Top 7 AI Tools for Business in 2024

Boost your business like never before with these AI Tools



Published Date:

Nov 17, 2023


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Jul 10, 2024

AI tools for business
AI tools for business

2024's Best AI Tools for Business!

Did you know that the American computer scientist John McCarthy was the first person to use the word "Artificial Intelligence" (AI) in 1956? 

Now, in 2024, we're in a super exciting time where AI is a big deal for everyone. It's not just a fancy tech word anymore; it's changing how we live!

Small businesses and startups are jumping on the AI train to grow and succeed, and you don't want to miss out. If you're searching for the best AI tools for business to make your work easier, you're in the right place. 

We will check out the top 7 awesome AI tools today that don't just get the job done but also make your business work better and earn more.

But wait, what should you look for in these AI tools for business in 2024? Let's break it down:

  • User-friendliness: The tool should be easy to use so you and your team can learn it quickly without much training. 

  • Guidance: Every new tool takes a bit of learning. Ensure your AI tool has good guides, tutorials, and a friendly support team to help you.

  • Compatibility: Check if the tool can fit in smoothly with your current software and systems, especially in things like project management, communication, and keeping track of customers.

  • Capacity to scale: Make sure the tool can grow with your business. As your team and customers grow, your tool should be flexible enough to keep up and handle increasing amounts of data.

  • Pricing: Don't just look at the price tag. Find a tool that gives you good value for your money. It should help your business make more money without breaking your budget.

7 Best AI Tools for Business in 2024

Now that we've discussed what's important when picking AI tools for small business, let's jump into the coolest 7 AI tools for content creation and optimization you should consider adding to your startup or small business.

Best AI tools for business

1. GravityWrite  - For AI Content Generation

GravityWrite - The best AI tool for business

GravityWrite, an amazing AI writing assistant loved by businesses and content creators. It's a super-smart tool that uses artificial intelligence to turn your ideas into top-notch content. 

Whether you're starting a business or boosting your website, creating awesome content is key. GravityWrite makes it a breeze by automating the writing of things like product descriptions, ad copies, sales emails, YouTube scripts, website content, and more.

What makes GravityWrite so cool? GravityWrite is powered by advanced AI that uses the GPT - 4 AI model to create text in response to user input. You can choose from over 115 templates.  It has a user-friendly dashboard and can create impressive website content in seconds. 

It even works with text and image generation, and you can tweak the words it generates. Plus, it supports over 50 languages!

Right now, you can play with 1000 FREE WORDS/MONTH. If you need more, a paid plan starts at $19 a month (or $15 a month if you pay yearly).

Here's what GravityWrite can do:

  • MultiPrompt: Answer a few questions about your business, and GravityWrite cooks up tailor-made content for your website, SEO-optimised blogs, emails, and ads. It's like magic for your brand!

  • Complete Brand Content: Transform your website instantly - just share your URL, and GravityWrite works its wonders.

  • Social Media Content Tools: Generates content for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter in one click.

  • Image Creator: Turn your ideas into eye-catching images. You can even organize them in the 'Gallery' section.

  • YouTube Tools: From ideas to script creation and even timestamp generation, GravityWrite has your YouTube content covered.

  • Writing Assistants: Use various tools for text improvement, summarization, rewriting, and even emoji integration.

  • Lead Magnet Ideas: Attract potential customers with GravityWrite's smart ideas.

  • Filmmaking Tools: Get assistance in making awesome videos.

GravityWrite is here to make your content game strong and your business shine. Try it out and see the difference!

2. ChatGPT - For Chat Assistant

ChatGPT - For Chat Assistant

ChatGPT is the cool AI chatbot brought to you by OpenAI. It's not your regular chatbot. It can create text and even write programming code using natural language. Just chat with it like any other chatbot, and it'll chat right back. 

Need some content? Ask ChatGPT, and it'll whip something up for you.

The free version now uses an older model, GPT-3.5, trained until September 2021. It's fun to play with, but it might get dreamy because it's using older info.

