5 Best Writesonic Alternatives & Competitors in 2023

Best collection of AI writing tools that elevate content creation to the next level.

Nov 2, 2023

Are you searching for an AI writing tool similar to Writesonic? With so many Writesonic alternatives out there, it can take time to find the perfect one.

Writesonic is an AI writing tool that offers good AI capabilities, but if you want to access more powerful AI functionalities to take your content creation to the next level, then Writesonic alternatives will help you.

In this guide, I will walk you through the top 5 Writesonic alternatives and their competitors available today. We will look at the key features of each alternative to determine which tool best fits you.

By the end, you will have a clear understanding of your options for AI writing assistants beyond Writesonic. 

Quick Comparison Table Of Writesonic Alternatives

List of Best WriteSonic Alternatives and Competitors

1. GravityWrite

GravityWrite is a free Writesonic alternative designed and developed with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. It generates high-quality content consistently, which makes it a fast-growing AI content creation tool. 

Gravitywrite’s fine-tuned natural language processing will analyze your input and search with millions of web pages to create unique content. 

It comes with 100+ AI tools that cover multiple categories. GravityWrite is perfect for content creators, business owners, marketing teams, ecommerce stores, and entrepreneurs. 

Gravitywrite is a perfect WriteSonic alternative that comes with a friendly dashboard so everyone can get started quickly. 

This tool will generate unique content in minutes: a blog post, social media, landing page copies, emails, product descriptions, title generation, film scripts, meta description, or most other content. 

GravityWrite Key Features

  • The YouTube script generation tool generates a complete video script in a few minutes. 

  • With Advertising AI tools, find audience pain points and create high-converting ad copies. 

  • GravityWrite has 10+ specially designed email tools, including abandoned carts, follow-up cold emails, promotional emails, etc. 

  • Create clickbait titles and catchy product descriptions to boost your content CTR. 

  • Generate content in 50+ popular languages with various tones of voice to match your brand needs. 

  • An all-in-one social post is a unique tool that creates content for multiple social media with one-time input that highly improves productivity. 


  • Free Plan: 2000 words per month

  • Starter plan: $15 per month for 50,000 words

  • Pro Plan: $69 per month for 250,000 words

2. Simplified 

Simplified is a comprehensive AI tool for marketing teams. It offers AI writer tools, including an AI presentation maker, video editor, AI image generator, background remover, AI rewriter, and social media management. 

This Writesonic alternative offers 50+ AI templates to create high-quality content. Simplified templates include emails, product descriptions, taglines, and AD copies. 

Simplified has a powerful AI blog writer who can write a plagiarism-free article with a neat intro, outlines, and a full-fledged blog in minutes. 

Simplified Key Features

  • Create content in 30+ languages and 10+ tones. 

  • The long-form writer tool helps write lengthy articles and has an article rewriter, paragraph generator, and sentence expander to improve content.

  • With Simplified, you can easily create social media content and schedule or publish it.

  • Be it a fundraising or marketing presentation, create a fantastic presentation in minutes with an AI presentation maker. 

  • Simplified has exciting tools like a script generator for TikTok/Reels, a social media quotes generator, tweet to image generator, and a meme generator.


  • Free plan: 2000 Words per month

  • Pro plan: starts from $12 per month for 35,000 words

3. Jasper

Jasper is one of the leading AI writing tools and an excellent Writesonic alternative. This AI tool highly focuses on generating content more of the brand's tone of voice. 

Jasper comes with various tones of voice and regularly learns from your content to stay consistent across all your brand copies. It comes with 50+ AI templates for writing multiple copies and use cases. 

This Writesonic alternative comes with collaboration tools, allowing you to invite and work with your team members. 

It helps to improve your teams' productivity and is built with a cross-section of multiple AI language models to deliver better content. 

Jasper Key Features

  • Generates high-quality content on a wide range of topics. 

  • Customizable tone and formatting options to create a unique draft quickly. 

  • Jasper offers a powerful extension for Chrome and Edge browsers to generate multiple content variations. 

  • Solid-built Jasper AI chats to create new ideas and refine your content. 


  • Creator plan: $49 per month for one seat and one brand voice

  • Teams plan: $125 per month for three seats and three brand voices

  • Business plan: Custom pricing with no limit of seats and brand voices

4. Copy AI

Copy AI is a powerful AI assistant designed for copywriting, which can be one of the good Writesonic alternatives. It is built with GPT-4, Anthropic, and a combination of multiple other best language models. 

Copy AI offers 90+ pre-built prompt templates and content creation in over 95 languages. 

Generate highly effective and compelling marketing copies faster with AI chat. It analyzes the user's intent and offers more real-time data, making most of your work easier. 

