6 Best AI Content Creation Tools - You Must Try In 2023

Our handpicked collection of best AI tools to boost productivity

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Jul 11, 2023

Do you ever feel like you spend way too much time creating content? I get it - content creation is one of the busiest parts of marketing these days. Over 70% of companies have content creation as part of their strategy.  

That means there's a huge need to create great content quickly. 

Luckily, recent advances in AI content creation tools are changing the game. 

What if you could create content 10x faster than you do today? 

It would help you save time and money, leading to better productivity.

Can AI Tools Create High-Quality Content?

I know what you're thinking - can AI-powered tools create content that meets your high standards? 

The quality of the content depends on the specific AI tool you use. The online market is flooded with different AI tools right now. But only a few are loaded with robust features to produce great content.

Every AI tool aims to produce great content. But the quality and uniqueness come down to how well the artificial intelligence algorithm is developed and optimized. The best tools use advanced AI that is highly trained on high-quality data.

What Are AI Content Creation Tools?

AI content creation tools are software programs built using artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning. They produce content based on the inputs and direction you provide. 

You likely need various types of content for different platforms and purposes. So, it's key to pick the right AI tool for your specific needs. 

That’s why, with detailed research, we have handpicked top content creation AI tools that produce great and versatile content.

Best AI Content Creation Tools

Every AI tool has a unique dashboard and a different set of features. Once you have started using AI tools for content creation, you will mostly avoid writing content alone.


GravityWrite is a powerful AI tool to create every type of content for your business. It is developed with a large collection of AI writing tools to write content in a few minutes. 

It is the only AI content writer tool every writer needs to create amazing content. Using GravityWrite, you can write content in 50+ languages. 

The large variety of AI tools and language options made it more reliable and versatile. This AI content writer tool comes with amazing tools like a 1-click blog post generator, Ad-Copy generator, Email sales copywriter, YouTube script generator, and many other tools to take your business to the next level. 

The GravityWrite dashboard is easy to use; every beginner will find it easy to start. The AI tools are neatly organized in categories to navigate it easily. 

Key Features

  • GravityWrite supports 50+ native languages. So you don’t get stuck creating content only in the English language. It includes Spanish, Dutch, Hindi, Portuguese, Italiano, and French.

  • It comes with AI blog tools like a topic idea generator, blog outline creator, article rewriter, and many other blogging tools to create amazing content.

  • Copywriting framework tool on GravityWrite has various models for writing copies based on your needs.

  • GravityWrite has a history menu that lets you see all the prompts and output you have generated.

  • The image brief tool on GravityWrite creates multiple image prompts at one time that you can use to create an image with AI to use on your blog.

  • Create YouTube video scripts and descriptions in minutes that boost your productivity.


Jasper is one of the popular AI writing tools in the content marketing industry, with a first-mover advantage. Jasper allows you to create various types of content for social media, blogs, website copies, product descriptions, etc. 

One of the good things about the Jasper AI content creation tool is that it allows to create long stories and books. It offers various brand tone styles, creating content based on your tone to the audience. It will enable you to create drafts faster and save time. You can invite collaborators from your team to edit the content and make changes.

Key Features

  • Jasper has a powerful AI engine that gets better data from recent searches.

  • It comes with Jasper Chat to answer your questions in a more human-like conversation. You can keep on continuing your queries and also convert to chat into the document.

  • With Jasper, you can create content in over 30+ languages

  • Get output based on your brand tone of voice, and also, you can teach specific knowledge to get desired results.

  • This AI content creation tool has 50+ templates that can act as specific tools to get various outputs.

  • It also has multiple user management and browser extension integration for SEO.


Rytr is one of the fine-tuned tools for writing amazing content in a quick time. It is highly suitable for short-form content like product descriptions, testimonials, bio, emails, Facebook ads, landing page copies, and Instagram posts, and even great for blogs. 

This AI content creation tool has better user reviews and is trusted by creators from various top companies. 

Pick from the 20+ voice tones to pick the right emotion for your content. It comes from the rich text editor to create amazing content in a few minutes. 

Easily manage your team and organize the project in one place. This Rytr AI content creator tool works as an AI platform with browser extensions, an SEO analyzer, Rytr API, and plugins.

Key Features

  • Rytr AI content tool has 40+ use cases like business idea pitch, copywriting, blog idea, outline, meta title, cover letter, call to action, Facebook ads, job description, landing page, story plot, etc. 

  • Pick from 30+ languages to write the content on your preference.

  • Just provide the topic on the input; this writes amazing content based on your chosen tone and language.

  • Write copies based on copywriting formulas like AIDA & PAS to create high conversions landing page content.

  • It has an inbuilt plagiarism checker. So that you can check the uniqueness of the content.


Copy.Ai is yet another great AI writing tool that helps you to get rid of writer's block. It has great potential in writing high-quality content. This AI content creation tool provides better security to keep your data safe and secure.

Simply provide the blog title, keyword, and select the tone and goal. Then it creates a neat outline and make a change to it as per your need, and the initial blog draft is ready. 

