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Top 10 AI Business Name Generators For Your Brand (2024)

Top AI Business Name Generators to generate some catchy business names in seconds!


Githu Ravikkumar

Published Date:

Feb 13, 2024


Last Modified:

Mar 19, 2024

An Promotional graphic for GravityWrite highlighting the 'Top 10 AI Business Name Generators to Launch Your Brand' with a businessman illustration.
An Promotional graphic for GravityWrite highlighting the 'Top 10 AI Business Name Generators to Launch Your Brand' with a businessman illustration.

Introduction to a AI Business Name Generator

Imagine that you are starting a business. What is the first thing you’ll think of? A name for your business, right?

A catchy business name is essential if you are planning to start a business. The benefits? A catchy business name grabs attention, making your brand memorable and easily recognizable. It sets a positive first impression, encouraging customers to learn more about your products or services. Moreover, it differentiates your business in a crowded market, giving you a competitive edge.

Interested? Here is the best part. Brainstorming those business name ideas doesn't have to be tricky and time-consuming if you use AI. 

Excited? I get it. So am I. In this blog, I’m going to share the top AI Business Name Generators, tips, tricks, and more. So let’s get going. 🚀

How do a business name generator work?

As the name says, these tools generate AI-generated business names with the help of AI. These tools use sophisticated AI models and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to generate hundreds of business names all at once.

As they are fed with large datasets, they can analyze your requirements and give the best possible results in no time. Most of the tools do not ask for more input from you, just a bit about the business and target audience. It will give you a bunch of business names from which you can pick the one that matches your vibe. 💅

Here’s a simplified rundown of how it works:

  1. Input: You give the AI keywords about your business.

  2. Analysis: The AI uses these keywords to understand what you're looking for from your input.

  3. Generation: It creatively makes a list of unique business names.

  4. Filtering: Pick the best names based on your needs.

  5. Output: You get a list of potential business names to choose from.

Top 10 AI Business Name Generators

Here comes the part you've been waiting for: Presenting the best AI business name generators that I've tried, tested, and been impressed with the results.

To show you all the results compared let us imagine that you want to start a digital marketing company and want to generate business names using these AI tools.

1. GravityWrite

At the top of the table is GravityWrite’s Business Name Generator, which gives you 20 trendy and relevant business name ideas with just your business details in less than 5 seconds! ⏳

What is GravityWrite? First off, GravityWrite is an AI content generator that has over 110+ professional tools to generate various kinds of content like ideas, blog content, social media posts, emails and even website content. You can get all the content that you require for your brand in just a few clicks using our tool.

How to use the tool:

Step 1: Sign in or sign up on GravityWrite.
Step 2: Launch the tool.
Step 3: Find the tool that you want to use, as we are going to generate business names, head to the “Business Name Generator” tool. 
Step 4: Enter what your business is about in a line or two.
Step 5: Hit “Create Content,” and watch a bunch of trendy business names getting generated. 
Step 6: Pick the business name that you like, remember to check if the name is available.

Screenshot of GravityWrite's interface showing AI-generated names for a digital marketing company using its business name generator.

(PRO TIP: If you want to look for the domains that are available for your chosen business name, you can check Domain Name Search & Registration | WebSpaceKit and make it yours.)

Features of the tool:

  1. Multilingual content generation: With GravityWrite, you can generate content in over 30 languages.

  2. 1-click content package: Answer a few questions about your business, save it, and generate all the content for your brand with a click.

  3. Text-to-image generation: Enter your image prompt and generate high-quality AI images.

  4. Revamp existing content: Upgrade website content with just your URL.

  5. 110+ writing templates: ready-made AI content writing templates to simplify your content creation process.

  6. Idea generation: Generate niche ideas, blog ideas, YouTube ideas, domain name ideas, and more.


GravityWrite offers three plans, suitable for businesses and individuals of all needs:

  1. The Free Plan: You can get 2,000 words per month for FREE, over 80 writing templates, support for over 30 languages, limited tones, and product support at no cost.

  2. The Starter Plan: Costs $19 per month and provides 50,000 words per month, over 80 writing templates, copywriting frameworks, access to exclusive tools, over 25 tones, and priority support.

  3. The Pro Plan: Priced at $79 per month, offers a substantial 250,000 words per month, over 80 writing templates, copywriting frameworks, full access to all tools, the AutoScribe feature, over 25 tones, and premium support.


