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4 AI Product Comparison Tools To Save Money and Time

Need help with how to save money on shopping? Here is a shortcut: Check out these AI product comparison tools to compare your favorites and save money smartly.


Githu Ravikkumar

Published Date:

Apr 29, 2024

A promotional graphic by GravityWrite shows savings on shopping with AI product comparison tools, featuring a blue robot and a woman shopping.
A promotional graphic by GravityWrite shows savings on shopping with AI product comparison tools, featuring a blue robot and a woman shopping.

4 Best AI Product Comparison Tools

Introduction to AI Product Comparison Tools

Ever feel like you're spending more than you need to? You're not alone. A surprising 35% of shoppers don't compare prices before they buy, missing out on big savings (Optinmonster)

What if there was an easy way to always get the best deal? Well, now there is. Meet the "AI Product Comparison Tool" – your new shopping mate. Whether you're on your couch or at the mall, this tool quickly compares your favorite products and finds you the best ones.

I've tried nearly every shopping tool out there to keep my spending in check. But these were game-changers. Not only does it save you money, but it also saves you the time and hassle of manually comparing prices across websites and stores.

Are you ready to start shopping smarter? Let’s dive deep into how these best AI product comparison tools can revolutionize the way you shop. It's time to save money effortlessly. 🚀

AI Product Comparison Tools: A Detailed Comparison

1. GravityWrite

GravityWrite is an AI writing software tool with around 250 free AI tools to generate all forms of content, including textual content such as blogs, social media posts, emails, SEO-friendly keywords, images, programming code, and more.

The tool was launched in 2023, and within 45 days of its launch, it had over a lakh customers and currently has over 1 million users worldwide

It has a free plan, which means you can use the tool without any financial commitment; it is beginner-friendly, and no learning curve is involved. Above all, there is no need to use prompts, unlike in ChatGPT.

A screenshot of GravityWrite's AI content creation service page featuring AI product comparison tools and an Iron Man chat interface.

All About Our Product Comparison Tool:

Our AI product comparison tool lets you compare the features of two products at a time. Your job is simple here—enter the names of the products and their features and hit enter. In no time, you will get a detailed comparison table of the two products, the pros and cons, and who can choose these products using AI intelligence.

How to Use The Tool?

Step 1: Head to GravityWrite’s website.
Step 2: Click the “Start for Free” button in the upper right corner.
Step 3: Sign up using your Google account.
Step 4: Look for the product comparison tool.
Step 5: Enter the details of the products that you want to compare and hit enter. 
Step 6: Edit the generated content, if needed.
Step 7: Copy the AI-generated content and use it to optimize your business.  🎉

A gif of the GravityWrite platform's product comparison feature with fields for inputting product details and a 'Stop Writing' button.
  1. Simplicity in Working: Just enter product names and features, hit enter, and you're set.

  2. AI-Driven Insights: Employs AI to deduce and present not just features but also the pros and cons.

  3. Real-Time Comparison: Generates a side-by-side comparison table swiftly.

  4. Accessibility: Easy access through GravityWrite’s website with a simple sign-up process.

  5. Edit and Optimize: Offers the ability to fine-tune the AI-generated content to better suit specific needs.

  1. Cost-Effective: Start for free and see the value before committing financially.

  2. User-Friendly Interface: Makes it accessible even to those not tech-savvy.

  3. Efficient Comparison: Saves time by comparing two products almost instantly.

  4. AI-Enhanced Accuracy: Provides detailed and reliable product insights, reducing human error.

  1. Limited to Two Products: Can only compare two items at a time; this may be restrictive for some users.

  2. Requires Manual Input: Users must know the product details to input, as the tool does not pull information automatically.


This tool is available and can be accessed using our free plan. 

Here is a rundown of our pricing structure:

Free Plan - $0 per month
  • Access: Limited to a single device.

  • Word Limit: Up to 2,000 words per month.

  • AI Model: Standard quality.

  • Image Creation: This feature is not included.

  • Content Templates: Over 50 available.

  • Tones: Limited options.

  • Languages: Limited selection.

Starter Plan - $19 per month
  • Access: Single device usage.

  • Word Limit: A generous allowance of 50,000 words per month.

  • AI Model: High-quality version.

  • Image Creation: Capable of creating up to 50 images per month.

  • Content Templates: A vast library of over 100 templates.

