7 Best AI Tools For YouTube Video Creation in 2024

Use these AI tools and get your YouTube videos trending now!



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Nov 22, 2023

AI for YouTube videos
AI for YouTube videos

Exploring the Best AI for YouTube Videos!

Hey, all you content makers and YouTube video creators! 🎥

Are you ready to take your YouTube videos up a notch? If you're using YouTube for fun, to get famous, to make money, or a mix of all these, having the best tools for your creativity is really important.

And guess what? AI for YouTube videos has dived in like a savior to make our video-making lives much easier and more exciting. 

Nowadays, people's attention spans are super short, so it's crucial to grab your audience's interest right from the start.

So, let’s talk YouTube AI tools - your secret weapons for crafting killer YouTube content that’ll have viewers hitting that subscribe button faster than you can say "thumbs up!" 👍

From whipping up stunning thumbnails to crafting compelling scripts and even fine-tuning your video editing process, these AI champs are here to save the day. And don’t worry if you’re not a techie; these tools are as user-friendly as they come.

So, are you ready to meet your video-making sidekicks? Let’s dive into the world of AI-powered YouTube tools! 

How Do You Choose AI Tools for YouTube Video Creation?

Ready to choose the best AI for YouTube videos? Let's keep it simple:

  • User-friendly Interface: No one likes a confusing tool. Find the one that's like your video BFF - easy to use and always cheering you on! 🌟

  • Cool Features Checklist: Think about what you want. Smooth transitions? Stunning captions? Make a list and find a tool that has your back. ✨

  • Make It Yours: Your videos, your style. Pick a tool that lets you do your thing. It's like having your own digital artist's kit. 🛠️

  • Tech Harmony: No tech troubles allowed. Check if your tool plays nice with your gadgets. A little compatibility check, and you're good to go! 💻

  • Money Matters: We get it - budgets are real. Find a tool that's awesome but won't empty your piggy bank. Affordable and amazing? That's the goal! 💰

There you go - quick tips to find your perfect video-making buddy. Your videos are waiting for a hero, so go rock it! 

7 Best AI for YouTube Videos in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Here are the top 7 YouTube AI Tools in our list that will ease your YouTube video creation process!

1. GravityWrite - For YouTube Scripts

First up in our toolbox? GravityWrite! Trust us, every YouTuber needs this AI tool for script writing.

GravityWrite for YouTube Scripts

What’s the scoop? With GravityWrite's YouTube AI tool, you can create top-quality video scripts without breaking a sweat. Pretty cool, right? 🌟

But hold your excitement - here's what makes it even better!

GravityWrite’s YouTube Script Generator doesn’t just generate scripts - it’s a self-starter that helps you craft compelling content that stands out in the YouTube universe!

Confused by tech stuff? Just head to GravityWrite’s website, click 'Start For Free,' sign up with Google, and boom! You're in!

Next step? - Type 'YouTube' in the search bar and pick “YT Script Creator”! Your awesome scripts are ready with a few inputs. Just type the input and click “Create Content”. It’s done now!😎

GravityWrite YouTube script generator

And the speed? It's lightning fast! You can get your scripts in over 75 languages in less than a minute.

Oh, did we mention the freebies? Sign up and get 2,000 words every month for free!

And here's the kicker - it won't break the bank! For just $19 per month, you can get access to 100+ tools with paid plans. What a deal! 💰

Hey, remember, creating amazing scripts is a breeze with GravityWrite. Happy creating, my friend! Let's dive into the next tool together! 🚀

2. Synthesia - For Digital Avatars

Looking to make videos for training but don't want to be on camera? Synthesia is your answer! 

Synthesia for digital avatars

It's like having cool avatars that talk and move like real people from all over the world.

The way it works is pretty easy. You type your script, and the avatar acts it out. Want your script in another language? Click a button, and boom, it speaks French or any other language you want! 😄  You've got a video.

They're perfect for teaching stuff until you can afford real people. Just know, on big screens, they might need a little more practice. But here's the cool part - you can add extra scenes, tweak text layouts, or even use your own videos with the avatar talking alongside.

Compared to other similar apps, Synthesia is the best. It moves smoothly and talks naturally like a real pro! And guess what? It doesn't just make videos; it works well with other apps too!

And here's the best bit: it doesn't cost a fortune! The basic plan starts at $29 a month, giving you 10 minutes of video-making fun every month.

