Top 21 AI Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business in 2024

Transform Your Marketing in 2024 with These 21 Game-Changing AI Tools!



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Jan 22, 2024

AI tools for digital marketing
AI tools for digital marketing

Discovering the Best AI Tools for Digital Marketing in 2024

Hey, digital marketers! Ready to make some marketing magic in 2024? Let's talk about something super exciting - AI Digital Marketing Tools!  They are your golden ticket in the marketing world.

Assume that you have a smart tool that knows exactly what your customers want and helps you be the star in your market. That's what AI tools for digital marketing are all about. 

In this post, we have whipped up the top 21 amazing paid and free AI tools for digital marketing to grow your business in 2024. It is packed with the coolest, most effective tools out there. These tools make it easy for you to know your audience, create great content, and make your brand stand out effortlessly.

Whether you are starting now or a marketing pro, this guide is perfect for you. It's easy, engaging, and full of great tips. Explore and find out how these leading digital marketing AI tools can lift your business to new levels. Let's make 2024 amazing together!

How Can AI Be Used in Digital Marketing?

AI plays a crucial role in 2024’s marketing by generating creative, SEO-optimized content, with tools like GravityWrite, to meet the constant demand for online material.

The AI tools automate the task by gathering and analyzing data about competitors, market trends, and customer feedback. This technology simplifies the complex and time-consuming manual process.

Additionally, AI tools are used for sentiment analysis to compile and assess both positive and negative product reviews. They also keep marketers updated on competitor activities and assist in crafting more targeted marketing campaigns for improved ROI.

21 Best AI Tools for Digital Marketing You Should Use Today

Explore the top 21 free AI tools for digital marketing tools in 2024, each uniquely designed to enhance various aspects of your marketing strategy. From content creation to digital advertising, these tools offer innovative solutions to propel your business growth.

1. GravityWrite: SEO Content Creation Tool

GravityWrite for SEO Content Creation Tool

GravityWrite stands out as an exceptional AI tool for digital marketers, mainly because of its ability to create SEO-optimized blog posts. This feature is important because it makes the blog posts appear higher in search engine rankings, bringing more visitors and website exposure. Essentially, it simplifies the task of creating content that not only appeals to the audience but also performs well in search rankings.

GravityWrite's SEO Optimised blog post

Additionally, GravityWrite is part of a suite of AI tools enhancing digital marketing. These include ad copy generators, social media content generators, and SEO tools. 

They automate and improve various marketing tasks like creating email marketing content, allowing marketers to focus on creativity and strategy, making their work more efficient and effective. 

Users have found that articles generated by this tool often pass AI detectors with high scores of human-like quality, a key advantage in creating content that resonates with real readers.


  • Free Plan: Up to 2,000 words monthly

  • Starter Plan: $19 for 50,000 words

  • Pro Plan: $79 for 250,000 words

2. Jasper AI: Advanced Copywriting Solution

Jasper AI for Advanced Copywriting Solution

Jasper is a prominent AI tool in digital marketing known for its versatile copywriting abilities. It supports various content needs like email campaigns, product descriptions, and blog posts. With a strong user base and a reputation for creating high-quality drafts, Jasper is valued for its efficiency and user-friendly interface.

This tool simplifies the process of creating content, making it quicker and more successful for digital marketers. It's particularly helpful in maintaining high SEO scores, a crucial aspect of online visibility. Jasper's popularity and effectiveness are reflected in its thousands of positive reviews, making it a top choice in the AI copywriting field.


  • Creator Plan: $49/month for individuals

  • Pro Plan: $69/month for small teams

  • Custom Pricing: For larger businesses (features and terms vary)

3. Grammarly: Content Editing and Enhancement Software

Grammarly for Content Editing and Enhancement Software

Grammarly is vital for digital marketers, enhancing content readability and grammatical accuracy. It prioritizes traditional grammar and syntax over style, making the content clear and universally understandable. Its analysis helps refine writing by identifying and suggesting improvements, such as reducing redundancy and fixing stylistic inconsistencies.

The tool's integration with various applications like Gmail, Word, and social media platforms allows for seamless, real-time editing across different content types. This ensures consistent, accurate communication on all marketing platforms. Grammarly's user-friendly interface, which highlights and color-codes errors, is praised by major publications for its effectiveness in improving writing quality, making it a key asset for producing clear, engaging, and error-free marketing content.


