Top 14 Free and Paid Keyword Generators for SEO boost

An Expert Comparison of Top 14 Free and Paid Keyword Generators


Githu Ravikkumar

Published Date:

Jan 24, 2024


Last Modified:

Mar 28, 2024

An image of a digital poster with text "Top keyword generator tools for improved SEO" and a graphic of a person holding a large search icon.
An image of a digital poster with text "Top keyword generator tools for improved SEO" and a graphic of a person holding a large search icon.

A quick summary

Here is a quick lookup of what we are about to explore in this blog 🙌

  1. GravityWrite: The overall best keyword research tool and AI writing tool 

  2. vidIQ: YouTube focus, competitor monitoring

  3. RyRob: Free, versatile, user-friendly

  4. Rytr: SEO titles, interprets search intent

  5. Copy.AI: Content creation, insightful suggestions

  6. Narrato Workspace: Content planning, team collaboration

  7. Machine learning insights, actionable recommendations

  8. Taskade: Project management, collaboration.

  9. StoryChief: SEO optimization, team collaboration

  10. LogicBalls: Simple interface, free keyword extractor

  11. Bizway: Streamlined process, digital marketing strategies

  12. Writecream: Personalized content, creative formats

  13. Twinword: User intent focus, variations based on queries

  14. Quetab: Content analysis, online visibility

Introduction to Free and Paid Keyword Generator Tools

Hey! Is your website not showing up at the top when you search? Spending too much on SEO tools that don't work?

Good news! We've got something awesome for you. Think about your usual keyword tools, but now they're powered by AI. These tools are super easy, and they really get the job done.

Check this out: AI makes keyword search 50% better! Plus, 86% of users think AI in SEO leads to really smart and new ideas. And 97% of digital marketers say AI in SEO is the next big thing.

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An overview of the Top 14 Free and Paid Keyword Generator tools

Our experts have carefully chosen these tools based on various factors like features and pricing, which will be beneficial for SEO marketers like you to choose from.

1. GravityWrite

GravityWrite’s tool stands tall among other AI keyword generators on the market. It is a must-have for marketers. It effortlessly generates a formatted list of 30 long-tail keywords plus alternate terms likely to be searched, thereby saving you a lot of time spent juggling other platforms and brainstorming.

Quickly interpret user intent, gaining SEO-friendly titles. It's user-friendly and eliminates the learning curve involved with most tools.

What are you waiting for? Head to our home page, hit “Sign up for free,” and get 2,000 words for FREE.

A GIF of GravityWrite's Long-tail Keyword Generator interface, displaying a keyword research tool for SEO optimization.

How to master the tool?

Step 1: Click "Sign up for free" on GravityWrite's homepage.
Step 2: Sign up using your Google account. Alternatively, enter your name, email address, and password to create an account.
Step 3: Head to the SEO tools, find the “long-tail keyword generator,” and launch it.
Step 4: Once you have accessed the tool, enter your focus keyword and click the generate button to generate your long-tail keywords.
Step 5: Use the generated keywords for better targeting.

Striking features:

  • Multilingual keyword generation.

  • Functions without prompts.

  • Identifies keyword intent.

  • Provides SEO-friendly titles.

  • Allows keyword editing and sharing.


Free plan: FREE, forever! 🆓

Get 2,000 monthly free words upon signing up. 🤩

The paid plans of GravityWrite give you more advanced features like autoscribe, more tones, and premium support

Paid plan 1: Starter Plan
Cost: $19 per month
Word Limit: 50,000 words per month.

Paid Plan 2: Pro Plan
Cost: $79 per month
Word Limit: 250,000 words per month.

2. vidIQ

If YouTube is your focus, this YouTube Keyword Tool is for you! 

It specializes in generating YouTube keywords and optimizing video content for better reach. It offers insights into what viewers are searching for on YouTube, making it an invaluable asset for video marketers.

A screenshot of vidIQ's AI YouTube Keyword Generator, a keyword generator tool for video SEO.


  • Competitor Monitoring

  • Keyword Tracking

  • Performance Metrics

  • Reporting/Analytics

  • Visual Analytics


A free plan is available, and the paid plan starts at $5.

3. RyRob

RyRob presents a free AI keyword generator that is versatile in several scenarios. It's user-friendly, offering a straightforward keyword list with volume and difficulty upon entering a keyword and region. Additionally, it suggests varied keyword ideas and categories, enhancing your SEO strategy. Pairing it with other tools can further refine your keyword approach.

An image of RyRob's Free Keyword Research Tool page, featuring an AI-powered keyword generator tool.


