Top 5 Free AI Tools That Anyone Can Use In 2023

Boost up your business with these amazing free AI tools

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Nov 29, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the departments that has gone through many advancements in recent years. AI has a huge impact on reducing human work and making it an unavoidable thing not only in content creation but also in different industries. 

Along with this, various new free AI tools are being developed that make the purpose of making the work easier and more efficient. 

This blog will simplify your research if you are looking to use free AI tools to improve your productivity.

What are AI Tools?

AI tools are software developed with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, especially for content creation. They clearly understand user inputs and analyze them thoroughly to generate outputs quickly. 

It creates text, videos, images, songs, presentations, and most types of content for business needs. These AI tools will significantly improve productivity and help create high-quality content faster than manually working on it.

Benefits of AI Tools

Here are some of the key benefits of using AI for content creation:

  1. Increased Productivity - AI content tools automate the writing and content creation process, allowing you to produce high-quality content in less time. For example, AI can generate drafts, blog outlines, images, and email copies that humans simply edit to improve them.

  2. Cost Savings - AI tools can improve efficiency, saving content creators money by reducing the time and human efforts required to produce content.

  3. Customization - Many AI content tools are trained on specific data sets, allowing them to adapt to particular languages, tones, styles, brands, and guidelines.

  4. Data-Driven Decisions: It analyzes large amounts of available data online, checks various facts, and produces unique content.

  5. Higher Quality - AI tools lead to better optimization with continuous machine learning around elements like readability, structure, length, and word choice, which leads to overall higher-quality content.

5 Best Free AI Tools To Grow Your Business

Here is a list of various Free AI tools that help every individual, business professional, marketer, entrepreneur, and business owner boost their productivity.

1. GravityWrite - Free AI Tool For Content Creation 

GravityWrite is a free best AI tool that has recently gained popularity for its powerful content creation capabilities. It is built with advanced language models and AI functionalities, and it uses constant machine learning to deliver great results every time. 

This free AI tool offers a user-friendly interface so that beginners can quickly get started. Gravitywrite is built with 100+ AI tools and templates for multiple use cases. 

It has a  long list of advanced AI tools and templates that are arranged under various categories like advertising, copywriting, blogging, e-commerce, emails, idea generation, social media, SEO, website content, YouTube tools, etc.

Gravitywrite is a robust tool with great technology that offers real-time data with recent trends. This free tool creates SEO-optimized content with proper keyword placements for improved rankings. 

GravityWrite Key Features 

  • It writes complete YouTube, Shorts, and Reels scripts more engagingly. 

  • Gravitywrite crafts high-converting landing pages using extensive AI copywriting templates, such as AIDA, BAB, PAS, 4Ps, the PAR model, and many others. 

  • The content package is one of the best features of this free AI tool. It allows you to create content in groups, saving time and improving productivity. 

  • Generate every type of email content with templates like newsletters, lead magnets, subject lines, promotion emails, email sequences, and follow-up emails. 

  • Generate images for your marketing and social media purposes with image generators. In a minute, with simple input, it generates an attractive image. 

  • This free AI tool can rewrite previously published landing pages completely just by providing URLs for better conversion copies. 

  • Gravitywrite has various repurposing tools like article-to-video script, blog-to-reels, and YouTube video-to-blog posts. 

  • Social media content creation is another tedious task that AI tools like All-in-one social posts can handle more efficiently. These tools create social posts for multiple platforms at one time. 

GravityWrite Pricing

  • Free Plan - Generate upto 2000 words per month. Get access to 80+ writing templates, 30+ languages, and limited tones.

  • Starter - It costs $15 per month, allowing you to generate 50k words with 80+ premium AI templates and 25 tones of voice.

  • Pro - It costs $69 monthly for 250k words and complete access to all AI tools with premium support.

2. Lumen 5 - AI Video Creation Platform

Lumen 5 is an AI video creation platform that allows anyone to create amazing videos in a quicker time. With its user-friendly dashboard and 

functionalities, it is easy to get started and start using it. 

