Best Scriptwriting Tools for YouTube, TikTok & Beyond in 2024

Make your video go viral with the AI scriptwriting tool - your story could be next!



Published Date:

Mar 25, 2024


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Jul 9, 2024

Best scriptwriting tools
Best scriptwriting tools

Introducing the Best Scriptwriting Tools!

Are you dreaming of creating show-stopping videos for YouTube or TikTok? Believe it or not, every viral video starts with a fantastic script.

We found the best scriptwriting tools to make writing scripts easy for you in 2024. The tools are designed to make your scriptwriting process as smooth as silk. And guess what? Some are totally free!

Imagine transforming your wild ideas into captivating stories that hook viewers from the first word. With our selection of user-friendly and innovative scriptwriting AI tools, it's not just possible; it's easy.

Dive into our guide to find the scriptwriting tool that fits your creative style. Start your journey to scriptwriting success today and prepare to create the next big video that everyone talks about. Let’s make your scriptwriting adventure unforgettable!

Top AI Scriptwriting Tools in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Check out the best scriptwriting tools of 2024! Explore both free and paid tools perfect for creating standout videos on YouTube, TikTok, and beyond. Find the AI tools for scriptwriting that help write your scripts quickly.

Best Scriptwriting Tools for YouTube Videos

YouTube is an amazing platform that lets people from all over the world share their videos, whether they're teaching something new, sharing a laugh, or telling a story. But to really make your videos pop on YouTube, you need the best scriptwriting tools. 

These tools help you organize your ideas and turn them into engaging scripts that keep viewers watching. There's something for everyone, from free AI tools that are easy to use to more advanced ones with excellent features to help you out.

Good scripts are super important on YouTube because they ensure your video has a clear point and keep viewers interested. When your video tells a story well or shares information engagingly, people are likelier to watch it all the way through, share it with friends, and come back for more. The right YouTube scriptwriting tool can help you make that killer script, which is key to building your audience and making your mark on YouTube.

Boost your YouTube videos now with the best scriptwriting tools given below, and start crafting stories that wow your viewers!

1. GravityWrite - Scripting YouTube Success

GravityWrite for YouTube Success

GravityWrite is a powerful YouTube scriptwriting tool designed to breathe life into your video ideas. No matter if you want to teach, entertain, or motivate, GravityWrite makes the scriptwriting process easy, helping your content connect with viewers and do well on YouTube.

Here’s how GravityWrite becomes your scriptwriting superhero:

First, head over to the GravityWrite website.

  • Next, navigate to the "Social Media Tools" section and select "Script for YouTube Video."

  • Then, you’ll enter the world of customization, where every detail of your script gets tailored to your vision.

Let’s run through an exciting example:

  • 📷 YouTube Video Title: "5 Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas"

  • 🗣️ Key Topics: Introduction, Idea #1: Wall Art, Idea #2: Plant Holders, Idea #3: Handmade Rugs, Idea #4: Upcycled Furniture, Idea #5: Lighting Solutions, Conclusion

  • 🎯 Target Audience: DIY Enthusiasts, Home Decor Fans, Budget Decorators

GravityWrite YouTube Script Writer input

By providing these specifics, GravityWrite crafts a detailed, engaging script that guides you through creating content that's seen, loved, and shared. 

GravityWrite AI generated script for youtube

GravityWrite’s AI for scriptwriting molds your ideas into a structured script that captivates your intended audience, ensuring your DIY Home Decor video is a hit among those looking to beautify their spaces without breaking the bank.

2. Jasper - AI That Writes Winner Scripts

Jasper YouTube Script Writer

Jasper YouTube script writing tool is a big help for creators looking to produce standout video content. This tool, known for its versatility and efficiency, offers a range of templates designed to streamline the scriptwriting process, especially when you're on the Boss Mode plan. 

Here, you can create a single document and utilize multiple templates based on your specific needs, making Jasper an essential tool for YouTube content creators.

Here's your guide to effortlessly crafting an excellent script with Jasper:

  • Choose Your Topic: Narrow down your big idea using Jasper's Video Topic Ideas template.

  • Plan Your Video: Outline objectives and audience insights.

  • Generate Titles: Use Jasper's Video Titles template for captivating headlines.

  • Structure Your Narrative: Organize your story with the Video Script Outline.

  • Craft Your Hook: Create an engaging introduction using the Video Script Hook and Introduction.

  • Develop Your Script: Flesh out your narrative with the Commands template or Documents feature.

  • Add Personal Touches: Enhance your script with unique elements for a final polish.

Example Prompt for Cybersecurity Video Script:

  • Video Title: "5 ways your life will change if you get hacked"

  • Tone: Witty

Jasper AI generated YouTube Script

With Jasper, making YouTube videos that are both fun to watch and packed with good info is a breeze. It’s all about getting your message across in a way that sticks with your audience. Jasper is here to help you by turning your creative ideas into YouTube hits.

