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Top 7 AI Lyrics Generator for Crafting Hit Songs in 2024

Explore the best AI Lyrics Generators of 2024 for easy song creation!



Published Date:

Mar 6, 2024

AI Lyrics Generator
AI Lyrics Generator

Simplify Songwriting with Advanced AI Lyrics Generators!

Attention Music makers, get ready! The future of songwriting is here with AI lyrics generator. It's a game-changer for anyone looking to craft the next big hit in 2024. No matter your genre, from pop to rap, AI lyrics generator is your new secret weapon.

Now, imagine a world where creating the perfect song lyrics is as easy as clicking a button. That's what AI songwriters and AI rap lyric generators are all about. These innovative tools use cutting-edge technology to help you find the right words for your music, making writer's block a thing of the past.

Picture your songwriting process transformed. With AI generated lyrics at your fingertips, the struggle to find the right words disappears. Whether aiming to produce a chart-topping rap or a soulful ballad, the best free AI lyrics generators are here to elevate your music without spending a penny.

It's time to explore the possibilities! Jump into our guide to the top 7 AI lyrics generators for crafting hit songs in 2024. Discover the AI song lyrics generator that matches your musical vision and start creating with ease. Say goodbye to songwriting struggles, and hello to your next hit song.

Now, let's explore what an AI Lyrics Generator is and how it works.

What is an AI Lyrics Generator?

An AI Lyrics Generator is a smart assistant that helps you develop song lyrics using artificial intelligence. It's like having a computer buddy for your songwriting, offering you ideas and words for any type of music, whether you’re making a pop anthem or a rap hit. This tool can help you find the perfect words to make your song stand out.

There are many kinds of these generators, and lots of them are free. This means everyone can use them, not just professional musicians. If you love making music and want to play around with your lyrics, an AI song lyrics generator is a great tool to use.

These tools are really clever. They look at lots of different songs and lyrics, learning how to create new, original lyrics that sound just right. So, if you're aiming for a certain mood in your song, like a romantic ballad or an upbeat rap, an AI song writer can help you get there.

For those who love rap, AI rap lyric generators are specifically made for creating rap lyrics. They're great at creating lines that rhyme and fit the beat perfectly. Whether you're looking for AI generated rap lyrics or just want to explore new ideas for your music, these tools can be incredibly helpful.

Benefits of Using AI Lyrics Generators

  • Fast Lyrics Making: AI helps you create song lyrics quickly, boosting speed and efficiency.

  • Beat Writer's Block: Stuck for words? AI inspiration helps you overcome writer's block.

  • More Creative Songs: With AI, you get unique word choices and themes, enhancing your creativity.

  • Save Time: Quickly generate lyrics to kickstart your songwriting process, improving time efficiency.

  • New Ideas: AI-generated lyrics offer fresh inspiration, sparking your creative imagination.

  • For All Kinds of Music: There's an AI tool for it, whether it's rap or any other style.

Free to Use: Many AI lyric generators are free, making them cost-effective for everyone.

Top 7 AI Lyrics Generators of 2024 (Free & Paid)

Discover the 7 best AI lyrics generators of 2024, each offering a unique blend of innovation and creativity for crafting mesmerizing song lyrics across genres. From generating catchy pop melodies to intricate rap verses, these tools are designed to inspire musicians and songwriters at any level.

1. GravityWrite

GravityWrite - The Best AI Lyrics Generator

GravityWrite is the top choice among AI lyric generators for its innovative approach to songwriting. It empowers artists by turning ideas into lyrical masterpieces with ease and precision. This tool is especially valuable for its ability to understand and adapt to the user's creative vision, offering custom suggestions for lyrics based on a wide array of musical genres.

Moreover, GravityWrite has features that enhance its versatility and creativity. 

The tool caters to a diverse array of musical styles, such as pop, rock, rap, and more, enabling users to customize the emotional depth and atmosphere of their tracks.

Creative prompts are provided to spark inspiration, and the tool offers extensive customization options for language and style, ensuring that every song is as unique as its creator. These qualities place GravityWrite as the best free AI lyrics generator for musicians seeking to expand their artistic possibilities.