  • Basic Plan: Free

  • Premium Plan: $12/month (billed annually) for advanced features

  • Business Plan: $15/member/month (billed annually) for team-oriented tools

4. Team-Based Content Writing Platform for Team-Based Content Writing Platform

Writer is a comprehensive assistant that blends traditional text editing with advanced features to boost team collaboration. It streamlines content creation with tools like autocorrect, autocomplete, grammar checks, and snippets for quick use, ensuring high-quality, consistent output.

The platform also includes a suite of intelligence tools to maintain corporate style, which is crucial for sectors like technology and finance. With its background AI offering fine suggestions, Writer is ideal for virtual or hybrid teams needing precise, professional content. Famous clients such as Deloitte and Twitter have adopted this approach, confirming its effectiveness in professional settings.


  • Team Plan: $18 per user/month (up to 5 users) with basic features

  • Enterprise Plan: Personalized pricing for detailed customization

5. Content at Scale: Blog Post Generator

Content at Scale for Blog Post

Content at Scale is proving to be a notable asset for digital marketers, particularly for its ability to produce AI-generated articles that closely mimic human writing. While the platform is relatively new and may have some user interface issues, its ability to generate high-quality content stands out. 

Content at Scale's strength lies in its content generation capabilities, though it may not offer the same level of flexibility as others in formatting elements like headings. It's recommended for creating SEO-friendly blog posts, with a final review by a human to ensure quality.


  • Generative AI Individual Plan: $129/month

  • Content Production Bundle: Additional $199/month

  • Starter Plan: $499/month

  • Standard Plan: $999/month

  • Scaling Plan: $1499/month

6. Undetectable AI: AI Content Rewriting Tool

Undetectable AI for AI Content Rewriting Tool

Undetectable AI is advantageous for refining AI-generated content to sound more human. It rewrites text from platforms like ChatGPT, enhancing its appeal to human audiences, a key aspect in digital marketing where authentic engagement is crucial.

However, while Undetectable AI improves the human-like quality of content, it's essential for users to review its output manually. The tool might introduce errors or produce content that doesn't fully align with context or grammar. Therefore, a thorough check is necessary to ensure the content's accuracy and relevance, maintaining the quality of the digital marketing material.


  • Monthly Plan: $9.99/month for up to 10,000 words processing capability

7. Originality AI: Detecting AI-Generated Content

Originality AI for Detecting AI-Generated Content

Originality AI proves invaluable by offering AI content detection and plagiarism checking. This tool is essential for ensuring AI-generated content from different platforms. It helps marketers pinpoint and improve sections that may lack authenticity, enhancing the overall quality of the content.

Furthermore, Originality AI is useful for those collaborating with freelance writers, as it checks if substantial portions of the text are AI-generated. Despite occasional misidentifications, Originality AI generally differentiates AI-produced content from human-written material, making it a key asset in upholding content originality and quality.


  • Pay-as-you-go Plan: $30 for 3000 credits

  • Monthly Subscription: $14.95 for 2000 credits

8. Zapier: Task Automation Software

Zapier for Task Automation Software

Zapier enables seamless integration and automation across various tech platforms. It simplifies creating workflows that connect different systems, enhancing efficiency and reducing repetitive tasks. This automation, covering over 3,000 systems, helps save time and potentially reduce costs.

Designed for ease of use, Zapier doesn’t require coding skills, and its pre-built templates facilitate quick automation setup. With AI-driven processes running in the background, it ensures efficient workflow execution. Zapier's comprehensive support, including educational resources, makes it a key asset for streamlining digital marketing operations.


  • Free Plan: Basic automation

  • Starter: From $29.99/month

  • Professional: From $73.50/month

  • Team: From $103.50/month

  • Company Plan: Tailored for extensive business needs (features and pricing vary)

9. Digital Advertising Automation for Digital Advertising Automation

Albert AI revolutionizes advertising for digital marketers by personalizing and optimizing ad content across multiple platforms. It uses "data-powered creativity" to enhance the effectiveness of campaigns, allowing human creatives to focus on connecting with audiences emotionally.

Additionally, Albert AI acts as a testing ground for refining and experimenting with ad campaigns, exploring new market opportunities, and targeting unexplored demographics. This approach leads to more relevant and efficient advertising, as seen in its successful collaborations with different brands, significantly boosting their online traffic and lead generation.


  • Subscription model with tiered options.

