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5 AI Image Prompt Generators That Will Change Your Art Forever

Boost your art with these amazing AI image prompt generators!



Published Date:

Apr 8, 2024


Last Modified:

Apr 17, 2024

AI image Prompt Generators
AI image Prompt Generators

Explore the Best AI Image Prompt Generators of 2024!

Boost your art projects with these top AI art prompt generators:

  1. GravityWrite: Best for creating detailed image prompts from your ideas.

  2. PromptoMANIA: Provides simple tools for generating AI-driven image prompts.

  3. AI Text Prompt Generator: Quickly crafts prompts for unique artwork.

  4. PromptHero: Offers a wide range of art prompts for AI generators.

  5. PromptPerfect: Fine-tune your prompts for enhanced text and image results.

Continue reading to learn how these tools can change your approach to art creation and help you find the right generator for your needs.

Creating Art with AI: A New Era

Are you ready to make art in a brand-new way? AI Image Prompt Generators are here to shake things up, offering excellent new tools for artists and creators.

Recent studies show that over 60% of digital artists are now integrating AI into their creative process. This big change is making creating art easier and more exciting, opening doors to everyone who wants to give it a try.

Just type an idea, and AI generated image prompts instantly create stunning visuals for free. The AI tools offer endless possibilities, turning inspiration or playful exploration into artistic reality.

I've personally tested and chosen my top 5 AI image prompt generators that revolutionize art creation. Discover how these tools elevate your art, transforming imagination into reality. Start your adventure into the future of art with us, where your creativity knows no bounds.

Next up, let's dive into what an AI image prompt generator is and how it can be your secret tool in art creation.

What is an AI Image Prompt Generator?

An AI image prompt generator is like a clever friend who knows just the right way to explain your creative ideas to AI tools, turning your dreams into reality. 

Imagine having a fantastic idea for a picture or a story but finding it tricky to describe it in a way that the tool gets it and can create what you're thinking of.

The AI image prompt generators come to the rescue by taking your idea and turning it into clear instructions that AI tools can understand without any trouble. It's like it knows how to translate your thoughts into a special language that the AI gets perfectly, helping you get exactly the text or image you had in your mind.

Stick around as we explore the big benefits of using these generators to make your art.

Benefits of Using AI Art Prompt Generator

Using AI to make image prompts is like having a magic stick that turns your thoughts into great ideas for creating pictures. It's really easy and fun because:

  • Easy to Use: Just tell it what you're thinking, and it creates a picture for you.

  • Saves Time: No more spending hours trying to draw or find the perfect image.

  • Boosts Creativity: Helps you come up with ideas you might not have thought of on your own.

  • Custom Images: You get exactly the image you want, however you imagine it.

  • Fun to Experiment: You can try out all sorts of ideas without any hassle.

  • Free AI Prompts: Many of these tools, like AI Image Prompt Generator, have free versions, won't cost you a thing to start playing with your ideas.

Keep reading to discover the top 5 AI art generator prompts of 2024 that we've handpicked for you.

Best 5 AI Image Prompt Generators of 2024 (Free & Paid)

Explore the ultimate list of 2024's top 5 AI image prompt generators, where creativity meets convenience. Dive into a world of imagination with options that fit every budget, from free to premium.

1. GravityWrite

Gravitywrite - The best AI image prompt generator

In today’s world, where pictures speak louder than words, GravityWrite is your ultimate AI companion. It effortlessly turns your thoughts into breathtaking AI-generated image prompts.

Designed with precision and creativity in mind, GravityWrite uses advanced AI to transform your ideas quickly. It's like having an artist on call, ready to bring your vision to life based on the details you provide.

Using GravityWrite is straightforward and brilliant. You start by describing your vision or the image you want to create. It could be as simple as "a serene lake at sunset" or as complex as "a futuristic city overrun by nature." GravityWrite takes these descriptions and, like a skilled translator, turns them into vivid, detailed image prompts that capture your idea perfectly.

What's excellent about GravityWrite is that it's made for everyone. With a free version available, it opens up the world of AI-generated art to all, from professional designers looking to speed up their workflow to hobbyists wanting to see their ideas come to life. GravityWrite makes creating art easy for everyone, no matter what ideas they have.