To access the song lyrics feature on GravityWrite, please follow these steps:

  • Open your web browser and navigate to the GravityWrite website.

  • Click on the ‘Login’ button. You'll need to sign up by entering your details if you're new.

  • Look for a section labeled "Music Tools" on the dashboard.

  • Within "Music Tools," find and select "Song Lyrics Designer."

  • Here, you can start crafting your song by entering specific details about your project.

Crafting Song Lyrics with GravityWrite AI

GravityWrite AI writing assistant begins by asking for the essence of your song, including the theme, genre, number of verses, and desired mood. For example, if you're aiming to write a pop song about overcoming challenges with an upbeat and inspiring tone, you would input:

GravityWrite's Song Lyrics Input
  • Concept, theme, or idea: Overcoming challenges

  • Genre: Pop

  • Number of verses: 5

  • Mood or emotion: Uplifting

AI Lyrics Generator Output 

GravityWrite Lyrics Generator output


  • Easily creates lyrics for many music styles, like pop, rock, and rap.

  • Let’s set the song's mood and tone for the perfect emotional fit.

  • Provides creative prompts to help when you're stuck.

  • Offers customization in multiple languages and styles for unique lyrics.

  • Free to use, making it accessible to all musicians.


  • Might not reflect the songwriter's personal touch.

  • Makes short lyrics, so you might need to write more.

  • Uses familiar ideas, possibly limiting how unique the song feels.


  • Free Plan: No cost, 2,000 words/month for a single user.

  • Starter Plan: $19/month, 50,000 words, 50 AI images/month, 100+ templates, 15+ tones/languages, unlimited downloads for one user.

  • Pro Plan: $79/month, 250,000 words, 100 AI images/month, 200+ templates, 25+ tones/30+ languages, unlimited downloads, multiple users, access to pro tools, and latest models.

2. LyricStudio

LyricStudio - AI song writer

LyricStudio distinguishes itself as a top-tier AI song writer, uniquely designed to help songwriters overcome writer's block by offering personalized lyric-writing assistance. It stands out by providing tailored suggestions that resonate with the chosen genre and topic, enhancing creativity with smart word choices and rhymes.

Unlike typical AI generated song lyrics tools, LyricStudio excels in understanding the user's context and style, offering a platform that not only aids in crafting songs but also supports storing lyrics and collaborating in real-time. This makes LyricStudio an indispensable tool for anyone looking for a comprehensive and free AI lyrics generator.


  • Provides rhyming suggestions to enhance lyrical quality

  • Includes a thesaurus for exploring synonyms and alternative word choices

  • Offers collaboration features for seamless co-writing experiences

  • Understands context and provides tailored suggestions to meet user needs

  • It accommodates a broad spectrum of musical styles and genres to meet various musical tastes

  • Features a "Magic draft" tool for generating initial song drafts


  • Suggestions provided by the tool may sometimes deviate from the selected genre, requiring adjustments.

  • The "Magic draft" feature may generate only one verse and chorus, not a complete song.


  • LyricStudio offers a non-expiring free trial with limited uses, no payment info is required.

  • Pro Plan: Monthly at $5.99, 6-monthly at $4.99/mo, annually at $3.99/mo; includes unlimited uses and advanced features.

  • Gold Plan: Monthly at $9.99, 6-monthly at $8.99/mo, annually at $7.99/mo; adds advanced metaphors, context detection, and sentence completion.

3. Deepbeat


Deepbeat stands out as one of the best AI lyric generators, especially for hip-hop and rap fans. It uses advanced machine learning and neural network technology to create catchy bars and rhyming lyrics. Its interface is simple, making it easy for anyone to use, whether trying to finish a track or just playing around with ideas.

Although Deepbeat can sometimes be a bit glitchy, especially if you're trying to include specific words in your rap, its benefits far outweigh these minor issues. With a little patience, you can overcome the occasional error messages and discover unique and creative lines that can enhance your music. This free AI lyrics generator is a valuable asset for aspiring songwriters and musicians, helping them to unlock their creativity and bring their songs to life.