10. Chatfuel: Chatbot Creation Tool

Chatfuel for Chatbot Creation Tool

Chatfuel offers digital marketers a platform to create custom chatbots with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, allowing for personalized virtual assistants tailored to specific business needs. These chatbots enhance customer service, effectively handle FAQs, and engage leads by offering incentives like discount codes. 

The AI behind Chatfuel is advanced and capable of sophisticated linguistic processing and keyword detection for appropriate responses. Chatfuel's partnership with Meta (formerly Facebook) assures marketers of a high-quality, reliable tool for enhancing customer interaction and streamlining engagement strategies.


  • Business Plan: Starting at $14.39/month 

  • Enterprise Plan: From $300

11. Hemingway App: Content Editing for Clarity

Hemingway App for Content Editing

Hemingway, an editing app named after the famous writer, is a handy tool for digital marketers seeking to enhance the readability and clarity of their copy. It examines writing for lengthy sentences, passive voice, and excessive adverbs, also providing a readability score based on U.S. educational grades. It's straightforward to use, allowing text to be copied and pasted into the online app for instant feedback.

While Hemingway is predominantly free and suitable for refining complex writing, it may overly simplify certain content types, like white papers or opinion pieces, where style is as important as readability. 


  • Free Version: Basic features

  • Paid Version: $20 (includes additional features like PDF exports and offline usability)

12. Influencity: Influencer Marketing Platform

Influencity - Influencer Marketing Platform

Influencity is focused on influencer marketing. It is a comprehensive platform for brands to engage with influencers effectively, providing tools for assessment, collaboration, and campaign tracking. This is particularly useful for targeting niche or younger demographics on social media.

The platform's ability to cover all major social media platforms, along with offering detailed statistics and scalability, makes it a preferred choice for agencies. Used by leading companies like Samsung and Kellogg’s, Influencity demonstrates its capability to manage influencer marketing campaigns efficiently and at scale.


  • 7-Day Free Trial

  • Basic Plan: $168/month

  • Professional Plan: $348/month

  • Business Plan: $698/month

  • Customized Plan: Select specific products and features according to needs (pricing varies)

13. Headlime: Landing Page Design Assistant

Headlime for Landing Page Design

Headlime is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance landing page copy, using GPT-3 from OpenAI for deep learning and text prediction. It helps craft effective subject lines, optimize word count, and support multiple languages and tones, streamlining the content creation process.

Additionally, Headlime integrates with a landing page builder, simplifying the transition from content creation to page design. It focuses on increasing user engagement and conversion rates, offering over 1,700 copy templates in 11 languages, enabling quick deployment of global landing pages.


  • Individual Plan: $59/month (1500 monthly credits)

  • Business Plan: $399/month (for 3 members)

  • Both plans include a free trial.

14. FullStory: Enhancing Digital User Experiences

FullStory for Enhancing Digital User Experiences

FullStory employs AI to track and analyze every interaction a website visitor has, from cursor movements to page visits, creating a comprehensive "story" of their journey. This deep insight into user behavior enables digital marketers to understand and react to unexpected user actions, providing a level of detail.

The platform's AI automation allows for rapid identification of opportunities and errors, enhancing user experience (UX), customer retention, and cost-effectiveness. Fullstory's approach is trusted by leading companies like GAP and Forbes, demonstrating its effectiveness in improving digital experiences.


  • Enterprise Plan: Comprehensive digital insights

  • Advanced Plan: Deep product analytics

  • Business Plan: Trend analysis and funnel improvement

  • Free 14-day trial available for the Business Plan

15. Managing Conversational AI for Managing Conversational AI

Userbot stands out among chatbots for its learning capabilities. When faced with a query it can't parse, Userbot transfers the conversation to a human operator but continues to learn from the interaction, expanding its understanding and response range. Over time, this makes Userbot increasingly intuitive and effective, reducing the need for human intervention.

Additionally, Userbot gathers crucial customer data. This data can be used to monitor the performance of sales or customer support teams. It also integrates with various popular CRM platforms, enhancing its utility for businesses aiming to optimize customer interactions. 


  • Sandbox Plan: Free with basic features and limited chats

  • Starter Plan: €49/month with unlimited chats and advanced features

  • Professional Plan: €99/month with deep learning and analytics

  • Enterprise Plan: Customizable with extensive services

16. Algolia: Search and Recommendation Engine

Algolia - Search and Recommendation Engine

Algolia offers a tailored solution to improve the website's search functionality, particularly useful for e-commerce sites or companies with extensive inventories. Its custom search tools enable users to quickly and efficiently find what they need, enhancing the overall user experience and potentially increasing sales.

