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11 Best AI HR Tools Every Manager Should Explore in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Find the Top 11 AI Tools for HR in 2024 - See Which Are Free!



Published Date:

Feb 14, 2024


Last Modified:

Apr 24, 2024

2024's Top AI HR Tools: Free & Premium Picks!

If you're in HR and constantly searching for ways to streamline your work, it's time to embrace AI HR Tools!

This blog is all about helping you find the perfect AI tools. Whether you are seeking free AI tools for HR to save costs or the best AI tools for HR to elevate HR practices, we have the details here.

HR work can be tough, with all the tasks from hiring to keeping everyone happy. That's why we're excited to show you how AI tools can change the game. We've found tools that do everything from sorting resumes to answering employee questions, making your day smoother.

Imagine cutting down on the pile of paperwork or finding the perfect hire with just a few clicks. This list includes tools that are easy for any HR professional to use immediately. And the best part? We've included options that won't cost you a penny.

We know you want to be the best in the business; these tools can get you there. They're the best AI tools for HR professionals to tackle real HR challenges. From managing time-off requests to analyzing team performance, these tools have your back.

Ready to transform your HR work with some AI magic? Head to our blog and discover the 11 best AI HR tools for 2024. Whether you're looking for free options or the top-recommended tools, we're here to help you make your HR tasks easier and smarter. Let's jump in and discover these incredible AI HR tools together!

Top 11 AI HR Tools for Managers to Check Out in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Take a look at our top 11 AI tools for HR in 2024. These tools, which can be free or paid, make it easier for bosses to hire and keep employees happy.

1. GravityWrite

GravityWrite stands out as one of the best AI tools for HR professionals because it simplifies many time-consuming hiring and employee management tasks. Here's an overview of the unique features that establish GravityWrite as one of the best AI HR tools in the industry.

GravityWrite - The best AI HR tools

Making Job Ads That Get Noticed

Just type in the job you're hiring for, a little about your company, and what you're looking for. GravityWrite crafts amazing job descriptions that stand out on any platform. So, if you're trying to hire a Marketing Manager for a company “Fresh Tech Innovations”, the Job Description Generator by GravityWrite can create a job ad that's clear, detailed, and very attractive, helping to attract the right candidates to apply.

GravityWrite - The job description generator

Fun Fridays Made Easy

If you're scratching your head trying to figure out what to do for Fun Friday, GravityWrite’s Fun Friday Idea Generator is like having a brainstorming buddy. Tell it where you want to have the event, how many people will be there, and a bit about what you're looking for, and it gives back cool ideas. It helps make sure everyone looks forward to Friday, building a happier and more together team.

GravityWrite Fun friday idea generator

Nice Ways to Say No Thanks

Nobody likes sending rejection emails, but GravityWrite’s Job Rejection Email Generator helps you do it kindly and professionally. Just put in the job and your company, and it writes a kind email that lets people know they didn't get the job in a nice way, making sure they still like your company.

GravityWrite job rejection email generator

Welcome New Hires Warmly

The first day for new employees is super important, and GravityWrite’s On-boarding Process Email helps make it great. You input their name, job, where they'll work, when they start, and anything else they need to know. It then creates a welcome email that's friendly and helpful, making new folks like Alex Johnson at FreshTech Innovations feel right at home from the start.

GravityWrite on boarding process email

With these cool features, GravityWrite really stands out as one of the best tools for HR. It makes hiring, team building, saying no thanks, and welcoming new people smoother and friendlier, saving time and making work a better place.

GravityWrite Features

  • Create emails to schedule interviews easily.

  • Generate welcoming emails for new hires.

  • Craft rejection emails for job applicants.

  • Develop surveys to understand employee opinions.

  • Make emails to encourage employee referrals.

  • Prepare questions for exit interviews.

  • Design questionnaires to assess interviewees.

  • Provide feedback on interviews or AI assessments.

  • Suggest activities for Fun Fridays.

  • Produce emails to connect with potential candidates.

  • Automatically write job descriptions.