  • Free to use for all users

  • Specifically designed for rappers and their unique needs

  • Offers an easy-to-use interface for effortless lyric generation

  • Allows for unlimited lyric generations to explore various ideas and concepts

  • Ability to include input keywords and terms for more personalized results


  • Experiences frequent error messages and glitches, affecting usability


  • Deepbeat is available at no cost, offering limitless creative outputs without any fees.

4. Freshbots


Freshbots shines as one of the top free AI lyrics generators available today, catering to a variety of musical styles. Its clean and straightforward interface makes it incredibly user-friendly, allowing anyone to generate song lyrics effortlessly. 

Whether you're working on rap, country, rock, pop, or even looking to create something poetic like a haiku or limerick, Freshbots offers a selection of styles to jumpstart your creativity.

This AI songwriting tool is unique because it offers unlimited generations, giving you endless possibilities to craft the perfect lyrics. You simply input a topic, select your preferred style, and hit Generate to see what Freshbots can create. 

While the range of topics and styles might seem limited at first glance, the tool's ability to produce distinctive and imaginative lyrics from your input is impressive. Even if the initial draft may appear repetitive, you can achieve remarkable results with a bit of tweaking and combining different sections.


  • Generates lyrics and poems quickly for efficient, creative brainstorming

  • Provides unlimited lyric generations, allowing users to experiment with different concepts

  • Capable of generating both lyrics and poems, offering versatility in creative output

  • Offers a vast topic database to explore various themes and ideas

  • Free to use, making it accessible to all users without any cost barriers

  • Web-based tool, enabling easy access from any internet-connected device

  • It lets artists use the lyrics they make for selling their songs, helping them make money.


  • Lacks rhyming features, limiting the poetic flow and musicality of the lyrics

  • The website contains numerous ads, potentially disrupting the user experience

  • Unable to complete lyrics that users have already started writing

  • Lyrics can sometimes be overly literal, incorporating the topic too frequently

  • Rap lyrics generated may not meet the desired quality standards


  • Freshbots offers a no-cost platform with the capability for endless generations.

5. Moises AI Lyric Writer

Moises AI Lyric Writer

Moises is a fantastic AI lyrics generator for anyone who needs assistance with their songwriting. This tool is a feature within a broader AI-powered music app that offers various functionalities, including playing along with music tracks, isolating vocals and instruments, and instantly detecting chords and keys. When generating song lyrics, Moises shines by providing smart, unique, and creative suggestions that blend well with your existing lyrics.

However, creating a complete song using this song lyrics generator AI requires more effort. You need to build your song line by line, which ensures a more personalized touch but means you can only generate part of the song. 

Relying solely on AI-generated lyrics without adding your personal input might result in repetitive or disjointed lyrics. But, by using Moises AI Lyric Writer as a collaborative tool in your songwriting process, incorporating your own ideas along with the AI's suggestions, you can enhance your songs' originality and emotional depth.


  • Offers high-quality smart suggestions tailored to the user's style and preferences

  • Stores all song lyric projects in one dashboard for easy organization and access

  • Utilizes the thesaurus to find synonyms and definitions, enriching lyric vocabulary and depth

  • Boasts a clean and aesthetic user interface for intuitive navigation and a pleasant user experience

  • Provides a syllable count feature (available in the premium plan) for precise lyrical composition

  • Adds an emoji for song mood to enhance expression and convey emotion effectively


  • Requires users to start writing before suggestions are provided, which may hinder initial inspiration.

  • Unable to generate a new song in one go, requiring multiple sessions for completion

  • Lyric Writer premium feature is exclusive to the highest-tier plan of Moises AI, limiting access.

  • Advanced features such as syllable count are unavailable in the free plan, restricting functionality.

  • Moises AI Lyric Writer is still in beta development, potentially leading to occasional bugs or issues.


  • Free Plan: Offers 5 AI audio separations monthly, metronome, speed changer, key, and chord detection without cost.