This free AI tool offers easy video creation with drag-and-drop functionalities to build a complete video in minutes. 

Lumen 5, with its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, allows you to quickly convert any blog post or other text into an amazing video. It can also convert research papers or simple text content into a full-fledged video. 

The best part is that you can just share the already published blog link. It automatically fetches the data from text and images. Then, it summarises the blog and creates a perfect video by algorithmically processing it. 

If the content has not been published previously, just copy and paste it straight into this free AI tool to generate amazing videos. 

With this AI video editor, you can include overlays to highlight your key ideas and points.

Lumen 5 Key Features

  • The AI automatically understands the nature of the content by analyzing it and picking suitable stock footage from the library to create a fantastic video. 

  • Based on the algorithm, it calculates the content reading speed and scene detection, and it produces a great video. 

  • After AI creates the video, you can simply customize the aspect ratios, watermarks, outer frames, colors, logos, and watermarks on your video. 

  • In addition, you can also simply pick from the prebuilt, fully customizable templates to create unique videos from scratch. 

  • This AI tool provides access to millions of photos and videos for video creation. 

  • It auto-generates video captions, and you can customize the caption's font and colors. 

Lumen 5 Pricing

  • Free Plan - It lets you create five videos monthly with a 720p resolution. The video output contains a watermark on the free plan.

  • Basic: It costs $29 monthly and includes 30+ templates, 720P resolution, and license-free images. You can create an unlimited number of videos.

  • Starter - It costs $79 per month with a 1080p resolution. It offers brand kits, custom fonts, colors, and premium visuals.

  • Professional - It costs $199 per month with three workspaces. It includes custom watermarks, fonts, and access to a special media marketplace. 

3. Copy AI - Free AI Chatbot

Copy AI is a free AI tool for creating high-converting copies. It offers a vast collection of AI templates and prompts for creating content.

This free AI tool has a prompt library for various marketing categories, such as influencer marketing, product marketing, paid ads, email marketing, event marketing, and sales. 

With its advanced generative AI capabilities, it generates high-quality content in a quick time and with more refined output. 

Overcome writer's block with Copy AI, a writing assistant with amazing capabilities, such as a research assistant and a blank page remover. 

Seamlessly write SEO-optimized long-form blog posts in minutes. With some refinements and tweaks, we can make it a high-performing blog. 

It offers various free AI tools like sentence rewriter, product description generator, marketing email generator, outline generator, free cold email generator, bio generator, slogan generator, and many other tools.

Copy AI Key Features

  • One of the advantages of this free AI tool is its highly efficient workflow. The workflows are perfect for individuals and teams needing to create large amounts of content. 

  • It has various field-based workflows, such as social media, ecommerce, sales, and SEO. These workflows allow you to generate content following a process to improve productivity. 

  • Brand Voice functionality ensures you create every type of content in your brand voice to stay connected with your audience. 

  • This free AI tool is built with multiple advanced AI models, allowing for better flexibility and a seamless content creation experience. 

  • Copy AI maintains high industry standards to protect and secure your business information. 

  • This AI tool has a specifically designed OS for marketing and sales. It works like a conversion funnel, aiming to provide better growth through various strategies. 

Copy AI Pricing

  • Free Plan - It offers 2000 words in chat, 200 bonus credits, and one-seat access. All the plans include functionalities like 

  • Pro Plan - The Pro plan costs $36 monthly and offers unlimited chat words, five seats, and 500 workflow credits. 

  • Team Plan - It costs $186 monthly and provides unlimited chat words, 20 seats, and 3k workflow credits. 

  • Growth Plan - It costs $1000 per month with 75 seats and 20K workflow credits.

  • Scale Plan - It costs $3000 per month with 200 seats and 75K workflow credits. 

All the paid plans in Copy AI include unlimited chat words, 95+ languages, 90+ prompt templates, AI workflows, Infobase, and workflow templates. 

4. Simplified - Comprehensive Free AI Tool

Simplified comes with a collection of free AI tools for various occasions. This versatile tool is great for marketers. AI writing allows everyone to generate fantastic marketing copies quickly.