  • Tones: More than 15 to choose from.

  • Languages: Supports over 15 languages.

  • Downloads: Unlimited.

Pro Plan - $79 per month

Complete access to all Pro tools and latest AI models, plus:

  • Access: Multiple devices can be used.

  • Word Limit: A notable quota of 250,000 words per month.

  • AI Model: High Quality.

  • Image Creation: Doubles the Starter plan with 100 images per month.

  • Content Templates: A vast collection of over 200 templates.

  • Tones: A diverse range with over 25 tones.

  • Languages: Multilingual support with over 30 languages.

  • Downloads: Unlimited, without any restrictions.

Want to explore more about the pricing plan? Check our pricing plan here: GravityWrite Pricing.

2. ArticleGPT

ArticleGPT is a sub-tool of HIX AI, an AI content generator that can generate content using AI and elevate your writing experience. It claims to have 120+ AI writing tools to generate content in over 50 languages. It can generate fact-based articles, and humanize AI-generated content, it also comes with a browser extension so you can use the tool with your browser.

An image of HIX.AI's ArticleGPT service webpage promoting hallucination-free, SEO-optimized AI product comparison article writing.

All About ArticleGPT’s Product Comparison Tool:

This tool handles product comparison effortlessly by generating an article comparing 2 products. You can choose from two modes to generate your articles: one-click mode and high-quality mode. 

One-click mode:

It offers a wide range of customization features like adding keywords, tone of voice, and point of view. Language, target audience, and no. of words. You can also choose between GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 to generate the content. You can also choose the product that you want to favor.

A screenshot showing ArticleGPT's product comparison tool with fields for entering products, keywords, and content length options.

Once you enter all these details, you’ll be taken to an editor where the article will be generated. You can modify the article if needed and use it wherever appropriate.

An image of an open document from ArticleGPT featuring a written AI product comparison between the Samsung S24 Ultra and iPhone 15.
High-quality mode:

It doesn't differ much from the one-click mode except for the steps. In the one-click mode, after entering the details, you’ll get the article directly, which means the AI itself takes references, generates a title and outline, and finally, the article is generated. 

Whereas in the high-quality mode, you get to choose your title and enter your reference article’s link, and you journey through all the steps—title generation and outline generation—and the article is generated just right according to your preferences.

  1. Custom Options: Choose your language, target audience, tone, and more with the Product Comparison Tool for a tailored article.

  2. Multiple Modes: Both one-click and high-quality modes offer levels of engagement; pick based on your time or quality needs.

  3. AI Choice: Opt between GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 for the AI Product Comparison Tool, depending on your content generation preference.

  4. Multi-lingual: Supports content creation in over 50 languages, making it a versatile tool for global use

  1. Efficiency Boost: Streamlines the process of creating detailed product comparisons quickly.

  2. User Control: Offers significant customization, allowing control over nearly every aspect of content creation.

  3. Versatility: Supports content creation in over 50 languages, broadening its usability.

  4. On-the-go: Comes with a browser extension, enhancing accessibility and utility.

  1. Accuracy Variances: Depending on the AI model, the output’s accuracy can vary.

  2. Limited Free Use: You can generate only 500 words for free which is not sufficient. 


Here is the pricing of the ArticleGPT :

Plan 1: ArticleGPT Basic - ₹399 INR/month

  • Limited Articles: Up to 5 GPT-3.5 articles per month.

  • GPT-4 Access: No GPT-4 articles included.

  • Article Variety: Access to 8 different article types.

  • Content Quality: Ensures factually accurate content.

  • Credible Sources: Content is informed by credible online sources.

  • Custom References: Allows customization of reference sources.

  • Export Options: Easy one-click export to Google Docs and WordPress.

  • Customer Support: Includes priority support.

Plan 2: ArticleGPT Unlimited - ₹9935 INR/month

  • Unlimited Articles: Unlimited GPT-3.5 articles per month.

  • GPT-4 Access: Starts from 10,000 words starting at INR 499.

  • Pro Features: Includes all features of the Pro plan.

  • Continuous Writing: Write without any GPT-3.5 article limits.

  • Cost Savings: Save 33% on the plan by choosing the annual option.

Plan 3: ArticleGPT Pro - ₹600 INR/month

  • More Articles: Allows up to 20 GPT-3.5 articles per month.