  • Premium Plan: $3.33/month (annual billing) for full access, includes everything in Free plus unlimited separations, separation of 5 instruments and 2 vocals, enhanced practice tools, reference mastering, and WAV export.

  • Pro Plan: $24.99/month (annual billing) for advanced features on top of Premium offerings, such as Hi-Fi separation models, specialized models (coming soon), extended audio separation, Voice Studio, Lyric Writer, VST plugins, and advanced AI mastering (coming soon).

6. AskYourPDF

AskYourPDF - AI Rap lyrics generator

AskYourPDF's AI Rap Generator is a top pick for anyone looking to create rap lyrics easily. This tool uses AI to help you quickly make rap verses that are unique and creative. It's perfect for new artists, writers, or anyone interested in trying out hip-hop without the stress of starting from zero.

What's cool about this AI rap lyrics generator is that it can make rhymes from whatever you tell it - like a theme, keywords, or a specific idea. The AI is smart and ensures your lyrics rhyme well and sound well together. This means you can focus more on what you want to say in your rap, not just on making words rhyme.

You also get to customize a lot. You can choose how many verses you want, how long they should be, and even pick specific rhymes or words to include. This lets you make the rap lyrics fit your style and what you're trying to say, making AskYourPDF's AI Rap Generator a great tool for anyone looking to get into rap.


  • Simplifies the lyric creation process, making it a straightforward and user-friendly experience.

  • Acts as a helpful resource for beginners, teaching them about rhyme, rhythm, and rap structure.

  • Provides a quick way to start writing lyrics, which is particularly useful for people facing writer's block or who doubt their ability to write engaging rap lyrics.


  • The need for users to add their unique touch to ensure the lyrics reflect their personal experiences and emotions.

  • AI-generated content may lack the depth and authenticity found in lyrics written by an individual.


  • Basic Plan: $0/month for newcomers with 100 chats/month, document interactions (up to 100 pages or 15MB), and limited daily usage.

  • Premium Plan: $14.99/month for unlimited interactions, larger documents (up to 2500 pages or 30MB), more daily activities, and advanced AI models with initial credits.

  • Pro Plan: $19.99/month offers the highest daily limits, largest documents (up to 6000 pages or 90MB), unlimited questions, and additional perks, including more credits and priority support.

  • Enterprise: Customized solutions for unlimited capabilities and dedicated support.

7. Rytr AI Songwriter

Rytr AI Song Writer

Rytr AI Songwriter is a top free AI lyrics generator for creating songs. It is smart enough to write lyrics in different styles, just like your favorite artists and music genres. This means you can make all kinds of songs, from rap to rock, without getting stuck for words.

One of the best things about Rytr is that it lets you work with friends or a team to write a song together. Its tools make sharing ideas and lyrics easy so everyone can add their bit. This is perfect if you like making music with others.

So, if you're looking for an AI song lyrics generator that's free and easy to use, Rytr AI Songwriter could be what you need. It's good for trying out new song ideas, and you can have fun mixing up different styles with your team.


  • Offers a large selection of music genres and artist styles for customization.

  • It has a simple and easy-to-use design, making it great for everyone to use.

  • Provides many options to customize your lyrics according to personal preferences.

  • Can quickly generate engaging and high-quality lyrics.

  • Includes features for fine-tuning text, like line-by-line generation, keyword suggestions, and adjusting the tone.


  • There's a chance the lyrics might not have the same emotional depth as those written by humans.

  • The AI might rely on common themes and lack original creativity.

  • There's a risk of accidentally creating lyrics that are too similar to existing works, leading to plagiarism concerns.


  • Free Plan: No cost, includes 10K characters per month, 1 language, no plagiarism checks.

  • Saver Plan: $9/month or $7.50/month annually, offers unlimited generations, 1 tone match, 50 plagiarism checks per month, 1 language, doubled input limit, and more.

  • Unlimited Plan: $29/month or $24.16/month annually, includes everything in Saver plus unlimited characters, multiple tone matches, 100 plagiarism checks, 35+ languages, tripled input limit, and additional features.