The simplified free AI tool has over 50 high-quality AI templates, including taglines, product descriptions, landing pages, emails, and long-form blogs. 

It lets you create content in 10+ tones of voice and over 30 languages to reach a global audience. You can seamlessly refine and optimize your content with an AI rewriter tool that can convert any content into engaging copy. 

It transforms your content without changing the meaning or information. This free AI writer tool's long-form functionality lets us write anything from simple blogs to full-fledged ebooks, with special functionalities like paragraph generator and sentence expander. 

AI presentation maker is a unique free AI tool from Simplified that lets you create amazing presentations in minutes. 

On the AI presentation dashboard, simply provide a quick description of your presentation topics, and it automatically creates an attractive presentation. 

It is fully customizable and easy to edit color, font, text, images, sounds, and multiple others to suit your requirements.

Simplified Key Features

  • It has an optimized graphic design tool lets you design graphics, brochures, logos, and flyers without any design knowledge.

  • With AI background remover, remove the image backgrounds with one click, which helps add to the ecommerce page and listings.

  • Creating enormous brand kits for business is super fun and easy by simply adding your logos, fonts, and images. It also offers a large library of copyrighted and watermark-free images. 

  • Generate and automate social media content directly from the dashboard by connecting them.

  • Seamlessly connect and collaborate with your team in real-time to make tweaks and improvements for better productivity.

Simplified Pricing

  • Free Plan - Simplified offers 2000 free words per month, including blog wizard access, 90+ AI tools, and 20+ AI languages. 

  • Pro Plan - It starts at $12 for 35000 words with one user access, and the plan extends upto 300k words.

5. Grammarly - Free AI Grammar Tool

Grammarly is a highly popular grammar assistant tool that is amazing for content writers. It generally provides valuable grammar suggestions, sentence restructuring, corrections of spelling mistakes, and better pronunciation to make your writing fluent. 

But it is more than just a grammar tool. It is a power-packed AI tool that takes your content to the next level. In addition to grammar, these free AI tools are improved to provide efficient tone and style by analyzing which suits better. 

Grammarly Key Features

  • Its generative AI functionalities allow you to customize your content with your style. 

  • Grammarly can refine your copies in minutes with prebuilt prompt functionalities like simplify, shorten, tone, and improve. 

  • It works across various popular applications and websites with its powerful extension. 

  • Grammarly provides better security and privacy to your data and complies with GDPR and CCPA. You can also easily assign roles and add and remove accounts for efficient management. 

  • This free AI tool helps to brainstorm ideas and outlines, is easy to read, is mistake-free, and rewrites your content for better communication.

Grammarly Pricing

  • Grammarly has a free tool provides unlimited grammar suggestions and generates 100 AI prompts.

  • The premium plan costs you $12 monthly and generates upto 2000 AI prompts.  

  • A business plan costs $15 monthly, allowing you to generate 2000 AI prompts. It offers a style guide, brand tones, knowledge sharing, and an analytics dashboard. 


This list of the best free AI tools is carefully selected to provide you with the perfect growth hack for your business. Most free AI tools also have a premium version, making them more powerful and highly efficient. These free AI tools can create everything from simple social media captions and scripts to visually appealing professional videos.

FAQ On Top 5 Free AI Tools

Which is the best free AI tool?

Gravitywrite is the best free AI tool for quickly producing high-quality content. It is developed with advanced machine learning algorithms and features fantastic content generation with 80+ AI templates in over 50 languages, making it the best free AI tool.

Which is the best AI video editor tool?

Lumen 5 is the best AI video editing tool. It allows anyone to build websites with easy drag-and-drop functionalities. Moreover, it can convert any blog post into a fantastic video with its extensive collection of stock images and videos.

Is there any totally free AI app?

There is usually no totally free AI tool that produces fantastic content. However, most famous AI tools offer a free version, while more powerful functionalities are available in premium versions. 

Is Jasper AI free?

Jasper AI is not free because it’s a premium tool. It only offers a limited free 7-day trial to try its AI tool.

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