GravityWrite has acquired an impressive 4.6 on 5 on G2. 🥳

2. Namelix

Next on our list is Namelix. It is a free AI business name generator that you can use. This tool claims to profile short and brandable business names using AI.

How do you use it? All you need to do is head to the business name generator, enter what the business is about in a few words, and click "Generate." And you will be taken to another dialogue box where you can pick the style and randomness and add your brand information. If you want to check for available domains, you can toggle the “check domain” button and hit “Generate.”

The feature that impressed me was that if you don't want your brand name to have certain words, you can click on the gear icon and add your negative keywords, separated by a comma. For instance, if you don't want the words shop and store in your brand name, you can add “shop and store” as negative keywords, and the AI name generator will give you the brand names excluding those words. How cool is that? 

Once you're done, you can create a logo right away. 

Below are AI-generated business names for a digital marketing company that I got using the tool.

Image showcasing Namelix's results with vibrant, brandable business names for a digital marketing company from its AI business name generator.


As of now, you can use this tool for free.

3. SquadHelp

Squadhelp is a simple and free AI business name generator that lets you input a line of what your business is about and generate business names oriented toward that. This tool claims to have been featured in Forbes, Inc., Crunchbase, and more.

I gave the same input that I gave for the rest of the tools and have gotten a bunch of business names almost instantly. There is an option to tweak the suggestions by picking from any of these styles: Modern, Evocative, Classic, Witty, and Edgy

Snapshot of Squadhelp's AI business name generator page, displaying a list of customized name suggestions for digital marketing firms.

You can check the availability of the brand names by clicking the “Check Availability” button below each brand name. You'll find the domain names that are available and those that aren't. If you are satisfied with the domain name, you can purchase it right away from Namecheap or GoDaddy.

This tool also solves the primary concern of trademark conflict. This tool lets you search millions of active trademark records for free and get swift results from multiple trademark databases, including the USPTO, Europe, Australia, and Canada.


As of now, you can use this tool for free.

4. Hostinger

Hostinger is a well-known and prominent web hosting platform .

This tool also provides a business name generator fueled by AI. I wanted to try this tool, as it is very popular, and I would say that the results were not great.

Let me explain! As you can see, I gave the same input, but the output I got was nothing but a mix and match of the input that I gave, and it didn’t provide me with creative business names like GravityWrite or Namelix. Or maybe I expected too much from this tool. In my opinion, the output could have been better.

Hostinger's AI business name generator page with a variety of suggested digital marketing company names and options to buy domains.

But if you find any of the domains attractive, you can purchase them and make them yours right away by clicking “Buy Domain” next to the brand name. 


As of now, you can use this tool for free.

5. BrandCrowd

BrandCrowd is another free AI business name generator that I tried out.

The interface was simple and clean, just like other tools that we have explored till now. It allows you to enter a short description of your business and generate business names for it.

You can modify the length and style of the brand name. There are 3 lengths to choose from: short, medium, and long, and 4 styles to choose from: modern, professional, creative, and funny.

An image of BrandCrowd AI business name generator screen, presenting digital marketing names alongside logo designs and style customization options.

The tool provides 8 business name suggestions along with a variety of logo suggestions for each brand name. If you find any of the generated logos appealing, you can download them immediately. However, there is a fee of $9 per month for the annual plan or $3 for the monthly plan, which includes a set of features. If you also want a website, the cost is approximately $19 per month for the annual plan or $5 for the monthly plan.


  • Generating Business name ideas - Free

  • Generating logos and website - Paid (starts at $9)

6. Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce websites, as we all know. It offers a free business name generator, using which you can generate business names for free using AI.

 The tool is very simple to use, and it takes just a few seconds to generate a brand name for you. Just enter what your business is about in a line and hit enter.

An image of Shopify's AI business name generator displaying an array of digital marketing company names, with prompts to get names and start free trial.

If you are not satisfied with the results, you can re-generate them or start over. If any of the brand names are perfect for you, you can click on the “Get Name” button and set up your business using Shopify in no time by answering a few simple questions.


  • Generating business name ideas: free

  • Setting up your business: Paid (starts at INR 20 a month)

7. Wix

Wix is a well-known company that provides holistic web development services. The tool offer an AI-powered business name generator that you can use for free. 

This tool has a simple interface and is beginner-friendly; you just need to have a clear idea of what you want, and that is all that is required. 

How do you generate business names using this tool? Enter what your business is about in a minimum of 3 words and hit “Generate names.”

An image of Wix's Business Name Generator interface showing a list of digital marketing company names with domain availability and website options.