  • GPT-4 Access:  Starts from 10,000 words starting at INR 499.

  • Article Variety: Access to 8 different article types.

  • Content Quality: Ensures factually accurate content.

  • Credible Sources: Content backed by credible online information.

  • Custom References: Ability to customize reference sources.

  • Export Ease: One-click export to Google Docs and WordPress.

  • Enhanced Support: Priority support for customers.

Want to know more about the pricing structure? Check out: HIX.AI's pricing.

3. Frase

Frase is an AI content creation tool that specializes in generating SEO content, which makes it one of the best AI SEO tools to look out for. The tool lets you research, outline, write, and optimize SEO content with ease.

A snapshot of Frase's AI product comparison generator tool with input areas for product titles and creativity slider for output control.

All About Frase IO’s Product Comparison Tool:

The simple tool generates a brief product comparison for the title you specify. All you have to do is create an account on Frase.io, navigate to the AI product comparison tool, enter the title, select the level of creativity, and click "Generate."

In no time, you'll have a clear and precise product comparison. However, keep in mind that the tool only provides an overview of the comparison, not a complete version. To utilize the full version you need to upgrade your plan.

  1. Adjustable Creativity: Set the creativity level to control how detailed your comparison is.

  1. Quick Setup: Enter a product title into the AI Product Comparison Tool and get an outline in moments.

  2. User-Friendly: Straightforward interface, making it easy to navigate and use.

  1. Overview Only: The free version offers just a brief comparison; full details require a paid plan.

  2. Limited Depth: Best for quick overviews, not detailed analyses.

  3. Subscription Barrier: Full features require a subscription, which might not appeal to everyone.

  4. Not multilingual: Supports only the English language. 

  5. Limited daily limit: There is a restriction to use the tool via the public demo.

Free Plan
  • Cost: $0, no financial commitment required.

  • Users: Single-user access.

  • Searches: Limited to 1 search query per month.

  • Trial: Check out the tool with a no-cost trial.

Solo Plan
  • Monthly Cost: $15, or save with $12/month on annual payment.

  • Users: Designed for one user.

  • Searches: Up to 10 search queries each month.

  • Flexibility: Start with a free trial; no credit card needed.

Basic Plan
  • Monthly Cost: $45, with a reduced rate of $38/month when paid annually.

  • Users: Designed for one user.

  • Searches: Expand research with 30 search queries per month.

  • Try First: Access a free trial to explore before buying.

Team Plan
  • Monthly Cost: $115, or $97/month for annual subscribers.

  • Users: Base access for 3 users with an option to add more.

  • Searches: Freedom with unlimited search queries.

  • Try First: Access a free trial to explore before buying.


Check out their pricing page in detail here: Frase Pricing.

4. Coora AI

Coora AI is yet another AI product comparison tool that is being powered by AI. It makes the entire process easy with its preset categories like TVs, smartphones laptops, and smartwatches.

A screenshot of Coora AI's selection interface for AI product comparison including categories like phones, laptops, and smartwatches.

All About Coora AI’s Product Comparison Tool:

Though the categories are limited, it does the job pretty well. All you need to do is pick the category you need. Choose the sub-category among high-end, mid-tier, and low-cost. Choose any two products in your selected sub-category. Your comparison will be loaded in a few seconds, as the AI does the job.

As the tool uses AI, you will get a well-formatted product comparison between the products under a bunch of aspects like display, performance, operating system, and more according to the product’s category.

An image of Coora AI's blur overlay with a comparison of Apple iPad Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab, focusing on display and performance specs.
  1. Preset categories: Product comparison is made easy with readily available product categories

  2. Brief product comparison: Get a crisp yet detailed comparison of your chosen product.

  3. Convenient sub-categories: Comparison made easy with the tool’s categories.

  4. AI product comparison: The tool uses advanced AI models to carry out product comparisons.

  1. Free tool: You can use the tool for absolutely free.

  2. Quick and Easy: Get the job done pretty fast and easy

  1. Not flexible: You can’t add categories, sub-categories, or products; you can only choose from the available ones.

  2. Not efficient: It may do the job, but the product's efficiency is a question mark. And the comparison needs to be more detailed to make a decision.  


Free tool.

Use Cases of Product Comparison Tools

Product comparison tools help users to evaluate different products on various criteria. They are widely used by both consumers and businesses for various purposes. Let us check them out.