  • In-depth keyword data analysis.

  • Trends, competition, and search volume.

  • Provides long-tail keyword suggestions.

  • User-friendly, intuitive interface design.

  • Quick keyword access and optimization.

  • Includes guides and tutorial support.

  • Insights into competitors' keyword strategies.

  • Monitors competitors' success tactics.

  • Flexible, accommodating pricing options.

  • Suitable for all business sizes.


The tool is completely free as of now.

4. Rytr

Rytr, another key player in AI content creation, and includes over 40 tools for effective content crafting, featuring a free keyword tool for targeted keywords and related questions. It offers customizable language, tone, variants, and creativity levels. The free plan allows for 10K character generation. While Rytr's keyword generation is more basic compared to GravityWrite, it still produces SEO-friendly titles and interprets search intent, proving valuable for SEO-focused content.

A snapshot of Rytr's Keywords Generator tool, highlighting the 'AI tools for SEO' keyword generator feature.


  • Easily modify the generated content using the newly introduced ghost Rytr

  • Rytr is now available as a Chrome extension.

  • Variety of Content Formats

  • Multilingual Support (30+ Languages)

  • 40+ Use Cases and Templates

  • 20+ Tones of Voice

  • Scientific Copywriting Formulas (AIDA and PAS)

  • Rich-Text Editor

  • Powerful SEO Analyzer


A free basic plan is available; a paid plan starts at $9/month.

5. Copy.AI

Copy.AI is another AI content writer that enhances content creation with its free keyword tool. It provides insightful, relevant keyword suggestions tailored to specific content needs. Simple for both beginners and experts, it aids in quickly creating engaging, optimized content. The main drawback is its price, which is significantly higher than GravityWrite’s paid plans.

A screenshot of Copy.AI's SEO Keyword Tools, a keyword generator tool for content creation.


  • Chat and Workflow interfaces.

  • Chat for user interactions.

  • Workflows to automate large tasks.

  • Prompt chaining for complexity.

  • Web search and content creation.

  • Edit and rewrite capabilities.

  • Built-in plagiarism checker.

  • Save the information for reuse.

  • Brand voice 

  • 90+ content templates are available.


A free basic plan is available; the paid plan starts at $36.

6. Narrato Workspace

Narrato Workspace aids in crafting superior online content with its built-in AI keyword generator tool. Ideal for content planning and creation, it offers keyword suggestions that enhance the visibility of your writing. It facilitates better article, blog, or content planning and fosters seamless collaboration within teams.

An image displaying Narrato Workspace's content planning interface, incorporating a keyword generator tool.


  • Accelerates content creation.

  • Automate social and blog content weekly.

  • Generates SEO briefs for writers.

  • Share clear content guidelines.

  • Faster content creation with AI.

  • Tailor progress tracking steps.

  • Organize content effectively.

  • Centralized style guides and assets.


There is no free plan; the paid plan starts at $36.

7. merges AI technology with SEO best practices, offering a top-tier free keyword tool and content optimization. Designed for user-friendliness, it provides actionable insights and recommendations for improving website rankings and online visibility. The free tool offers basic functionality, with more advanced features available in the paid versions.

A screenshot of's AI Keyword Explorer, showing a sophisticated keyword generator tool.


  • Auto-article generation for SEO.

  • AI-driven keyword research.

  • Machine learning SEO insights.

  • Auto-generated SEO articles and audits.


No free plan is available, but the tool offers a 7-day free trial. Their paid plans start at $49.

8. Taskade

Taskade is a versatile project management tool that includes a built-in free AI keyword generator, along with a dozen other AI tools. It's designed to streamline collaboration and boost productivity, providing an intuitive interface for team communication and task management. The tool excels in delivering relevant, SEO-optimized keywords for various projects.

A snapshot of Taskade's interface with an AI suggesting keywords, a collaborative keyword generator tool.


  • Integrated AI keyword generation.

  • Easy team collaboration and task management.


A free plan is available, and the paid plan starts at $3 with limited features.

9. StoryChief

StoryChief is an AI content generator designed for SEO optimization and team collaboration. The tool is an absolute helper that assists in creating content that ranks higher in search engines. It's particularly beneficial for marketers and content creators aiming to streamline content planning and distribution across various channels, with a focus on SEO efficiency.

A screenshot of StoryChief's chat with an assistant feature, serving as a keyword generator tool.