To get more refined recommendations, you can enter your industry and click “Generate New Names.”

 If you want to get logos and a site with the help of Wix, you can do that as well. However, those are not free. 


  • Generating business name ideas: free

  • Getting a logo and a website: Paid (varies)

8. Business Name Maker

Next on our list is Business Name Maker (yes, that’s the name of the tool). I guess they took SEO more seriously. 😅

This is yet another free AI tool that lets you generate business names for your brand in seconds.

How do you generate business names using this tool? Navigate to Business Name Maker, enter keywords about your business, and click “Get started.” 

Using the wizard option, you can customize the brand names. You can set the length of the brand name anywhere from 5 to 25, add more input about your business, pick if you want a brand name in one or two words, add a modifier to generate a .com domain name more likely, add a word to be included in your business name, and adjust the style and language.

An image of Business Name Maker's AI business name generator interface featuring digital marketing company name suggestions with domain types and purchase buttons.

Once done, hit “Update” to get name ideas. You can also add them to your favorites for easy access and generate brand names any number of times. 

You can check the available TLDs below each brand name and purchase the domains directly from GoDaddy. 


  • Generating business name ideas: free

  • Getting a domain from GoDaddy : Paid (varies according to the chosen name)

9. Looka

It is raining free tools. 🆓 Here comes another free tool, Looka to generate AI-powered business names for you. 

Though this is a free tool, you can get dozens of AI-generated business names in different styles: Traditional names, Invented names, Compound names, Multiword names and Real-word names. 

How to use the tool? Go to the tool, enter your keyword or your industry and hit Enter, and you’ll be greeted with a bunch of business names in different styles as mentioned above. 

An image of Looka's AI business name generator offers digital marketing company names in various styles with domain availability check options.

You can modify the length of the brand names; by default, the maximum count will be 20 characters. However, you can edit it as per your needs. 


As of now, you can use this tool for free.

10. Namesnack

Here is another free AI business name generator for you, Namesnack

How do you use this tool? Enter your keywords and hit “Generate.”

Once you do, you will be taken to a page where you can get a list of business names. Enter your business's category and hit “Generate.”

Voila! You will have a list of AI-generated business names.

An image of Namesnack's AI business name generator's user interface with digital marketing company name suggestions and free logo generation offers.

If you want to generate a free logo for your chosen brand name, you can enter “Get Free Logo” near the brand name, follow the instructions, enter your email address when prompted, and download the logo for free.. 


As of now, you can use this tool for free.

Pros and Cons of using AI business name generators

Convinced to use business name generators? Great. 🙌 Now, let us check out some pros and cons of using them.


  1. Efficiency and Speed: AI generators can produce a wide range of name suggestions in the blink of an eye. This means you save a lot of time brainstorming and can quickly move on to other important tasks for your business setup.

  2. Creativity Boost: Sometimes, AI comes up with combinations you might not think of, offering unique and creative names that can stand out in a crowded marketplace.

  3. Ease of Use: You usually just need to input some keywords related to your business, and voilà, you get a list of names. It's user-friendly, requiring no special skills or expertise.

  4. Cost-Effective: Many creative business name generators are free or very low cost, making them accessible for businesses of all sizes, especially startups on tight budgets.

  5. Variety: With AI, you can explore a vast array of naming styles—from professional and sophisticated to quirky and fun—giving you a broad spectrum to choose from.


  1. Lack of Personal Touch: AI might miss the nuances of your brand's identity or story, resulting in names that, while catchy, might not fully resonate with your brand's essence.

  2. Overused Suggestions: Popular generators might offer the same suggestions to multiple users, leading to fewer unique names that might already be taken or heavily used.

  3. Legal Blind Spots: AI may not check if a name is trademarked or already in use, potentially leading to legal challenges down the line.

  4. Contextual Misunderstandings: Sometimes, AI doesn't fully grasp the context or the distinctiveness of language, which can lead to inappropriate or irrelevant name suggestions.

  5. Emotional Disconnect: A name chosen by AI might not evoke the same emotional response or connection that comes from human creativity, which can be vital for branding.

To make a long story short, AI business name generators are fantastic tools for creativity and efficiency. However, it's crucial to ensure the name not only sounds good but also aligns with your brand's identity and legal requirements.

Best guide to pick the right business name

By now, you know the importance of business names. Remember to keep these best practices in mind while picking the right business name for you. 