So, if you want awesome videos without the camera fuss, give Synthesia a try! Smooth moves, natural talking, and a good deal - what more could you want? 😎

3. Pictory  - For Video Editing

Ever wished your words could become cool videos? Well, Pictory does just that! It turns your long writings into amazing videos - super easy, using just a link.

Pictory for video editing

What's cool about Pictory? It gives access to lots of videos, pictures, and music. This smart tool picks out the best parts of your writing and mixes them with these visuals and music to make awesome videos.

Why do we like it? Well, it's versatile! Need different video shapes? Pictory's got options. Want to add your voice? Yep, it does that too! And loads of templates for different kinds of videos.

When it comes to prices, you've got choices: $23/month gets you 30 videos with the basic plan, or pay $47/month for 60 videos with the premium plan. Feeling fancy? There's a custom plan with personalized stuff.💰

Imagine making cool videos without any hassle. Pictory makes it happen! It's easy to use and helps make your content stand out.

So, if you're ready to turn your words into awesome videos, Pictory's your friend! It's easy, fun, and gives you loads of options. Let the video magic begin! 🌟

4. Descript - For Editing Video Scripts

Making videos can be a real jumble sometimes, right? You record heaps of stuff but end up using only a tiny bit. That's where Descript steps in. It is amazing for editing videos.

Descript for editing video scripts

The exciting part is here - Descript turns what you say into words on a page and sorts your video into parts automatically. No more struggling with timelines! You just point out what you don't want, and Descript zips it out.

Also, you can chop your video into different parts super easily. Want to add extra cool stuff like pictures or video clips? Descript’s got your back without making you leave the editing space.

Editing gets even more fun - you can add effects whenever you like. And if you prefer the old-school way of editing, that's still an option too!😎

Here's the deal with the price: You can start for free with a bit of editing time and one video without a watermark. Or if you're serious about it, the Creator plan starts at $15/month and gives you lots more editing time and unlimited videos without watermarks.

So, why not give Descript a shot? It's like having a magic wand for your videos. Easy editing, more fun – what's not to love? 😊✨

5. InVideo - For Content Marketing Videos

Let's talk about InVideo - it's like a fun playground for making cool videos without any hassle.

Invideo for content marketing videos

Imagine this -  You've got ideas bouncing around in your head. InVideo helps you turn them into real videos super easily. It has ready-to-use templates and lots of cool stuff like colors, animations, and emojis to make your videos stand out.

Now, when it comes to sound, InVideo is awesome! You can talk right into it, use pre-recorded stuff, or even turn text into speech. And you can pick the language and voice that fits your video style.

But that's not all! There are over 5,000 templates and a whopping 8 million+ videos, images, and music tracks to choose from. It works with different computer systems too, like Microsoft, Apple, and Linux. It's like having a smart friend helping you make videos.

AI powers? Yep! A helpful video assistant? Absolutely! It's like having a tutor right there to guide you. 🧞‍♂️

And guess what? Your work buddies can join in too! You can add stuff, pick from a library, and work together smoothly. And, there's a team ready to help you 24/7! They're there to make your video dreams come true.

And a bonus - if you go for the Business or Unlimited plans, you can use InVideo on your phone! Editing made easy wherever you go. 📱

Now, let's talk money. There's a free plan to start with a few limits. Then, there's the Plus plan that starts from $25 a month. You’re getting a bunch of video-making tools for your money.

So, jump into InVideo, let your creative side shine, and let’s make some awesome videos together! 

6. Lumen5 - For Converting Text into Video

Ready to transform your text into captivating videos? 🎥✨ Meet Lumen5, your go-to tool for turning articles or blog posts into engaging video content in a snap!

Lumen5 for converting text into video

Imagine taking your written words and, with a few clicks, bringing them to life as visually stunning videos. Sounds pretty cool, right? 🚀

Here's how you dive in: head over to and hit 'sign up for free'. Pop in your details, and voila, you're in! Opt for “Create single video,” and you'll be greeted with a bunch of sleek templates. Pick your favorite, and let's get rolling!

Got a blog post ready? Simply paste the text, and click 'continue with AI'. Lumen5 works its magic, transforming your content into a video complete with relevant images and scenes. 🌟 And guess what? You can jazz it up with media, tweak the tunes, or switch up the format to make that video uniquely yours.