3. VidIQ - Boost Your Script's Reach

VidIQ to boost YouTube views

VidIQ is the go-to toolkit for YouTube creators aiming to streamline their video creation process. It's packed with AI-powered tools that help in various aspects of content creation, making it easier to come up with engaging titles, compelling descriptions, fresh video ideas, and scripts. 

Here’s how you can make VidIQ work for you:

  • Link Up: First, visit the VidIQ website and connect to your YouTube channel. This step opens up a suite of tools crafted for creators.

  • Explore AI Tools: 

    • AI Title Generator: Quickly get catchy titles by entering your main idea.

    • AI Description Generator: Boost video visibility with keyword-driven descriptions.

    • Daily Video Ideas: Keep content fresh with new ideas daily.

Crafting a Script with VidIQ:

Say you’re crafting a video titled "Unlocking the Mysteries of Egyptian Pyramids in Minecraft." VidIQ can help elevate your content:

  • Catchy Titles: Generate titles that draw viewers in, like "Unlocking the Mysteries of Egyptian Pyramids in Minecraft."

  • Engaging Descriptions: Use keywords ("Minecraft, Egyptian Pyramids, Adventure") for compelling summaries.

  • Fresh Content Ideas: Find new angles for your series, exploring ancient civilizations.

VidIQ simplifies scripting, guiding you to create captivating videos like exploring Egyptian pyramids in Minecraft. It helps keep your audience engaged, saving time and enhancing video quality to grow your YouTube channel effortlessly. Here is the script generated using VidIQ:

VidIQ AI generated script

Best Scriptwriting Tools for TikTok Videos

TikTok is the place where creativity shines, and everyone has a chance to be a star. But what makes some videos take off while others don't? It's all about having a great script. The best scriptwriting tools for TikTok videos can turn your ideas into engaging stories that people can't help but watch, share, and love. 

Whether it's making someone laugh, sharing a cool tip, or telling a touching story, a good script makes sure your video hits the mark. Your video will stand out in a sea of endless scrolling. They keep viewers hooked from the first second to the last, making them more likely to hit that follow button.

Check out these awesome tools below to supercharge your TikTok scripts! Start creating content that stands out and turns heads.

1. GravityWrite - Viral Scripts Simplified!

On TikTok, where quick and catchy videos win the day, GravityWrite is the perfect helper for getting your videos noticed. It's like having an intelligent friend who helps you write excellent TikTok video scripts that talk to your audience. 

To get started, go to Social Media Tools in GravityWrite, find the "Script for TikTok Videos" section, and you’ll be on your way. 

Imagine you’re making a TikTok video on "3 Easy Smoothie Recipes":

  • 🕺🏽 Main Theme or Topic: "3 Easy Smoothie Recipes"

  • 🗣️ Key Talking Points: Introduction with the benefits of smoothies, Recipe #1: Berry Blast, Recipe #2: Tropical Mango, Recipe #3: Green Detox, Closing with tips for the perfect smoothie

  • 🎯 Target Audience: Health-conscious individuals, busy people looking for quick nutrition

GravityWrite TikTok video input

Plug these ideas into GravityWrite, and boom, you get a script that’s not just a list of recipes but a fun, engaging story that invites your audience to blend up their own smoothie creations. 

GravityWrite AI generated TikTok script

This tool ensures your TikTok video is as refreshing and enjoyable as the smoothies, making viewers eager to see more of what you offer.

2. Kapwing - Virality at Your Fingertips

Kapwing AI video script generator

Kapwing's AI Video Script Generator stands as a game-changer for TikTok creators, offering a seamless way to transform ideas into engaging scripts. This tool makes use of AI to quickly create video scripts that fit well with TikTok's speedy pace.

Here's a straightforward guide on making the most of Kapwing for your TikTok content:

  • Go to Kapwing: Access the AI Video Script Generator on the dashboard.

  • Start Your Script: Click "Create a video script about…" and input your idea.

  • Choose Duration: Pick a script length from 15 seconds to 5 minutes, matching your plan.

  • Pick TikTok: Select TikTok to tailor the script for its audience and style.

Example Prompt:

  • Make a video script about: "10 Quick Tips for Sustainable Living"

  • Approximate Script Duration: 15 seconds

  • Target Platform: TikTok

Kapwing AI generated TikTok script

Kapwing's tool doesn't just write scripts; it helps you make plans for hit TikTok videos. It understands what makes TikTok special, making sure your videos catch attention right away. 

Your scripts will match the latest TikTok trends and keep viewers interested. This tool is super helpful for anyone wanting to get more popular and connect better on TikTok.

