can AI tools really improve a freelancer's work-life balance?

Yes, by automating repetitive tasks, AI tools free up time for freelancers to focus on more strategic and enjoyable aspects of their work.

  1. Can GravityWrite be used for tasks beyond writing?

Yes! GravityWrite extends its capabilities to tasks such as generating images and giving scripts to craft YouTube videos and reels catering to diverse freelance needs.

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