Renowned for its effectiveness, Algolia is used by major brands like Staples and Lacoste, underscoring its capability to streamline the search process. By reducing the time customers spend searching, Algolia enhances user satisfaction and boosts the likelihood of purchases.


  • Build Plan: Free, includes basic search requests and records

  • Grow Plan: $0.50 per 1,000 search requests/month

  • Premium Plan: AI features and volume discounts

  • Elevate Plan: Advanced AI capabilities, including NeuralSearch

17. Browse AI: Web Page Scraping Service

Browse AI for Web Page Scraping Service

Browse AI helps digital marketers keep an eye on their competitors. It uses special bots to collect information from competitors' websites, like new trends, prices, and customer reviews. This helps marketers understand what others in their industry are doing and find ways to improve their own strategies.

The tool is smart enough to act like a human when visiting websites, so it can collect information without being blocked. Many big companies, including Adobe and Amazon, use Browse AI to get valuable insights about the market.


  • Free Plan: Basic features

  • Starter Plan: $48.75/month or $19/month (billed annually)

  • Professional Plan: $123.75/month or $99/month (billed annually)

  • Team Plan: $311.25/month or $249/month (billed annually)

  • Company Plan: Custom pricing

18. PhotoRoom: Background Removal for Images

PhotoRoom for image Background Removal

PhotoRoom is a great tool for editing photos quickly. It uses AI to remove backgrounds from images, making the main subject stand out. This is perfect for creating professional-looking graphics without needing advanced design skills. Whether it is for team photos or profile pictures, PhotoRoom simplifies the process.

The tool offers both a free and a premium version, catering to different editing needs. It also includes a mobile app, making it convenient for on-the-go edits. PhotoRoom's ease of use and efficiency make it a valuable asset for digital marketing projects.


  • Free Plan: Basic features with limited exports

  • Pro Plan: Customized pricing for unlimited exports and higher resolution options

19. AI Sales Email Assistant - The AI Sales Email Assistant streamlines the email marketing process. It automates creating and sending standard email responses, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency. This feature is especially helpful for managing repetitive tasks in email campaigns.

Additionally, employs AI to analyze email responses, helping identify potential leads. It supports creating drip email campaigns across multiple channels, automating follow-ups, and integrating with CRM systems for comprehensive campaign management. This makes it easier for marketers to effectively target and engage with the right audience.


  • Free Plan: Basic features

  • Starter Plan: $60/user/month (for individual users)

  • Professional Plan: $90/user/month (for teams, advanced features)

  • Custom Plan: Tailored pricing (for larger teams or specific needs)

20. Lexica Art: AI-Generated Blog Thumbnails

Lexica Art for AI-Generated Blog Thumbnails

Lexica Art is a practical AI tool for digital marketers looking to create custom, realistic images for their brands. It allows for generating marketing content that aligns with specific brand guidelines, making it ideal for blog thumbnails, SEO, and social media posts. The tool's ability to customize images with different prompts ensures the content remains unique and on-brand.

Moving beyond standard stock images, Lexica Art offers marketers a way to enhance their visual content strategy with personalized and brand-specific imagery. This helps in creating more engaging and visually appealing marketing materials, elevating the overall quality of digital campaigns.


  • Free Plan: Generous access with basic features

  • Starter Plan: $10/month (1,000 fast generations)

  • Pro Plan: $30/month (3,000 fast and unlimited slow generations)

  • Max Plan: $60/month (7,000 fast generations with private image options)

21. Brand24: Media Monitoring and Analysis Tool

Brand24 for Media Monitoring and Analysis

Brand24 is a straightforward tool that helps to keep track of what people say about their brand online. It looks through social media, blogs, news sites, and more to find brand mentions and uses sentiment analysis to understand the emotions behind them.

This makes it easier for marketers to quickly address customer complaints or issues, helping to keep customers happy and possibly spot problems before they worsen. Brand24 also offers tools for tracking popular hashtags and provides resources like blogs and classes to improve marketing and customer service. Companies like Uber and Intel use it, showing its usefulness. 