3. HyperWrite - Instant Creativity for TikTok

HyperWrite TikTok script generator

HyperWrite's TikTok Script Writer is a cutting-edge tool designed to supercharge your TikTok content creation. This AI-powered script generator takes the essence of your video idea and transforms it into a script that will engage your TikTok audience. 

By simply inputting background information or a topic, HyperWrite uses the latest in AI technology, including GPT-4, to produce content that captures the unique dynamics of the TikTok platform.

Here’s How to Use HyperWrite for TikTok Videos:

  • Visit HyperWrite: Head to the HyperWrite website and navigate to the TikTok Script Writer in the dashboard.

  • Input Your Ideas: Enter the key details or themes of your TikTok video.

  • Generate Your Script: Click 'Generate' to create a tailored script based on your input.

  • Refine and Edit: Review and adjust the generated script to perfectly match your vision and style.

  • Create Your Video: Use your final script to produce a TikTok video that resonates with your followers.

Example Prompt:

If you want to share "5 Simple Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Changes," HyperWrite can craft a script that educates and entertains your audience, encouraging them to engage with your content.

HyperWrite AI generated TikTok script

Whether introducing a new product, sharing educational content or personal stories, or creating entertaining skits, HyperWrite's TikTok Script Writer is ideal for creators, influencers, marketers, and businesses aiming to impact TikTok.

Best Scriptwriting Tool for Instagram Reels

Instagram has turned into a center for posting moments, thoughts, and stories via visually engaging reels. To make your reels stand out, having the best scriptwriting tools for Instagram reels can help you organize your thoughts, nail your message, and connect with your audience in just a few seconds. These tools are designed to turn your creative ideas into engaging, share-worthy content that resonates with viewers, making every second count.

A well-crafted script helps your reel grab and hold attention, encouraging viewers to engage, share, and follow for more. Your Instagram reels have become powerful tools for storytelling and brand building.

Explore these best scriptwriting tools now and begin crafting unforgettable stories that captivate your Instagram audience today!

1. GravityWrite - Perfect Scripts for Reels

Crafting the perfect Instagram Reel just got easier with GravityWrite, your go-to AI-powered scriptwriting assistant. This tool simplifies the creative journey, making it easy for you to create captivating content that grabs viewers' attention.

To make the most of this tool, visit the GravityWrite website.

  • Go to the "Social Media Tools" section and select "Script for Instagram Reels."

  • You’re now ready to craft scripts that will make your Reels pop.

Let's say you're eager to share "Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas":

  • 📹 Main Theme or Topic: "Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas"

  • 🗣️ Key Talking Points: Introduction stressing the importance of breakfast, Idea #1: Overnight oats with fresh fruits, Idea #2: Avocado toast with poached egg, Idea #3: Green smoothie packed with vitamins, Closing with a call to action encouraging healthy eating

  • 🎯 Target Audience: Health enthusiasts, busy professionals, anyone looking to improve their morning routine

GravityWrite Instagram reel script input

Enter these details into GravityWrite, and you’ll get a script that’s more than just instructions. It weaves your breakfast ideas into an engaging story, encouraging your audience to kickstart their day correctly. 

GravityWrite's AI generated Instagram reel script

This tool proves itself as a standout among free online scriptwriter tools. It makes your Instagram reels informative and engaging and ensures your content sounds well to your intended audience.

2. Cohesive AI - Custom Stories Unlocked!

Cohesive AI generator

The Cohesive Instagram reel script writing tool is a creative powerhouse for anyone aiming to craft captivating and impactful content on Instagram. Tailored to the unique demands of Instagram Reels, this tool simplifies turning your ideas into engaging scripts. 

Whether you're an influencer, a brand, or a creative individual, Cohesive provides a seamless path from concept to script, ensuring your reels have the narrative strength to stand out on the platform.

Getting Started with Cohesive is a Snap:

  • Hop onto Cohesive: Visit the website and dive into the "Templates" section.

  • Find Your Magic Wand: Click on "Social Media" and select the "Instagram Reel Script Generator."

  • Personalize Your Script: Share your reel's theme, who you’re chatting to, and any inspirations or guides you’re drawing from.

  • And… Action! Hit “Go,” sit back, and watch Cohesive tailor a script that’s just right for your project.

Think about sharing:

  • Your Reel’s Theme: "Eco-Friendly Home Hacks"

  • Your Audience: Sustainability enthusiasts dreaming of a greener home.

  • Your Reference: [Link to your blog or a favorite green living resource]

Cohesive AI  Instagram reel

Whether you're promoting a brand, sharing knowledge, or telling your story, Cohesive’s Instagram reel script writing tool ensures your message sounds loud and clear.