Copy AI maintains consistency on your brand content and provides high safety commitment to your data. 

Copy AI Key Features

  • On Infobase, save your brands and product information, which can be reused when generating content.

  • Copy AI specializes in writing high-converting marketing sales copy that drives conversion.

  • This Writesonic Alternative creates product descriptions, ads, landing pages, emails, press releases, and more.

  • AI workflow templates for social media, ecommerce, sales, and SEO that are optimized for sales funnels and lead generation.


  • Free plan: 1 seat with 2000 Words and 200 bonus credit

  • Pro Plan:  $36 per month for five seats, unlimited chat, and 500 workflow credits

  • Team: $186 per month for 20 seats, unlimited chat, and 3k workflow credits

  • Growth: $1000 per month for 75 seats and 20K workflow credits

  • Scale: $3000 per month for 200 seats and 75k workflow credits

5. Rytr

Rytr is an AI writing tool with advanced artificial intelligence to create high-quality marketing and business content effortlessly. It offers over 40 templates that cover most of the use cases to develop content in 30+ languages. 

The AI templates include a blog outline, business idea pitch, cover letter, CTA, copywriting frameworks, SEO meta description, poem generator, and song lyrics generator.

Rytr has a robustly designed, rich text editor that transforms ordinary content into extraordinary content. 

It is built with powerful formatting options, a plagiarism checker, expand, shorten, reword, and multiple other tools to fine-polish the content for superior quality. 

Start interacting with more natural humans, like a conversation with Rytr AI chat. Seamlessly manage your team and organize all your projects. 

Rytr Key Features

  • Express various emotions in your content with 20+ tones of voice.

  • Proven copywriting framework templates like AIDA and PAS formula to generate high conversion copies. 

  • Easy Chrome extension to simplify your blog, emails, social media, and writing product descriptions.

  • Quick formatting of the tone, style, and length and improved content editing options with the Rytr AI chat.

  • It creates impressive quality for long-form content and marketing copies.


  • Free plan: 10,000 characters per month

  • Saver plan: $9 per month for 100,000 characters

  • Unlimited plan: $29 per month for unlimited characters

What To Consider  In Writesonic Alternatives

Here are some key things to look for when considering Writesonic alternatives:

1. Quality content:

The main goal is to look for AI writing assistants to produce high-quality, human-like content. The content should be more conversational, and it shouldn’t sound robotic. 

2. Easy customization: 

It should have the ability to customize the languages, tones, and number of ideas or topics needed to generate the output. When trying to reach an international audience, you need to create content in various languages and tones. 

3. User-friendliness:

The AI should be friendly and easy to use, even for nontechnical expertise. So that everyone can start using it easily by clicking the templates rather than typing prompts. 

4. Speed: 

AI content generators are good at creating content in a few minutes. So, make sure the AI tool is fast enough to generate content. With its constant machine learning capabilities to understand wide varieties of content, AI tools generate content super fast. 

5. Price:

Price is yet another essential factor to consider. Most famous AI writing tools like GravityWrite offer a free plan that allows you to get started and explore AI capabilities. 

6. Accuracy: 

Ensure the content created by the tool is original and plagiarism-free. The AI tool shouldn’t spin the existing article. It needs to write a new one by analyzing various sources.

These are essential things to consider when picking the Writesonic alternatives.

Wrap Up

The above list of best Writesonic alternatives gives you a better understanding of the top competitors of Writesonic. Each has unique strengths and functionalities depending on your needs. 

Think about your budget, the types of content you need to create, and your workflow. Then select the AI writing assistant that aligns with your goals. With the right tool, you can simplify your content creation process in a super fast manner.

FAQs about Writesonic Alternatives and Competitors

Which is the best WriteSonic Alternative?

GravityWrite is the best Writesonic alternative that offers advanced language processing to offer high-quality content. 

It provides a vast collection of 80+ AI tools and 50+ languages to reach a wide range of audiences. 

Is gravityWrite free to use?

Yes, GravityWrite is free to use. But it is a freemium tool, which means it has free and premium plans. 

If you are just getting started and want to try it or use it just for casual purposes, then the free version itself is enough. The premium will be better for business purposes because it offers more advanced AI tools.

Is Writesonic free?

Yes, Writesonic provides a free plan with the Sonic editor. On the free plan, it offers over 100 AI templates that allow you to create content in 30+ languages.

Which is the best AI copywriting tool?

GravityWrite will be great for AI copywriting because it has an extensive collection of AI copywriting templates for various use cases. 

It has readymade copywriting formula framework tools like AIDA, BAB, PAS, 4P’s, and many others to help craft unique copies focused on better conversion.

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