GravityWrite Pricing

  • Free Plan: It's totally free, lets you write up to 2,000 words a month, gives you over 80 different templates to use, works in more than 30 languages, has a few tone options and comes with basic help if you need it.

  • Starter Plan: This one costs $19 every month. You can write 50,000 words, use all the templates from the free plan, get special writing tools, have more than 25 tones to choose from and get faster help.

  • Pro Plan: At $79 a month, you get to write a lot more - up to 250,000 words. It includes everything in the Starter plan, plus you get AutoScribe, which is another cool writing tool, and the best help they offer.

2. Workable

Workable is a really helpful tool for people who are in charge of hiring at companies. It's like a smart assistant that helps you find the right people for jobs. With just a few clicks, you can put your job ads on more than 200 websites. It helps you pick out the best candidates by reviewing their resumes and skills. This means you don't have to spend hours reading through applications; Workable does much of the hard work for you.

Workable to find and hire better people

Workable is a type of computer intelligence that makes things easier. For example, it can automatically set up interviews, send emails to people who didn't get the job, and arrange tests or phone calls. There's even a cool feature that helps schedule interviews at times that work for both the person interviewing and the candidate. So, Workable makes the whole process of finding and hiring people much smoother and fairer for everyone.

Workable Features

  • Guess how well someone will do in the job before hiring them.

  • Help hire people from all kinds of backgrounds.

  • See how well your hiring is going with up-to-date info.

  • Find people who are great for the job but aren't looking for one.

  • Quickly pick out the best people from a big list of applicants.

Workable Pricing

  • Free Trial: Try it out for free to see how it works for your hiring needs.

  • Starter: $149 a month for smaller teams, with two job listings and 200 AI views.

  • Standard: Begins at $360 monthly, suitable for all sizes, offering endless jobs and 1,000 AI peeks.

  • Premier: From $599 monthly (yearly billing only), for extensive hiring, unlimited listings, 20,000 AI views, plus added perks like dedicated support.

3. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a smart tool that helps HR teams and staffing agencies find the right people for jobs more easily. It's special because it uses AI to do a lot of the hard work for you, like figuring out who the best candidates are. It can automatically check resumes to find important details about someone's skills and experience, which saves a lot of time.

Zoho recruit for talent acquistion

One of the coolest parts of Zoho Recruit is Zia, an AI chatbot that acts like a matchmaker, helping to connect you with the best candidates quickly. It looks at all the data to find patterns and make smart guesses about who will be a good fit for a job. This means HR teams can do their job better and faster, making Zoho Recruit a really helpful tool in hiring.

Zoho Recruit Features

  • Post your job ads automatically to lots of job websites.

  • Zia, the chatbot, helps keep all candidates informed.

  • Speed up the process of finding the right people for the job.

  • Predict your future hiring needs with smart technology.

  • Use automatic tools to help with scheduling and reminders.

  • Understand hiring trends better with adjustable analysis tools.

Zoho Recruit Pricing

  • Free Trial: Check it out first with a 15-day trial.

  • Forever Free: No cost, perfect for solo recruiters, with one job slot and basic recruitment tools.

  • Standard: At ₹1,500 per user, offering 100 jobs, enhanced sourcing, and integration features for growing agencies.

  • Professional: ₹3,000 per user, boosts to 250 jobs with AI matching and advanced analytics for efficient staffing.

  • Enterprise: ₹4,500 per user, the ultimate package with 750 jobs, custom automation, and exclusive integrations for large-scale hiring.

4. TribalBase

TribalBase makes using Slack a lot easier for teams, especially for HR folks who have to keep up with daily messages. It's like a smart helper that organizes all your Slack chats into something you can easily search through, like having Google for your Slack conversations. So, if you're trying to remember if someone sent out onboarding guides or mentioned something important, you can ask TribalBase and find out quickly.

Tribalbase for HR folks

The cool part about TribalBase is how it looks after your privacy. You get to choose which messages it keeps track of, leaving out private chats and DMs automatically. This is super handy for HR managers who need to find information quickly without going through every single message. It's a simple way to make sure you don't miss anything important in the flood of daily Slack messages.

TribalBase Features

  • Enables quick insights by summarizing lengthy Slack conversations.