3. LogicBalls - Storytelling Magic for Reels

LogicBalls Instagram reel script generator

Make fantastic Instagram Reels in less time with LogicBalls' Instagram Reel Script Generator. This tool uses AI to help you quickly create scripts that could make your Reels popular. It's easy to use:

  • Go to LogicBalls: Visit their website and look for the tools section.

  • Find the Script Generator: Pick the Instagram Reel Script Generator option.

  • Tell It What You Need: Type in the topic of your Reel, the length (30 or 60 seconds), the language you want, and the mood of your video.

  • Click to Create: Press "write for free," and you'll get a script made just for you.

Here's a sample input to get your script started:

  • Topic Details: "5 Quick Breakfast Ideas"

  • Script Length: 60 seconds

  • Language: English

  • Tone: Casual

LogicBalls AI generated Instagram reel script

Just like that, you'll have a script ready to turn into a Reel that could grab everyone's attention on Instagram.

Pricing Summary

The table below provides a quick overview of the free and paid plans and the key features each tool offers, helping you quickly compare and choose the right scriptwriting tool for your video content creation needs.

S.NoToolsFree PlanPaid PlanFeatures
1GravityWrite$0/mo: 1,000 words/monthSTARTER: $19/mo, PRO: $79/mo50-250k words, AI images, templates, tones
2Jasper7-day trialCreator: $49/mo, Pro: $69/mo, Business: CustomSEO, browser extension, collaboration
3VidIQFreePro: ₹449 INR/mo, Boost: ₹1990 INR/moAI video ideas, keyword tools, channel audits
4Kapwing$0: videos up to 4min, 720pPro: $16-24/mo, Business: $50-64/mo, Enterprise: CustomLonger videos, 4K, AI editing
5Hyperwrite-Premium: $19.99/mo, Ultra: $44.99/moAssistant credits, TypeAheads, priority support
6CohesiveFreeCreator: $25/mo, Agency: $45/moTemplates, AI images/voices, integrations
7LogicBalls$0/Month: 50+ apps, 200 wordsPremium: $19.99/Month, Business: $99/MonthUnlimited words, images, premium apps

Wrap Up!

For anyone keen on creating videos for YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, there’s a world of helpful tools at your fingertips. Jasper aids in scripting, VidIQ unveils viewer preferences, Kapwing handles editing, and Hyperwrite and LogicBalls speed up the writing process. Cohesive then rounds it off with various templates for any content need.

However, when it comes to writing scripts that connect with people on any platform, GravityWrite stands out. It's like having a smart helper that knows just what to say to make people interested. GravityWrite is special because it makes writing easy for everyone, whether you're making a fun TikTok, an informative YouTube video, or an eye-catching Instagram Reel.

GravityWrite is not just good at one thing; it helps with everything about writing for videos. It can turn your ideas into great scripts that fit just right with what people want to see and hear. This means your videos can get more likes and shares.

Choosing a GravityWrite AI script writer is like being one step ahead in making cool videos. It's for everyone who wants their stories to be heard and seen by more people. If you want to make your videos better and more enjoyable, GravityWrite is the way to go. 

Now, don't just stand on the sidelines watching others create fantastic content. It's your time to shine. Jump into the world of GravityWrite and start turning your creative ideas into reality. Let your stories capture hearts and minds across the globe. Click here to explore GravityWrite today and take your first step towards becoming a content creation superstar!

FAQs on AI Scriptwriting Tools

  1. What are AI scriptwriting tools?

    AI scriptwriting tools are software that uses artificial intelligence to assist in creating scripts. These tools can generate content suggestions, structure your storyline, and automate parts of the writing process, streamlining script development for movies, YouTube videos, TikTok videos, Instagram reels, etc.

  2. What are the best scriptwriting tools available?

    The best scriptwriting tools include GravityWrite, Jasper, Cohesive, and VidIQ, offering a range of features from AI-driven content creation to traditional script formatting, catering to novice and experienced writers.

  3. Which scriptwriting free tool is recommended for beginners?

    For beginners, GravityWrite and Kapwing offer user-friendly interfaces and free plans that are ideal for starting scriptwriting without any investment.

  4. Can AI scriptwriting tools generate scripts for any platform?

    Yes, Many AI scriptwriting tools, like GravityWrite and Cohesive, are versatile and can generate scripts tailored for various platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, making them perfect for multi-platform content creators

  5. Are AI scriptwriting tools difficult to use?

    No, AI scriptwriting tools are designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces that guide users through the script creation process, making them accessible for creators of all skill levels.

  6. How do scriptwriting AI tools enhance content creation?

    Scriptwriting AI tools like GravityWrite enhance content creation by providing suggestions, optimizing for SEO, and helping creators produce more effective scripts that resonate with their target audience.

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