Key Features

  • More specified tools for bloggers, like how-to blogs, listicles, and feature stories for bloggers.

  • Amazing collection of 90+ tools under various categories like business, marketing, HR, careers, real estate, sales, and personal.

  • AI chat by seamlessly answers your questions from real-time data. The inline document editor on this allows you to edit the content on the go, improving your productivity. 

  • The chat comes with pre-built prompts, collaborate with your teams, summarize youtube videos into points, and a lot of others.

  • One of the important features this AI tool has is AI automation workflow. You can use this automation to automate your regular tasks. It is mainly used in areas like SEO, social media posting, email marketing, product description, and project management. It also provides better integration with tools like Zapier and PhantomBuster.


Writesonic is a feature-packed AI content creation tool anyone can use easily. It is built with GPT-4 to create unique and SEO-optimized blog content. Not just blogs, it writes amazing Facebook ads, quora answers, sales emails,  tweets, Instagram captions, product descriptions, LinkedIn posts, and a lot of other types of content. 

Ecommerce businesses can use this tool to write SEO-optimized product titles and descriptions with keywords to rank better on search engines. 

Writesonic has 80+ AI writing tools that allow you to write every type of content. Write copies on Sonic editor and polish the draft to an amazing one using inbuilt editing tools like shortener, expander, and paraphraser.

Key Features

  • The fine-tuned Ad copy tools help to write high conversion copies for Google ads, FB ads, and other social media networks.

  • The growth ideas generator tool from Writesonic allows you to discover new ideas for your business. 

  • Just like ChatGPT, it comes with Chatsonic with power-packed chat functionalities. It is fueled by Google searches and answers on more recent trends too.

  • It comes with two plans based on your preference: premium and superior. The premium works on GPT-3.5, while the superior works on GPT-4. The plans differ based on the number of words and technology you need.

  • Another interesting tool is Photosonic, which converts your text to AI art or images. Simply enter the type of image you want and get it as an image to share anywhere.


Simplified is the most powerful on this list of the best AI content creation tools. It comes with a pack of multiple AI tools that can do professional time-consuming tasks in minutes.

Simplified is loaded with four major products, which are AI writing, graphic design, social media management, & quick video editor. The important AI tools include an AI image generator, AI presentation maker, AI background remover, AI blog writer, & AI content rewriter. The AI content rewriter tool completely rewrites your copy to the new one. You can simply pick from the 10+ tones, and with multiple languages, creating content is much easier. 

Key Features

  • Use an AI image generator to convert your plain text into amazing images simply. With this, you can create professional images without using any design tool. Everything can be made in minutes, whether a simple blog or an attractive social media image.

  • Create high-quality plagiarism-free blogs in minutes. Whether you need small or long-form content, just provide topic, tone, and language, then it creates a perfect blog. 

  • This tool comes with an AI presentation maker, which we generally do not see in many AI tools. Just input your presentation topic and click generate. It creates a stunning presentation in minutes. It is fully customizable, including font, color, images, text, and sounds. 

  • Scriptwriting is time-consuming work. But AI script generator for TikTok and reels helps to create great scripts in less than minutes.

How To Pick The Right AI Content Creation Tools

AI content creation tools are unavoidable, and more tools are emerging daily. So here are some tips that help you to pick the right AI content creation tools for your business.

  • Easy to use - The AI tool should have a user-friendly dashboard and navigation friendly to find the necessary tools.

  • Templates and Use Cases - It should have multiple tools and use cases.

  • Quality - The output content quality should meet high standards, and it’s the most important thing to look out for.

  • Learning curve - Even non-content writers should need to use the tool easily. The input fields are neatly provided.

  • Reliable - The tool should be reliable in providing great output every time. You don’t want AI software with various tools, but only a few provide great results. 

  • Pricing - It’s based on everyone's flexibility, and choosing the perfect one that provides better value is important.


Creating content quickly and at scale is crucial today. With the right AI content creation tools, you can produce 10x more high-quality content without burning yourself out.

If you are a content creator, don’t see AI content creation tools as competitors; think of them as your friend who always creates amazing content.

FAQs on AI Content Creation Tools

Which AI tool is best for content writing?

GravityWrite can be a perfect tool if you are looking to write amazing content. It comes with 80+ inbuilt content writing tool that allows you to create various types of content in minutes. Be it small captions or lengthy blog posts, it can write perfectly. 

Is there any free AI tool for writing?

There are no completely free AI tools that create amazing content. It needs considerable time and professional effort to build these tools. More than that, for regular updates and support, then need pricing for the tool to maintain high standards. GravityWrite is a freemium tool that has both free and paid plans. The free plan provides 5000 words per month which can be great for hobby and beginner content creators. It includes all the premium features like 80+ content writing templates and 30+ languages. 

Is AI-written content good for SEO?

Generally, search engines don’t encourage creating content using AI writing tools. It’s because the AI-written content is often just another version of the already existing information. So there is no uniqueness in the content, which affects SEO. Also, if your tool generates the wrong outputs and you copy-paste the content, it affects your SEO. But using a great AI tool and editing the content for better improvement is good for SEO.

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