  • Makes Slack chats easily searchable by transforming them into a knowledge base.

  • Allows for efficient information retrieval with an indexed database.

  • Facilitates exploration of historical discussions through targeted queries.

TribalBase Pricing

  • Free Trial: Give it a try with a 7-day free trial.

  • Free Plan: Offers 5 channels and 100 questions, with limited history viewing, at no cost.

  • Startup Plan: Priced at $29 a month for small teams, with 10 channels, unlimited questions, and up to 50 users.

  • Enterprise Plan: Begins at $299 for larger teams, including 100 channels, unlimited questions, and up to 1000 members.

5. Toptal

Toptal is a cool tool for finding really skilled freelancers for all sorts of jobs, like creating apps, managing money, designing things, leading projects, and more. It's super helpful for companies that want to hire the best people from anywhere in the world. This makes it easier for businesses to get the help they need for their big projects.

Toptal to hire freelance talent

The best part about Toptal is that it helps companies understand what skills their team already has and what they're missing. This way, they can pick the right person for the job. Plus, if a company really needs someone to work in their office, Toptal can arrange that, even though most of the work happens online. So, Toptal makes it simple to find and hire talented people no matter where they are.

Toptal Features

  • Provides a two-week trial period for every new engagement.

  • Utilizes predictive analysis to pinpoint missing skills within teams.

  • Tracks performance and measures engagement levels effectively.

  • Matches jobs and freelancers automatically for a perfect fit.

Toptal Pricing

  • Toptal gives you pricing that fits your project and a trial where you don't pay unless you are happy. Just ask their sales team for details.

6. EdApp

Edapp is a cool tool that makes learning at work easy and fun, especially for HR teams. It's all about ensuring employees know how to do their jobs well and follow the rules. The best part is that you can quickly create short, interactive lessons that don't bore people but help them remember stuff better. Whether it's teaching new hires what they need to know or making sure everyone's on the same page with company policies, Edapp's got you covered.

Edapp for training

Even better, Edapp's smart AI can make a whole course for you in just a few seconds. Tell it what you need, and it works, saving you much time. Plus, you can see how everyone's doing from one place, making keeping track of everyone's progress easy.

EdApp Features

  • Automated course completion reminders.

  • Analytics for monitoring learning outcomes.

  • Interactive microlearning modules.

  • Simplified course creation with AI.

  • User-friendly course builder tool.

EdApp Pricing

  • Free Plan: Completely free, includes unlimited courses and users, AI lesson creation, and a vast course library.

  • Do it yourself Plan: $2.95 per active user/month, adds advanced features like API integration and AI translation on top of the Free plan.

  • Managed Plan: Between $2.95 and $5.95 per user/month, custom content creation and full feature access with a year-long commitment.

  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for large teams (500+ users), offering comprehensive support and customization options.

7. Timely

Timely, created by Memory.ai, is a fantastic tool for effortlessly managing your team's time and tasks. It's especially handy for teams who work on the go, providing them with daily updates on what they've done online and the apps they've used. 

Timely for time tracking

Timely is one of the best AI tools for HR professionals, known for automatically tracking work hours and activities. You won't have to manually enter your time on tasks, meetings, or video calls - it's all recorded for you. And everything is kept confidential. You can be sure that while it helps boost productivity, it respects everyone's privacy. This balance of efficiency and privacy sets Timely apart from HR tools.

Timely Features

  • Tracks work hours and tasks automatically.

  • Organizes daily tasks easily.

  • Gives summaries of what you do online and the apps you use.

  • Keeps your activity details private and secure.

  • Operates seamlessly on both PCs and smartphones.

  • Record your time in meetings and video calls without manual input.

Timely Pricing

  • Free Trial: Available for all plans to test features.

  • Starter: $11/user/month for up to 5 users, 20 projects, with AI time tracking.

  • Premium: $20/user/month, supports up to 50 users, unlimited projects, plus management tools.

  • Unlimited: $28/user/month, no user limit, unlimited projects, with comprehensive planning and support.