  • Thought leader stories creation

  • Simultaneous social media posting

  • Ready-to-publish William blog

  • Collaborative workspace

  • Seamless channel integration

  • Impact measurement through reports


A free trial is available, and the paid plan starts at $30.

10. LogicBalls

LogicBalls offers an innovative free keyword generation tool, focusing on simplifying SEO strategies for businesses and individuals. This tool also provides a keyword extractor to find focus keywords in any piece of text. Additionally, it suggests relevant and competitive keyword ideas, aiding in creating content that ranks well on search engines. It's user-friendly, catering to both SEO beginners and professionals.

An image of LogicBalls' interface for AI content strategies, featuring a keyword generator tool.


  • Auto-save and complete

  • Automated Text Generation

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Collaboration Tools

  • Content Ideas

  • Customizable Rules & Templates

  • Document Export

  • Grammar Check

  • Keyword Research Tools

  • Long-Form Content Generation

  • Multi-Language

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Plagiarism Detection

  • Revision History

  • Rich Text Editor

  • Tone Selection

  • Workflow Management


The tool offers a free plan and paid plans start at $20.

11. Bizway

Bizway is an AI-powered keyword generator designed to streamline the process of finding effective keywords for various digital marketing strategies. It employs advanced algorithms to analyze search trends, competition, and relevance, providing users with a list of high-potential keywords. The tool is particularly useful for SEO and PPC campaigns, helping users improve their online visibility and attract more targeted traffic.

A snapshot of Bizway's content planning and SEO tool, with a focus on keyword generator capabilities.


  • Customized roadmaps and tasks

  • AI-powered GPT-4 responses

  • AI advisory consultations

  • Unified idea, plan, and progress

  • 24/7 AI Support


A free trial is available, and the paid plan starts at $49.

12. Writecream

Writecream is an AI writing assistant designed to help users create compelling content across various formats. It excels at generating personalized, creative content such as emails, blog posts, ads, and more. The tool's AI algorithms analyze input to produce unique, audience-tailored content, enhancing engagement and readability. Write Cream streamlines the writing process, making it a valuable tool for marketers, bloggers, and writers.

A screenshot of Writecream's SEO interface, providing a keyword generator tool for content optimization.


  • API

  • Content Management

  • Customizable Branding

  • Customizable Templates

  • Multi-Channel Campaigns

  • SEO Management

  • Sales Activity Management

  • Third-Party Integrations


A free trial is available, and the paid plan starts at $29.

13. Twinword

Twinword is an AI-powered keyword generator designed to assist with SEO and content creation. Leveraging natural language processing, it analyzes context and user intent to suggest relevant keywords. It's particularly effective for marketers, writers, and SEO specialists who need to optimize their content for search engines. With its intuitive interface, Twinword simplifies the process of finding the right keywords, offering variations based on user queries and related search trends.

An image of Twinword's keyword tool with search volume data, serving as a keyword generator tool.


  • Keyword Tool with Smart Features

  • Popular Topics Filter

  • Keyword & Title Scores

  • User Intent Filter

  • Pattern Recognition Filter

  • Search Volume & Competition Scores

  • Relevance Score

  • Locations & Languages Support

  • Import Keywords Feature

  • Trending Keywords Discovery

  • Copy or Download Keywords


A free trial is available, and the paid plan starts at $12.

14. Quetab

Quetab has a free keyword tool designed to assist in digital marketing and SEO optimization. It leverages advanced algorithms to analyze content and suggest relevant keywords that can enhance the visibility and reach of online content. The tool is particularly useful for content creators, marketers, and SEO professionals looking to improve their website's search engine ranking and drive organic traffic.

A screenshot of Quetab's AI-powered content generation interface, including a keyword generator tool feature.


  • Enhances Effective Studying

  • Simplifies Content Creation

  • Enables Monetization of Skills

  • Mobile Accessibility

  • Customizable Content Creation

  • Engages with Community


A free plan is available, and the paid plan starts at $9.99.

Benefit of using Keyword Generator Tool?

Keyword research tools are essential for several reasons. Here are some simple points to explain why you should use them:

  1. Find the Right Words: They help you discover the most relevant words and phrases that people use when searching online. This ensures that your content matches what your target audience is looking for.

  2. Boost SEO: Using the right keywords can improve your website's search engine ranking. Higher rankings mean more visibility and potential visitors to your site.

  3. Compete Effectively: You can spy on your competitors and see what keywords they're using. This information helps you stay competitive and even outperform them in search results.

  4. Content Ideas: Keyword tools can inspire new content ideas. You can see what topics are trending or in demand, helping you create content that's timely and valuable to your audience.