How to Start Creating With GravityWrite?

  • First Step: Visit the GravityWrite website and log in or sign up with your email.

  • Navigate: Look for the 'Image Prompts' section after logging in.

  • Select AI Art: Choose the 'AI Art' option to begin creating your image.

  • Provide Your Inputs: You'll be prompted to detail aspects of your desired image, such as:

    • 🖼️ Subject of the Image: Here, you specify the main focus of your visual, whether it's an object, character, or scene, setting the stage for your creative vision.

    • 🏃 Action: (Optional) This detail adds dynamism to your scene. It's an optional field that introduces movement or activity, giving your image a story.

    • 🕰️ Time and Day: (Optional) Setting the scene further, you can specify when your image takes place, such as an evening with a pink sky. This helps in adding mood and atmosphere to your visual.

    • 🎨 Art Form: Lastly, you choose how you want your prompt to be visualized - Be it in 3D, traditional artwork, paperwork, photography, or illustration. This choice defines the style and technique of your final image, ensuring that the output aligns with your artistic preference.

Example of Creating an Image Prompt with GravityWrite

Imagine you're conceptualizing a scene for a film project or want to visualize a moment from a story. Here’s how easy it is with GravityWrite:

  • Subject of the Image: A curious cat exploring a deserted alley

  • Action: Peering into a glowing box

  • Time and Day: Midnight under a full moon

  • Art Form: Illustration

Input to GravityWrite's AI Art prompt generator

GravityWrite takes these inputs and crafts image prompts that capture the essence of your description, providing a foundation for your creative projects or simply bringing your imagination to life.

AI generated image prompt from GravityWrite

Key Features

  • Translates detailed descriptions into comprehensive image prompts, capturing your creative intent.

  • Lets you use many different themes and situations for your ideas.

  • A simple and intuitive interface ensures ease of use for creators at any experience level.

  • Enables precise customization of prompts, including subject matter, action, and artistic style preferences.

  • Provides free access, allowing users to experiment with generating image prompts at no cost.

  • Supports diverse artistic interpretations, guiding the creation of varied visual narratives based on your prompts.


  • Free Plan: No cost, use on one device, allows for up to 2,000 words each month.

  • Starter Plan: Charged at $19/month, for use on a single device, includes 50,000 words and 50 AI-generated images monthly, features access to a premium AI model, provides more than 100 templates, supports 15+ tones and languages, and offers unlimited downloads.

  • Pro Plan: Priced at $79/month, permits usage across multiple devices, comes with 250,000 words every month, allows for 100 AI image generations, includes access to the most advanced AI models, offers over 200 content templates, supports 25+ tones and 30+ languages, provides unlimited downloads, and gives access to exclusive Pro tools.

2. PromptoMANIA


PromptoMANIA is a free AI prompt builder that makes creating art with AI models like CF Spark, Midjourney, and DreamStudio a breeze. It's all about helping you craft detailed and captivating visuals with just a few clicks. Whether you're into making portraits, 3D objects, or stunning landscapes, PromptoMANIA has the right prompt for every project.

The beauty of PromptoMANIA lies in its customization. Start with a base image, then tweak it with your choice of art medium, special effects, or even mimic the style of your favorite artist. Once you're happy, seamlessly integrate your creation with your chosen AI art generator. It's perfect for graphic designers, illustrators, and anyone looking to bring unique visuals to life.

Plus, new features like stable diffusion support allow you to create even more amazing images. If your art is one big image with smaller ones inside, PromptoMANIA's Grid Splitter tool easily breaks it into individual images. PromptoMANIA goes beyond being a simple tool. It's your secret tool for making images stand out and impress everyone.

PromptMANIA Grid Splitter

Key Features

  • Seamlessly integrates with CF SPARK, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion, offering broad compatibility.

  • The grid splitter tool efficiently divides a composite image into individual pieces, maximizing your creative output from one source.

  • Customize your artwork with lighting, reflection, medium, and style adjustment options.

  • Features an intuitive prompt builder that simplifies crafting the exact artistic vision you're aiming for.


  • PromptoMANIA AI prompt builder is free to use online, with no sign-up or paid subscription required to create AI art generator prompts.