8. Fetcher

Fetcher is an awesome AI tool for HR teams because it makes finding new talent easy. It uses smart AI to sift through lots of data, helping you discover a wide range of potential hires. Plus, Fetcher gives you direct access to candidates' verified email addresses and tracks who are interested in your job offers.

Fetcher for HR teams

Fetcher automates checking in on candidates' performance, saving HR leaders a lot of time. They don't have to manually schedule tasks or monitor progress because Fetcher handles feedback and performance strategy refinement for them. So, Fetcher assists in searching for diverse talent and supports their journey to becoming part of the team.

Fetcher Features

  • Metrics to track candidate engagement such as open, reply, and interest rates.

  • Access to verified candidate email addresses for direct outreach.

  • Uses AI to compare employee profiles with industry standards.

  • Keeps all key performance indicators and goals in one place.

  • Sets up performance reviews at times you choose.

Fetcher Pricing

  • Starter (Early Access): Free for up to 50 profiles a month, perfect for small teams or trial users, with basic search and analytics.

  • Growth: At $199 per user/month, offers 4,000 profiles yearly and integrates with ATS, calendars, and Slack for growing teams.

  • Amplify: Costs $649 per user/month, includes expert assistance and up to 1,000 human-sourced profiles for comprehensive talent sourcing.

9. Textio

Textio is like a smart assistant for writing job ads. It helps HR people by checking their job descriptions and giving tips to make the language friendly and inviting to everyone. It's great because it can spot words that might accidentally leave some people feeling left out. For example, it suggests better words that don't favor one gender over another, helping reach a bigger group of people.

Textio - An AI assistant for job description

Textio avoids words that might upset certain groups, like older folks or people with disabilities, by suggesting nicer alternatives. If you use a word that might not be cool with everyone, Textio will highlight it in orange and help you find a word that works better. This way, Textio ensures your job ads are more welcoming and open to a diverse range of applicants.

Textio Features

  • Uses smart tech to find and fix parts of your ad that might not sound right.

  • Offers lots of add-ons and ways to connect with other tools.

  • Points out words that might not be welcoming to everyone and suggests nicer options.

  • Helps make sure your words are friendly to everyone, regardless of gender.

Textio Pricing

  • Textio offers customized pricing plans based on individual client needs, details available through a demo request.

10. Effy

Effy is a lifesaver for HR teams, overwhelmed by performance reviews and 360-degree feedback tasks. Its AI quickly handles the workload, freeing HR from hours of review writing. This saves time, letting HR pay attention to more important tasks.

Effy for HR teams

Effy shines with its 20 tailored questionnaires for various evaluations, streamlining the review process. It integrates smoothly with Slack and MS Teams, ensuring easily accessible feedback. Effy also enhances employee engagement by arranging one-on-one meetings and automatically inviting newcomers. By making HR tasks faster and smarter, Effy stands out as a top AI tool in the HR field.

Effy Features

  • Automated scheduling for one-on-one meetings.

  • Pre-designed questionnaires for various evaluation types.

  • Fun emoji stickers and animal avatars for personalization.

  • Menu layout tailored to the user's job role.

  • Options for customizing invitations for team integration.

Effy Pricing

  • Free Plan: Always free, includes unlimited members and reviews, template access, notifications, dashboard, and Slack integration.

  • Pro Plan: $75/space/month, adds 30 AI reports, anonymized reviews, custom nominations, and better support.

11. IntelliHR

IntelliHR is a fantastic tool for people management that helps businesses by putting all their employee data in one spot. It automates reports, making it super easy for companies to have a data-driven culture. This means everything from automating processes to meeting compliance needs is handled in one place.

IntelliHR for people management

On top of that, IntelliHR offers tools for managing goals and keeping talent in the company. It's not just about keeping track of performance; it's also about helping employees grow and succeed. With IntelliHR, companies can manage goals, review performance, and make sure they're keeping their best people. This makes IntelliHR not just a data tool but a way to help teams thrive.

IntelliHR Features

  • Automates routine tasks to make workflows smoother.

  • Ensures that company practices meet all required standards.

  • Provides tools to set, track, and achieve work goals.