  1. Shopping Decisions: Helps customers compare prices, features, and reviews of similar products, allowing informed purchasing decisions.

  2. Business Purchasing: Assists businesses in assessing multiple products to find the most cost-effective and feature-rich options for their needs.

  3. Market Research: Provides companies with insights into competitor products, helping them identify market trends and adapt their offerings.

  4. Personal Budgeting: Aids individuals in tracking and managing expenses by comparing costs of goods and services to stick to a budget.

Pros & Cons of Using AI Product Comparison Tools

Using AI for product comparisons enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the process but it also comes with a few challenges and limitations.


  1. Time-saving: Automates the comparison process, drastically reducing the time spent analyzing different products.

  2. Cost-Effective: Helps users find the most economical options without manually searching through multiple sources.

  3. Customizable: Can be tailored to specific needs or preferences, making the results more relevant to the user.


  1. Limited Scope: AI tools might not fully capture user preferences or buying patterns.

  2. Efficiency: Often, these tools might not cover all products or might not pull the updated information.

AI Product Comparison Tools: Price Comparison

How much does it cost to compare your favourite products using these product comparison tools? Let's find out. 💰💲

S. NoAI Product Comparison ToolFree Trial?Cost of the paid planImportant features of the tool
1GravityWriteYes (Free Plan available)Starter: $19, Pro: $79Access to 250 free AI tools, generates text, images, and code, an easy-to-use product comparison tool.
2Article GPTLimited free use (500 words)Basic: ₹399, Unlimited: ₹9935, Pro: ₹600Over 120 AI writing tools to generate content in 50+ languages, browser extensions, and customizable content generation.
3FraseYes (Free trial available)Solo: $15, Basic: $45, Team: $115Specializes in SEO content, adjustable creativity level, and easy setup for product comparisons.
4Coora AIYes (Free tool)FreePreset categories for product comparison, uses AI for brief but detailed comparisons, quick and easy to use.

Start shopping smartly with AI Product Comparison Tools

In today's fast-paced world, smart shopping isn't just a choice; it's a necessity. And with the best AI product comparison tools on the market, getting the best deal is easier than ever. Each tool that we discussed in this blog brings something unique to the table. Article GPT excels in multilingual content generation, Frase specializes in SEO optimization, and Coora AI offers straightforward comparisons in preset categories. However, if you're looking for an all-in-one tool, GravityWrite stands out as the top choice.

GravityWrite isn't just a product comparison tool; it's a comprehensive platform that offers around 250 free AI tools for creating content, from blogs and social media posts to SEO-friendly keywords. It's especially user-friendly, requiring no previous experience with prompts, making it accessible to everyone. With its free plan, you can start without financial worries, get up to 2,000 words per month, and explore its capabilities.

Why settle for less when you can have the best? 

Click here to create your free account on GravityWrite, and start optimizing your shopping today with the best AI product comparison tool on the market. 

Discover how easy and efficient shopping can be when you have the right tools at your fingertips. 

Start your journey with GravityWrite today and experience shopping like never before! 💲

FAQs on AI Product Comparison Tools

  1. What is an AI Product Comparison Tool?

    AI Product Comparison Tool is software that uses artificial intelligence to compare different products based on various parameters such as features, prices, and user reviews to help consumers make informed decisions.

  2. How do I compare two different products using AI?

    It is simple. Sign up to GravityWrite, create an account, and get 2,000 words for free. Find the "product comparison tool." Enter the details of the products that you want to compare. Click "Create Content" and get a detailed comparison of your favourite products to make better-informed decisions.

  3. Are AI Product Comparison Tools free to use?

    Yes, GravityWrite's AI Product Comparison Tool helps you compare products for free. All you need to do is create an account for free, which will give you 2,000 words for free. Pick the tool, enter the details, and generate a precise product comparison of your favourite products.

  4. Can AI Product Comparison Tools save me money?

    Yes, by providing detailed comparisons and highlighting the best deals based on your preferences and requirements, these tools can help you find more cost-effective options.

  5. Can I use AI product comparison tools for any type of product?

    Most AI product comparison tools are tailored for specific markets such as electronics, travel, insurance, or finance. However, there are also general-purpose tools that can handle a broad range of product types. It’s important to choose a tool that suits your specific needs.

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