3. AI Text Prompt Generator

AI text prompt generator

The AITextPromptGenerator is your fantastic new buddy for jumping into creating art with AI. It's perfect for fans of Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and even ChatGPT (though you'll need to pay a bit extra for that one). It's super easy to get the hang of it. Just mix and match ideas like who's in your picture and what they're doing, and you've got an art prompt ready to go.

This tool is like a creativity booster. Just scroll through the art it's already helped make, pick something that catches your eye, and see how you can tweak it to make it your own. It's friendly for everyone, whether you're new to this or you've been making AI art for ages. And it works with all the big AI art platforms, so you can take your ideas straight from this tool to wherever you like to create.

Playing with the AI Text Prompt Generator and seeing all the different things it can do is really fun. It lets you change everything to fit exactly what you're picturing, ensuring you end up with something extraordinary. 

AI text prompt generator customisation

Even if you need a subscription for some AI platforms, this tool also plays nice with the free ones. It's all about giving you the power to turn what's in your head into unique art without sweating the small stuff.

Key Features

  • Access over 1,000 styles, 1,500 artists, and 500 ready-made prompts with the pro version.

  • Choose between a free prompt builder and an enhanced pro builder.

  • Customize premade prompts by selecting your subject and action.


  • There's a free version for basic use.

  • The Pro plan is offered at $18 per month for advanced features.

  • A one-time payment of $48 grants lifetime access to all services.

4. PromptHero


PromptHero shines as an essential platform for artists and creatives moving into AI art creation. It's packed with a vast selection of art prompts compatible with leading AI art generators. 

Navigating through PromptHero is a snap because of its straightforward interface, allowing users to effortlessly find or fine-tune prompts across various genres, such as portraits, landscapes, and more. For those just starting out, there’s even a simple guide to kickstarting your journey into generative AI.

The process of generating art with PromptHero is straightforward and flexible. Start by choosing an image that catches your eye, then play around with the associated prompt to fit your vision - whether that's by changing the image size or tweaking the instructions. After personalizing your prompt, a quick generation shows you the impact of your edits. If the outcome aligns with your expectations, you're all set to apply this custom prompt to your preferred AI art generator.

It stands out not just for the sheer breadth of its prompt library, but for the quality assured by user ratings. This focus on community-approved prompts means you’re accessing some of the most effective and inspiring cues for your art, ensuring your creative efforts are well-supported.

PromptHero AI Art customisation library

Key Features

  • Comes with a vast selection of prompt examples to spark your creativity.

  • Lets you keep track of and revisit saved prompts through a history feature.

  • Let's make your own tags or choose from ones already made by others.

  • Simple interface for generating ideas for images.

  • Works well with leading AI platforms like ChatGPT, Midjourney, etc.


  • PromptHero offers a no-cost option for users looking to explore basic functionalities.

  • A premium subscription is available for those seeking enhanced capabilities, beginning at $9 per month.

5. PromptPerfect


PromptPerfect stands out as a cutting-edge prompt optimizer used for both text and image generation, making it a standout choice for creators looking to leverage Large Language Models (LLM) such as ChatGPT, GPT-4, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney. 

The standout feature of PromptPerfect, its Auto-tune capability, opens up a world of possibilities by offering users access to an array of specially designed prompt examples for different AI models. This feature ensures that users can start with a solid foundation, selecting a prompt that closely matches their needs before employing PromptPerfect's tools to refine and enhance it.

The platform continues beyond initial optimization. It offers a suite of fine-tuning options that elevate the customization process. Users can adjust the language of their prompts, compare the original with the optimized version, and even condense the prompt to its most effective form. While some advanced features may require a fee, PromptPerfect generously includes a range of free optimization tools within every plan, providing both affordability and value.

PromptPerfect AI image prompt optimiser

In short, PromptPerfect is designed to streamline and enrich the creative process, making it one of the best AI image prompt generators available. Its commitment to enhancing user experience through thoughtful features and customization options positions it as a valuable asset for anyone looking to unlock the full potential of AI in their creative endeavors.

Key Features

  • Streamlines the optimization of prompts for leading AI models like ChatGPT and GPT-4 with a user-friendly interface and customizable settings.