How to Select the Best AI Lyrics Generator?

Selecting the best AI lyrics generator is essential for aligning with your music genre, ensuring customization to match your style, and guaranteeing ease of use for a seamless songwriting experience. Here's how to choose effectively:

  • Choose Based on Genre: Select tools specialized in your musical genre.

  • Prioritize Customization: Look for extensive customization options for lyrics that fit your style.

  • Ease of Use is Key: An intuitive interface is crucial for a smooth workflow.

  • Test Multiple Tools: Experiment with various AI generators to find the perfect match.

  • Integrate Creatively: Blend AI-generated lyrics with your unique artistic flair.

  • Start with Free Options: Use free versions for initial exploration without financial commitment.

AI Lyrics Generator Pricing Summary

The table below will help you compare the pricing and key features of each AI lyrics generator tool.

1GravityWriteFree; Starter: $19/mo; Pro: $79/moFree up to 2,000 words; Starter: 50,000 words, 50 AI images; Pro: 250,000 words, 100 AI images
2LyricStudioFree trial; Pro: $5.99/mo; Gold: $9.99/moNon-expiring free trial; Pro: Unlimited uses; Gold: Advanced features
3DeepbeatFreeUnlimited generations without any fees
4FreshbotsFreeEndless generations at no cost
5Moises AI Lyric WriterFree; Premium: $3.33/mo; Pro: $24.99/moFree: 5 AI separations; Premium: Unlimited separations; Pro: Advanced features
6AskYourPDFBasic: $0; Premium: $14.99/mo; Pro: $19.99/moBasic: 100 chats; Premium: Unlimited interactions; Pro: Highest limits
7Rytr AI SongwriterFree; Saver: $9/mo; Unlimited: $29/moFree: 10K chars; Saver: Unlimited generations, 1 tone; Unlimited: 100 plagiarism checks

Create Hit Songs Today with AI Lyrics Generator!

Exploring AI lyric generators like GravityWrite, LyricStudio, and Deepbeat opens up a world of creativity for musicians in 2024. These tools, alongside others like Freshbots and Rytr, offer unique features to enhance songwriting across genres. Each platform offers something special, from generating rap verses to crafting catchy pop hooks.

Experimentation is key. Dive into these platforms, try their features, and see how they can transform your music. Whether you're looking for inspiration, battling writer's block, or just want to play around with new ideas, there's an AI writing tool for you.

Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Act now, take advantage of these groundbreaking AI lyric generators, and be at the forefront of the musical revolution. 

Sign up, start exploring, and let these tools propel your music to heights you've only dreamed of. This is your moment to shine - embrace it, create with it, and transform your songwriting journey today. The next big hit is just a click away, and it could be yours.

FAQs on AI Lyrics Generator

  1. What is an AI lyrics generator?

    An AI lyrics generator is a tool powered by artificial intelligence that can create song lyrics based on input such as themes, genres, or even specific emotions you want the song to convey.

  2. Do I need technical skills to use an AI lyrics generator?

    No, most AI lyric generators, like GravityWrite, are designed to be user-friendly and require no special technical skills. You simply provide the input, and the tool generates lyrics for you.

  3. Is it free to use an AI lyrics generator?

    Yes. While many AI lyrics generators offer a free version, they might also have premium options that provide more features, such as generating longer lyrics or offering more customization. Check the specific tool for pricing options.

  4. Can I customize the style or genre of the lyrics generated?

    Yes. GravityWrite’s AI lyrics generators offer the option to select a specific style or genre to influence the tone and direction of the generated lyrics, making it easier to match your specific needs.

  5. Can GravityWrite's AI lyrics generator create lyrics in multiple languages?

    Yes, GravityWrite's AI lyrics generator is capable of generating lyrics in various languages, allowing for a diverse and inclusive songwriting experience.

  6. Will using an AI lyrics generator limit my creativity?

    No, many users find that AI lyric generators actually spark creativity by offering new ideas and perspectives. They are tools to aid the creative process, not replace it.

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