  5. Cost-Effective Advertising: If you're running online ads, these tools help you choose cost-effective keywords. You can bid on keywords that have less competition, potentially saving you money.

  6. Understanding Your Audience: These tools provide insights into what your target audience is interested in. This helps you tailor your content to their needs and preferences.

  7. Long-Term Strategy: By identifying long-tail keywords (more specific phrases), you can create content that addresses niche topics, attracting a dedicated audience over time.

  8. Measure Performance: These tools often come with analytics features that allow you to track how well your chosen keywords are performing. You can make adjustments based on real data.

  9. Expand Your Reach: Discover related keywords and synonyms to diversify your content strategy. This can broaden your reach and attract a wider audience.

  10. Save Time: They streamline the process of finding keywords, saving you time and effort compared to manual research.

In a nutshell, using these tools is like having a map to navigate the vast online landscape. They guide you to the right paths, help you avoid dead ends, and ultimately lead you to your destination: a successful online presence.

Pricing chart of Keyword Generator Tools

We’ve deliberately come up with a transparent chart comparing the pricing of all the keyword tools that we discussed in this blog for you to pick your ideal tool. 🙌🏻

S. noName of the toolFree plan (✅ or ❌)Paid plan ($/month)
1GravityWriteStarts at $19
2vidIQStarts at $5
3RyRobNot available
4RytrStarts at $9
5Copy.aiStarts at $36
6Narrato workspaceNot availableStarts at $36
7SEO.ai7-day free trialStarts at $49
8TaskadeStarts at $3 with limited features
9StoryChiefStarts at $30
10LogicBallsStarts at $20
11BizwayStarts at $49
12WriteCreamStarts at $28
13TwinwordStarts at $12
14QuetabStarts at $9.99

Why should you use GravityWrite’s Keyword Generator Tools?

Hey, have you checked out GravityWrite yet? It's super easy AI writing software to use and it's like having a smart buddy who knows exactly the right words that will make your audience sit up and take notice. Whether you're into blogging, marketing, or just want to make your social media posts pop, GravityWrite is the way to go. It's super clever at picking out just the right words for whatever you're talking about, making everything you write sound fresh and catchy. And guess what? You can start with a free account and get a sweet deal of 2,000 words for free! 🆓🎉

Using the free plan, you can use almost all the free AI tools available in GravityWrite.

And you know what's even cooler? Keyword research tools like GravityWrite are only going to get better and better. They're becoming like those friends who can almost read your mind, helping you pick the best words for any topic. 

Every day they're learning more from what we do. It's not just about picking words anymore, it's about really getting what your business is all about. So, get ready for a future where tools like these are more like your cool, handy pals in the digital world. 🚀

Don't miss out on this. Head over now and see the magic for yourself! ✨

FAQs on the Free and Paid Keyword Generators

  1. Can GravityWrite improve my SEO ranking?

    You can bet on it! GravityWrite, a potential AI content writer, has a collection of 110+ tools, including a keyword research tool that churns out the best keywords for your SEO campaign.

  2. How do I know if I need an AI keyword generator for my business?

    Tools such as GravityWrite can whip up the best keywords for your business in a simple and efficient way. Also, it can save a lot of time so that you can concentrate on much more important tasks.

  3. Which tool is best for keyword research?

    GravityWrite can effortlessly conduct keyword research; simply enter your keyword, select your language if English is not your primary language, and press enter.

  4. What are long-tail keywords, and why are they important for my ranking?

    Long-tail keywords are specific, often multi-word phrases that are highly relevant to your specific niche or audience. They are less common and less competitive than shorter, more generic keywords, making them crucial for targeted SEO strategies.

  5. How do I get started with GravityWrite?

    Getting started with the tool is like a piece of cake; create your free account and get 2,000 words per month for absolutely FREE. This plan would let you explore the capabilities of the tool without any financial commitments.

  6. What are the important points that I should keep in mind while generating keywords?

    Understand your business and the goal of your SEO campaign, pick the keywords that are relevant to your business, find out what your target audience is looking for, and ensure a balance between popular and niche keywords while targeting long-tail keywords with relatively low competition for better search engine visibility.

  7. Is there a free keyword research tool?

    If you are looking for free software to perform keyword research, your search ends here. GravityWrite offers a free AI keyword generator.

  8. What are the other SEO tools available in GravityWrite?

    GravityWrite has over 10 tools that you can use for your SEO deeds. Generate keywords, meta content, SEO-friendly blogs, and more with just a click and no prompts, unlike ChatGPT.

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