5 Best AI Email Writing Tools to Write Winning Sales Copies

Exclusive Collection Of AI Tools To Write Attractive Email Copies

Published Date:

Aug 2, 2023

Email marketing can feel overwhelming. Sending effective emails takes time - time you don't always have. 

But what if AI could write high-converting emails for you in just minutes?

AI email writing tools allow anyone to create fantastic sales and marketing emails quickly. In this guide, you'll learn:

  • What AI email writing tools are and how they work

  • The top AI email writing tools to write emails fast

  • Key benefits of using AI to write emails

  • FAQs on getting started with AI email writers

  • Ready to take your email game to the next level? Let's dive in.

What are AI Email Writing Tools?

AI email tools use artificial intelligence to write unique email copies based on your input. The AI is "trained" on millions of emails to understand tone, structure, and persuasion techniques.

With these tools, you provide a basic idea of what you want the email to achieve. The AI writing tool will generate entire email drafts from scratch in seconds.

So whether you need any type of email like promotional emails, cold outreach, or sales copy, AI can create effective emails faster than writing yourself.

That’s why we have handpicked the collection of the best AI email writing tools to create fantastic email copies for various occasions.

Benefits of Using AI Email Writing Tools

AI content creation tools offer many benefits for email marketers like yourself:

  • Save time - These AI writing tools can generate high-quality email drafts in just minutes, freeing you to focus on strategy and personalization. The AI handles the busy work of writing initial drafts.

  • Increase personalization - With the ability to generate endless content variations, you can test highly personalized emails tailored to individual subscribers. The AI will ensure each draft sounds natural.

  • Boost productivity - When you need to send last-minute communications or are stuck for the right introduction, AI tools can keep your emails going without a hitch.

  • Enhance engagement - AI-generated text follows best practices for email writing. This means your prospect always gets clear, concise, and compelling content.

  • Iterate easily - Since AI tools can create multiple draft options instantly, you can pick the best one or combine different versions for the perfect email.

The future is here when it comes to supercharging email marketing with artificial intelligence.

Best AI Email Writing Tools


GravityWrite is a powerful AI writing tool that has advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to create fantastic content. The AI tool is built with 80+ tools, categorized under 10+ categories, and supports around 50 languages.

With this tool, you can write any type of content effortlessly. Among other excellent AI tools, it is built with an AI email writer tool that writes unique emails in less than minutes.

Every beginner can quickly start using the tool, and it doesn’t have any learning curve. It has a simple-to-use dashboard where all the tools are neatly arranged in their categories. 

This AI tool can write simple social media content to engaging YouTube video scripts.

In the email marketing category, it has included eight email writing tools for various occasions. 

These email tools include abandoned carts, cold email subject lines, promotional emails, and two variations of lead magnet and sales email.

Based on the type of content needed, the input differs. However, the GravityWrite AI email writing tool can write unique emails with minimal input. It is a freemium tool, and you can quickly sign up for free and start using the GravityWrite.


Jasper is one of the popular AI writing tools that allows you to write almost any type of content. 

It is excellent for writing branded content, on which you can create content based on your brand's tone of voice. It helps to be aware of what your audience expects from you. 

Just like ChatGPT, it has Jasper chat, so you don’t feel like conversation with a robot. With this, you can write unique emails perfectly crafted for your audience. 

This AI email writing tool is built with pre-built email writing templates to write emails and subject lines quickly. On power mode, you can access all these templates and workflows. 

You can also create workflows for email campaigns. More than this, if you need to write a detailed email, you can use a document editor. 

There, you can build a step-by-step email by providing audiences, the goal of the email, audience pain points, and related points to cover in the email. 


Rytr is a well-built AI writing tool that allows you to write attractive emails that convert seamlessly. Create engaging emails in simple steps with fewer inputs on this AI email tool.

More than that, this AI tool can create content for blogs, business ideas, cover letters, landing page copies, ad copies, interview questions, and many others.

Rytr is one of the AI content creation tools mainly designed for business and marketing content. It is built with 40+ use cases to generate content for your needs.

The Rytr chat is one of the highlights of this tool that makes you create content more generatively. Communicate with it to refine your content and edit your tone, style, length, and editing bar options to produce better content. is a versatile content-writing tool with multiple AI copywriting templates that write excellent email copies in less than a minute. 

This AI email writer tool will save a lot of time for every email marketer. You can run outstanding email campaigns with these high-conversion email copies.

With this AI email writer, you can write fantastic email copies in four easy steps. Just enter the type of email you need to create and a list of points to be covered in the email. 

In less than a minute, it creates emails. More than that, it provides multiple content suggestions for different campaigns, which makes you craft perfect emails for your needs. You can use the editor to edit and refine the emails flexibly.

With this AI email writing tool, you can make impressive copies for lifecycle emails, cold outbound emails, follow-up emails, event promotions, email nurturing sequences, and many other emails.

This AI tool comes with 90+ built-in tools to take content creation to the next level, saving time and effort. has one of the best AI chatbots that gets you answers from real-time data to keep going with the flow.

It has pre-built prompts that help to get more accurate outputs, and the inline document editor allows you to edit and polish the content more effectively.

Lyne AI Email Writer

Lyne is an interesting AI email writing tool that is specially designed to write personalized cold emails. This AI tool will take your cold email campaign performance to the next level with personalization.

It helps curate the more personalized email opening lines (introduction lines). 

With this, make 100+ introduction lines that make the email stand out. Studies show that more personalization of email will lead to better conversion rates. 

This AI email writing assistant tool will scrape details of your potential clients and prospects from various sources like blogs, LinkedIn profiles, case studies, etc. So, every potential client will receive emails curated for them. 

Many people need help writing the first line of the email, which is a potential icebreaker. 

That’s why you can use this AI email writer tool to write engaging first lines to your emails that are more attention-grabbing.

Easily configure the workflow and seamless integration with applications like Mailshake, Lemlist, and many others. This AI email assistant tool saves much time finding prospect data and improves productivity and conversions. 


The AI email writing assistant can now generate unique emails tailored to specific purposes and audiences. These AI tools analyze the context and intended goal, producing relevant email drafts from scratch. 

The results of AI-generated email copy sound natural and human-written while saving us hours of composition time. So start using these AI Email writing tools to write unique emails in minutes.

FAQs on AI Email Writing Tools

Which tool is best for email writing?

Various AI email writing tools and AI email generators are available online; everyone has unique features. But if you need a reliable AI email writing tool that lets you write multiple types of email copies quickly, GravityWrite is a great one to go with. The AI algorithm used in GravityWrite is advanced, producing excellent output every time.

How do AI email writers work?

AI email writers use artificial intelligence with machine learning algorithms to create email content. With AI email generators, you can write every type of email, like newsletters, cold outreach emails, welcome emails, email sequences, sales copies, and email content. These AI email writing software are trained to produce more engaging emails based on your needs.

What is the benefit of using AI email generators?

AI email generators offer various benefits to everyone who regularly writes emails. Most importantly, it is a life-saving tool for email marketers. The benefits of email writing assistance include time-saving, improved productivity, consistency, better communication tone, and personalization.

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