  • Helps keep valuable employees in the company.

  • Generates reports and monitors how well employees are doing.

IntelliHR Pricing

  • IntelliHR offers personalized pricing plans for different packages, available upon request by contacting them for a quote.

Best AI Tools for HR Pricing Summary

The following table shows a clear comparison of the free and paid plans along with the features of each paid plan for the 11 AI HR tools listed.

S.NoToolsPricingPaid Plan Features
1GravityWriteFree, Starter ($19/mo), Pro ($79/mo)Starter: 50,000 words; Pro: 250,000 words, AutoScribe
2WorkableFree Trial, Starter ($149/mo), Standard ($360+), Premier ($599+)Standard & Premier: Unlimited listings, more AI views, dedicated support
3Zoho RecruitFree Trial, Forever Free, Standard (₹1,500/user), Professional (₹3,000/user), Enterprise (₹4,500/user)Standard & above: 100-750 jobs, AI matching, advanced analytics
4TribalBaseFree Trial, Free, Startup ($29/mo), Enterprise ($299+)Startup: 10 channels; Enterprise: 100 channels, unlimited questions
5ToptalCustomized pricingTailored pricing based on needs
6EdAppFree, Do it yourself ($2.95/user/mo), Managed ($2.95-$5.95/user/mo), EnterpriseDo it yourself & Managed: Advanced features, custom content
7TimelyFree Trial, Starter ($11/user/mo), Premium ($20/user/mo), Unlimited ($28/user/mo)Premium & Unlimited: Unlimited projects, comprehensive support
8FetcherStarter (Free), Growth ($199/user/mo), Amplify ($649/user/mo)Growth: 4,000 profiles; Amplify: 1,000 human-sourced profiles
9TextioCustomized pricingCustomized plans based on client needs
10EffyFree, Pro ($75/space/mo)Pro: 30 AI reports, anonymized reviews, customized invitations
11IntelliHRCustomized pricingPersonalized plans based on client needs

AI HR Tools: Making Work Easier and Smarter

AI tools for HR are changing the game for people who work in human resources. There are many different AI tools out there, from free ones that help with basic stuff to the best AI tools for HR professionals who can do all sorts of cool things. For example, tools like GravityWrite help HR folks write job ads quickly and ensure they're good for everyone to read.

Platforms like Workable and Zoho Recruit streamline the entire recruitment process. There's an AI tool to assist with almost every HR task. Free AI tools for HR offer a great starting point for smaller companies or those new to AI, providing basic assistance and automation. 

Meanwhile, the best AI tools for HR, including advanced systems like Fetcher for talent sourcing and Textio for enhancing job post inclusivity, offer more sophisticated solutions that cater to a wide range of HR needs.

These tools help HR professionals do their jobs better and faster. They can help find the right people for jobs, keep track of how everyone's doing, and even help employees learn new skills. HR people can spend more time on big things, like ensuring everyone's happy and growing at work.

In short, AI tools for HR are making a difference. They're helping make HR tasks less of a headache and more about helping everyone at work do their best. As more smart tools emerge, HR jobs will get easier and more fun.

Frequently Asked Questions on AI HR Tools

1. What is the best AI tool for HR professionals?

GravityWrite is the best AI tool for HR professionals because it helps them write job descriptions quickly and effectively, making the recruitment process smoother and faster.

2. How can AI be used in recruitment?

AI helps a lot in hiring by quickly sorting through many resumes to find the best people for the job. It can also chat with candidates to keep them interested and ensure everyone gets a fair chance. This makes finding the right people faster and fairer.

3. What is the best use of AI in HR?

AI in HR is best used for automating repetitive tasks, analyzing employee data to make better decisions, and personalizing the employee experience, enhancing efficiency and engagement.

4. Is AI the future of HR?

Yes, AI is shaping up to be the future of HR. It's changing how we recruit, onboard, and manage employees, making processes more data-driven and personalized.

5. How does AI help address common HR challenges?

AI addresses common HR challenges by automating time-consuming tasks, providing insights into employee performance, and helping recruit diverse talent by minimizing unconscious bias.

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