  1. Reflect Your Business: Choose a name that shows what you do or what you stand for.

  2. Keep It Easy: Make sure it's simple to say, spell, and remember.

  3. Be Unique: Avoid names too similar to existing businesses, especially in your field.

  4. Check Online Availability: Ensure your name is available as a domain and on social media.

  5. Check if .com is available: Consider using .com TLD (Top Level Domain) for better business visibility.

  6. Think Ahead: Pick a name that won't limit your business as it grows.

  7. Get Opinions: Ask friends, family, or potential customers for their thoughts.

  8. Check Trademarks: Make sure your name isn't trademarked by someone else.

  9. Be Creative: Have fun with words, but keep it relevant to your business.

Choosing the right name is like laying a strong foundation for your brand. Take your time and choose wisely!

Pricing chart

We have explored all about AI business name generators. Now let us explore how much exactly all these tools cost in an easy-to-understand table.

S. noName of the ToolBusiness Name GeneratorOther Features (Cost $/month)Important Features of the Tool
1GravityWriteFreePaid Plans start at $1920 business name ideas, multilingual, 110+ writing templates
2NamelixFreeN/AShort, brandable names, domain check
3SquadhelpFreeN/ATrademark conflict checking, domain availability
4HostingerFreeN/AAI-fueled, not very creative results
5BrandCrowdFreeLogo and website: Starts at $9Logo and website options, customizable length/style
6ShopifyFreeSetting up business: Starts at INR 20Easy setup with Shopify, simple to use
7WixFreeLogo and website: VariesAI-powered, beginner-friendly, logo and website options
8Business Name MakerFreeDomain purchase: VariesHighly customizable, .com domain generation, language/style adjustment
9LookaFreeN/AMultiple styles, free, adjustable name length
10NamesnackFreeLogo generation: Free, other features may varyFree logo generation, category-based suggestions

GravityWrite: the best creative business name generator!

In the world of AI-powered business name generators, GravityWrite distinguishes itself as the best creative business name generator through its use of a highly advanced and complex AI model. This sophisticated technology enables the tool to offer more than just catchy names; it delivers names that are deeply aligned with your brand's essence and market positioning.

While tools like Namelix provide short, memorable names and Squadhelp focuses on avoiding trademark conflicts, our tool leverages AI to understand your business needs at the ground level. This results in suggestions that are not unique but also resonate with your brand's narrative and target audience.

Furthermore, it extends its capabilities beyond naming. It integrates content creation, multilingual support, and even image generation, powered by its cutting-edge AI. This makes it a comprehensive platform for businesses looking to build a cohesive brand identity from the ground up.

Compared to other services that offer logo creation and website setup, such as BrandCrowd, Shopify, and Wix, GravityWrite is one of the best AI tools for businesses seeking a unified approach to brand development, from naming to content strategy.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a business name generator that goes beyond the basics to offer tailored, intelligent suggestions and comprehensive brand-building tools, GravityWrite is the optimal choice. Its advanced AI model ensures that you receive not just any name, but the right name that embodies your brand's vision and appeals to your target audience. Choose GravityWrite for a business name that sets the foundation for your brand's success.

FAQs on AI business name generators

This is where I answer any questions you may have about selecting the best AI business name generators!

  1. What is an AI business name generator?

    It's a tool that uses artificial intelligence to come up with creative and unique names for your business. It saves time and gives you lots of options.

  2. How to generate business names for free?

    Use online AI business name generators like GravityWrite or Namelix. Just enter some keywords about your business, and they'll give you names for free.

  3. Does GravityWrite generate AI business names?

    Yes, GravityWrite specializes in creating business names using AI. You just need to provide some details about your business, and it does the rest.

  4. How to create the best business names?

    Think about what your business stands for, use relevant keywords, and try an AI name generator for innovative ideas. Make it memorable and unique.

  5. How long should a business name be?

    Ideally, keep it short and sweet. Aim for less than 10 characters if possible, but definitely under 12 to make it easy to remember and type, spell and remember..

  6. Why is a good business name important?

    It's the first impression your business makes. A good name is memorable, sets you apart from competitors, and reflects your brand's identity.

  7. Can I use AI-generated business names for my business?

    Yes, you can use AI-generated names for your brand without any second choice. Just make sure they're unique and resonate with your brand's values. Check for trademark issues as well.

  8. Is GravityWrite a free tool?

    GravityWrite offers a free plan using which you can generate 2,000 words for free. But for more features and usage, there are paid plans starting at just $19 a month. It provides great value with its comprehensive tools.

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