But here's the exciting part – for $20 a month with ChatGPT Plus, you get the supercharged GPT-4 and plugins from clever third parties. These plugins turn ChatGPT into a super tool!

Now, what can ChatGPT do?

  • Text Creation: Make it write based on simple or fancy prompts.

  • Code Generation: Ask for code in different programming languages, and it's on it!

  • Summaries: Get quick summaries of text or long passages.

  • Language Translation: Need something translated? ChatGPT is on the case.

  • Poetry and Creative Writing: Feeling poetic? Ask ChatGPT to generate some creative writing.

  • Entertainment: ChatGPT can tell jokes, share interesting facts, and even discuss hobbies or interests.

ChatGPT is your language expert, and with ChatGPT Plus, it becomes your all-in-one super tool.

3. Grammarly - For Content Editing

Grammarly - For Content Editing

Grammarly is an excellent writing tool for small businesses that never goes out of style. It's like having your personal editor powered by AI and NLP, always ready to boost your writing game.

Grammarly is everywhere you need it to be - on the web, your desktop, your browser, and even as a Microsoft Office add-in. 

With GrammarlyGO, its AI-writing assistant, you get real-time suggestions as you type. And here's the awesome thing - you can tweak prewritten text with one-click magic buttons. Shorten it, simplify it, improve it, or adjust the tone – all with a click!

At its heart, Grammarly is your grammar superhero, fixing common mistakes, trimming unnecessary words, and giving your writing a polished look.

Now, let's talk about what Grammarly can do for you:

  • Grammar and Spelling Checks: Catch those annoying mistakes like their vs. they’re.

  • Punctuation Correction: Fix misplaced commas and periods.

  • Writing Style Suggestions: Make your writing a breeze to read.

  • Plagiarism Detection: Make your text unique by comparing it to billions of web pages.

  • Word Choice Suggestions: Find just the right words.

  • Tone Detection: Know how your message might come across.

Grammarly is not just an app. It's your writing ally. Let Grammarly be your guide - writing has never been this fun!

4. Quillbot - For Paraphrasing

Quillbot - For Paraphrasing

Quillbot - Your go-to tool for giving your words a fresh twist. It's like having a super-smart assistant powered by AI that helps you rephrase and reshape your text, all while keeping the original meaning intact.

It's the perfect sidekick for creating unique, plagiarism-free content. And guess what? It's an amazing tool when used properly.

Quillbot is a must-have for content creators who want to put a new spin on their text, craft unique content, and steer clear of plagiarism worries.

Here's what makes Quillbot awesome:

  • Advanced Paraphrasing: Give your words a makeover by tweaking words and sentence structure.

  • Multiple Rewriting Modes: Choose the mode that suits your style for a polished output.

  • Settings for Original Meaning: Keep the heart of your message while changing the words.

  • Plagiarism Detection Add-On: Ensure your content is as original as it gets.

  • Google Add-On: Integrate enhanced text refinement directly into your browser.

Quillbot is not just a rewriting tool. It's your secret weapon for creating standout content.

5. Surfer SEO - For Search Engine Optimisation

Surfer SEO - For Search Engine Optimisation

Surfer SEO is a super helpful tool for your content, acting like a genius that plans, creates, and enhances your content in one place.

What's the goal? - Boosting your website traffic and making your brand shine! And guess what? It's super easy to use.

Surfer SEO brings the latest and greatest AI tools, helping you turbocharge your blog posts, articles, and other writings. It's not just for the creative side. It's also a techie's dream for SEO. 

Surfer SEO lets you dig deep. You can check your content, see what others are doing, and use Google's fancy BERT method for keywords. Plus, it gives you more than 500 ways to measure how well your content is doing.

Now, let's talk about the cool features:

  • Free Outline Generator: Get a head start on your content with a free outline generator.

  • Keyword Research Tool: Uncover the best keywords to make your content shine.

  • Keyword Surfer: Surf through keywords like a pro.

  • Content Editor: Fine-tune your content to perfection.

  • SEO Strategies: Ace keyword placement and optimize your content effortlessly.