  • Free Trial: Available for all plans

  • Individual Plan: $99/month (for personal or small business use)

  • Team Plan: $179/month (for small to medium-sized teams)

  • Pro Plan: $249/month (suitable for larger teams)

  • Enterprise Plan: $499/month (for extensive business needs)

Exploring the Best AI Marketing Tools Pricing

Here's a comprehensive pricing guide to help you select the best AI tools for digital marketing:

S.NoToolFree PlanPaid Plan
1GravityWriteYesStarter - $19, Pro - $79
2JasperNoCreator - $49/mo, Pro - $69/mo, Business - Custom
3GrammarlyYes Premium - $12/mo, Business - $15/member/mo (Billed Annually)
4WriterFree TrialTeam - $18/user/mo, Enterprise - Custom
5Content at ScaleFree TrialRange - $129 to $1499/mo
6Undetectable AIFree TrialMonthly - $9.99
7Originality AIFree TrialPay-as-you-go - $30, Subscription - $14.95/mo
8ZapierYesFrom - $29.99/mo
9Albert AIFree TrialSubscription - Tiered
10ChatfuelFree TrialBusiness - $14.39/mo, Enterprise - $300/mo
11Hemingway appYesPaid Version - $20
12InfluencityFree TrialBasic - $168/mo, Pro - $348/mo, Business - $698/mo
13HeadlimeFree TrialIndividual - $59/mo, Business - $399/mo
14FullStoryFree TrialPlans - Enterprise, Advanced, Business
15UserbotFree Sandbox PlanStarter - €49/mo, Pro - €99/mo, Enterprise - Custom
16AlgoliaYesFrom - $0.50/1000 requests
17Browse AIYesFrom - $48.75/mo
18PhotoRoomYesPro - Custom
19Reply.ioYesStarter - $60/user/mo, Pro - $90/user/mo
20Lexica ArtYesStarter - $10/mo, Pro - $30/mo, Max - $60/mo
21Brand24Free Trial Individual - $99/mo, Team - $179/mo, Pro - $249/mo, Enterprise - $499/mo

Simplify Business Growth with These AI Tools in 2024

In 2024, AI marketing tools are the key to success for business growth. We've looked at 21 tools that make a big difference. From GravityWrite for SEO content to Chatfuel for chatbots and PhotoRoom for image editing, each tool has a special role.  

Tools like Grammarly and Hemmingway APP improve writing, while Algolia helps with website search functions or Canva AI video generator in transforming ideas into videos in seconds. For businesses, using these tools means saving time and getting better results. Whether sending emails with or designing web pages with Headlime, AI makes it easier.

From the list of tools, we suggest GravityWrite is the best AI tool, essential for anyone looking to elevate their online presence. Its easy-to-use interface makes creating SEO-friendly content simple, helping your brand not just reach more people but also connect with them in a meaningful way.

Beyond just blog posts, GravityWrite is an all-in-one solution for crafting compelling ad copies and effectively managing social media, freeing up your time for more creative and strategic endeavors.

In short, these AI tools are like a toolbox for businesses. They help in different ways, from writing to analytics. In 2024, they are essential for staying ahead in the fast-moving world of digital marketing.

FAQs on Digital Marketing AI Tools

  1. How can AI tools enhance digital marketing strategies?

AI tools introduce a higher degree of speed and accuracy in digital marketing. They automate tasks like content generation and data analysis, providing insights that can help tailor marketing strategies more effectively to target audiences.

  1. What are the Best AI tools for content creation?

For content creation, GravityWrite stands out for its versatile writing capabilities, Grammarly excels in refining and editing content, and Jasper is notable for creating compelling ad copies. 

  1. How does GravityWrite benefit digital marketers?

GravityWrite offers digital marketers an AI-powered solution for creating high-quality, SEO-optimized content. This enhances online visibility and engagement by ensuring well-written content ranks higher in search engine results.

  1. Can AI improve SEO and content optimization?

AI significantly improves SEO and content optimization. Tools like GravityWrite and Jasper analyze large data sets to provide actionable insights on keyword usage, content structure, and other SEO elements. 

  1. What kinds of content can be created with GravityWrite?

GravityWrite is versatile in content generation, enabling the creation of varied content types such as SEO-optimized blog posts, engaging ad copies, social media posts, and YouTube scripts.

  1. How do AI tools support email marketing?

AI tools like and optimize email campaigns by personalizing send times, analyzing engagement patterns, and improving open and click-through rates.

  1. What are the pricing plans of GravityWrite?

GravityWrite offers a Free Plan for up to 2,000 words monthly, a $19 Starter Plan for 50,000 words, and a Pro Plan at $79 for 250,000 words.

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