Preview it, love it, and hit 'publish' to download your masterpiece. And the cherry on top? You get full commercial rights, meaning you can share your creation across social media and even monetize it on platforms like YouTube. 📈

Lumen5 doesn’t stop there. Start for free with up to 5 videos a month, or level up with our paid plans starting at just $29 USD per month for unbranded videos, advanced features, and more. From basic to custom plans, there's something for everyone, whether you're a solo creator or a video marketing team looking for enterprise-level solutions and dedicated support. 🌈💼

So why wait? Dive into Lumen5 and see how fun and easy video-making can be. Your audience is waiting! 🎉✨

7. Adobe Podcast - For Removing Background Noise

Ever found yourself grappling with that pesky echo or background noise in your videos? Well, imagine hitting a magical 'mute' on all that noise with just one click! 🌟

Introducing Adobe Podcast, your secret weapon to get rid of background distractions and make your audio sound studio-level awesome. 🎙️✨

Adobe Podcast for removing background noise

Head over to, drag and drop your audio, and in mere moments, you'll marvel at the crystal-clear quality of your sound. Adobe Podcast effortlessly lifts your audio game, supporting files up to an hour long. Just upload, and boom - download your polished audio with no fuss.

Thinking of leveling up? Adobe Express Premium is your golden ticket! 🚀 Unlock Adobe Podcast’s premium features and make the most out of your storytelling. From enhanced speech capabilities that work with video files to bulk uploading and adjustable strength for that perfect sound, Adobe Express Premium has got you covered.

With Adobe Podcast, you're not just removing noise; you're upgrading your entire audio experience. And hey, there's a free tier for those dipping their toes in, offering speech enhancement for audio up to 30 minutes. But why stop there? Express Premium takes you further, enhancing up to 4 hours of audio per day with even bigger file sizes. 🌈

AI for YouTube Videos - A Quick Pricing Overview

The following is a quick pricing overview of the 7 best AI tools for YouTube Videos!

S.NoToolsPaid Plan Starting From
2Synthesia$29/month for 10 minutes video
3Pictory $23/month for 30 videos, $47/month for 60 videos
5InVideoFrom $25/month
6Lumen5From $29/month
7Adobe PodcastExpress Premium for enhanced features

These YouTube AI Tools Make Video Creation a Blast…

Alright, let’s sum up our adventure through the AI-powered YouTube tools for making awesome videos: GravityWrite, Pictory, Synthesia, Descript, InVideo, Lumen5, and Adobe Podcast. These tools are like a dream team, each with its own special magic for creating top-notch videos.

  • GravityWrite? It’s like a super-fast writing assistant that helps you come up with cool scripts and ideas for your videos. 📝

  • Pictory? Think of it as a tool that turns your words into eye-catching videos in a snap. 🖼️

  • Synthesia? It’s like having a virtual actor that turns text into natural-sounding speech for your videos. 🗣️

  • Descript? This one's a lifesaver for sorting through heaps of video footage. 🎬 It helps you edit and tidy things up super easily.

  • And InVideo? It’s a creative playground with tons of templates and tools to make your videos stand out. 🎨

  • Lumen5? Shines as a brilliant tool that effortlessly turns your text into stunning videos, perfect for those seeking to combine simplicity with visual appeal. 💫

  • Adobe Podcast? Magically removes background noise, ensuring your audio is crystal clear as if recorded in a professional studio. 🎙️

These tools aren’t just for making videos. They’re for bringing your ideas to life in a cool, visual way on YouTube.

Whether you want stunning visuals, smooth editing, or engaging stories, these AI for YouTube Video tools have your back. They’re like secret helpers to make your YouTube channel the best it can be.

So, pick one you like or try them all! Dive into these awesome tools, let your creativity run wild, and make your YouTube dreams come true. 🎉🚀

FAQs on AI for YouTube Videos

1. What are AI tools for YouTube video creation?

AI tools are software powered by artificial intelligence that assists in various aspects of creating YouTube videos, such as generating scripts, editing, adding visuals, and more.

2. How do these tools help with video creation?

These tools streamline video creation by offering features like script generation, voiceovers, text-to-speech conversion, editing assistance, visual templates, and more.

3. Are these tools suitable for beginners?

Yes, many of these AI tools are designed with user-friendly interfaces, making them accessible for beginners just starting their YouTube journey.

4. Can I use these tools on different devices?

Most AI tools are accessible on various devices like computers and laptops, and some offer mobile app access, making it convenient for creators on the go.

5. Which AI tool excels in generating scripts for YouTube videos?

GravityWrite is great at making scripts for YouTube videos. It’s like a smart helper that quickly creates interesting content for your videos.

6. Which AI tool is best for editing video content?

Tools like Descript and InVideo offer robust video editing features, allowing users to trim, edit, and enhance their videos effortlessly.

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