  • Enables prompt enrichment and translation, making it accessible for non-native English speakers and broadening its usability.

  • Facilitates integration with popular platforms and services such as WordPress and Notion, enhancing workflow efficiency.

  • Supports the efficient development of prompts through template prompts with easily substitutable variables, ideal for repetitive tasks.

  • Made for everyone, from people who make content to businesses, and it has a simple API that makes it easy to work with lots of prompts at once.


  • Free Trial - Experience it first with a complimentary trial offer!

  • Pro: $19.99/month, 500 daily requests for Auto-tune and Interactive, 500 daily model requests for Arena.

  • Pro Max: $99.99/month, API access, 5,000 daily requests for Auto-tune and Interactive, 10,000 daily requests for Prompt as a service, 5,000 daily model requests for Arena, and 1,000 daily requests for Agents.

AI Image Prompt Generator - A Quick Pricing Summary

Here is the summarized table of pricing for AI image prompt generators, showcasing both free and paid options to fulfill your creative needs:

S.NoToolsFree PlanPaid Plan
1GravityWriteYes (2,000 words/month on one device)Starter: $19/month (50,000 words, 50 images); Pro: $79/month (250,000 words, 100 images)
2PromptoMANIAFree to use onlineNone
3AI Text Prompt GeneratorYes (Basic use)Pro: $18/month or $48 lifetime
4PromptHeroYes (Basic functionalities)Premium: $9/month
5PromptPerfectFree TrialPro: $19.99/month (500 daily requests); Pro Max: $99.99/month (5,000-10,000 daily requests)

Turn Your Thoughts into Reality with AI Image Prompt Makers!

Navigating these five AI image prompt generators shows us a bright future for artists. These tools open up new ways for everyone to make art, whether you're already good at it or just starting. With these generators, making art becomes faster, easier, and way more fun.

GravityWrite really stands out. It's like having a magic brush that turns your thoughts into beautiful images. This tool is great for everyone, from pros to people who are just playing around with art for fun. It makes creating cool images simple and lets you bring any idea to life.

But there's more out there than just GravityWrite. Each of the five AI image prompt generators we talked about has its own special thing. PromptoMANIA helps you tweak images just the way you like, AI Text Prompt Generator gives you thousands of styles to play with, PromptHero helps you find and fine-tune art ideas, and PromptPerfect lets you fine-tune your prompts to get just the right image.

Art is changing, and these AI tools are leading the way. They're here to help you bring your wildest imaginations to life. So why not give them a try? Pick up one of these tools, especially GravityWrite, and start making the art you've always dreamed of. Your next great piece is just a prompt away. Dive into the future of art creation with GravityWrite and see where your creativity can take you.

Frequently Asked Questions on AI Image Prompt Generators

  1. What is an AI image prompt generator?

    An AI image prompt generator is a magical tool that turns your ideas into beautiful prompts for creating images. Simply by describing your vision in words, like "a serene lake at dawn with mist rolling over the water," the AI works its magic to craft a visual representation of your description. It's a bridge between your imagination and visual art, effortlessly bringing to life the scenes you've only dreamed of.

  2. Can I edit images generated by AI?

    Yes, images created from AI generated image prompts can be further refined using photo editing software. This allows you to put personal touches on the image or adjust aspects that the AI might not have captured precisely as you wanted.

  3. Can I use the image prompt generator from GravityWrite without any cost?

    Yes, GravityWrite offers a free AI image prompt generator plan that enables you to explore the basics of turning your creative ideas into prompts for generating images. But, the things you can do with these prompts might be less than if you had a paid plan. Make sure to look at GravityWrite's rules for both free and paid plans to see what you're allowed to do with the prompts.

  4. How long does it take to generate an image with AI?

    Creating an image with AI image prompt makers usually happens fast, often in just a few seconds to a minute. The duration may depend on the complexity of your prompt and the current load on the generator's servers.

  5. Is it ethical to use AI for creating art?

    Using AI image prompt generators to create art opens up new possibilities and is widely considered ethical when used responsibly. It's essential to use these tools thoughtfully, respecting copyright, avoiding generating harmful content, and acknowledging the role of AI in your creative process.

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