Surfer SEO is like a friend for your content, ensuring your website stands out in search engines.

6. Semrush - For Rank Tracking

Semrush - For Rank Tracking

Semrush - the SEO genius. It's like the go-to guide for anyone serious about SEO. Whether you're a small business or a big enterprise, Semrush has got your back with its powerful and flexible rank tracking.

Semrush is a master at handling keywords, analyzing search engine results while keeping an eye on page rankings. But mainly, it gives you a detailed look at how well a website is doing. 

It gives you the lowdown on authority, backlinks, traffic, organic keywords, and even how long people stay on your site. You can dive even deeper into these details with dedicated widgets or turn them into easy-to-read reports.

And that's not all! Here are a few highlights of Semrush's bag of tricks:

  • Keyword Gap: Shows you where you're missing out on keywords compared to others.

  • Backlink Gap: Compares the backlinks of different web pages or domains.

  • Keyword Magic Tool: Like magic, it suggests keywords related to your search term.

  • Position Tracking: Get daily updates on your site and competitors' performance for specific keywords.

Semrush is the SEO buddy you've been waiting for. It does so much that it's hard to cover it all here but trust me, it's awesome.

7. Pictory - For High-Quality Video Creation

Pictory - For High-Quality Video Creation

Pictory is your easy-peasy AI video maker for creating awesome videos. It's like magic for turning your blog posts and text into eye-catching video clips perfect for sharing on social media or your website. 

But that's not all – Pictory makes editing videos a breeze, whether for webinars, Zoom recordings, podcasts, or other uses.

Creating videos with Pictory is a snap. Just give it a script, and in a few minutes, you've got a video ready to roll. The AI engine works its magic, analyzing and summarizing the text, picking images and video clips from a massive library, and creating a cool storyboard. 

Finish it off with some music from Pictory's cool soundtrack library (or add your own beats) and throw in a voiceover.

So, what makes Pictory really great?

  • AI Video Summaries: Let the magic of AI create video summaries in a flash.

  • Speech-to-Text Editing: Easily edit what's said in your videos.

  • Branding Magic: Stamp your videos with your logo, font, and colors.

  • File Generation: Get your videos in the right format with closed captions.

  • Awesome Library: Jazz up your videos with pre-created animations.

  • Highlight Reels: Share the best parts of your video with highlight reels.

Pictory is your creative partner that turns your ideas into amazing videos. Let Pictory make it happen.

Master Your Business Workflow with AI Tools!

Get ready to level up your work game with these awesome AI tools for small businesses! We're not talking about some far-off future - these tools are here now, ready to make your work life way cooler.

Think of them as your work superheroes. They can tackle boring tasks, analyze data in super cool ways, and excite your customers. 

To make these tools your work besties, figure out what you need and use them cleverly. AI tools are becoming the everyday champs we all need in this digital era.

So, don't just pause here – try out fresh things, stay in the know, and find your own way to be part of this AI party. Get ready to kick your work up a notch and ride the wave of new ideas!

And here's a little secret for you - if you're into writing and making your words shine, try GravityWrite - one of the best AI tools for business. It's your secret sauce for amplifying your writing game. 

So, as you dive into this world of excitement, don't forget to check out GravityWrite - it might just be the magic touch you need! 

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FAQs on AI Tools for Business

  1. What are AI tools for business?

    AI tools for business encompass a range of applications designed to automate tasks, analyze data, generate content, enhance decision-making, and improve overall operational efficiency.

  2. What makes the AI tools stand out for businesses in 2024?

    The AI tools are tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses in 2024, offering advanced features to boost productivity.

  3. How user-friendly are these AI tools for businesses?

    These tools prioritize user-friendly interfaces to ensure businesses can quickly adapt without extensive training or technical expertise.

  4. What sets GravityWrite apart from other AI writing assistants?

    GravityWrite is known for its intuitive interface, impressive ad copywriting capabilities, and support for both text and image generation. It offers a range of tools for various writing needs, from content creation to SEO optimization.

  5. Can GravityWrite generate content for various platforms like social media and websites?

    Yes, GravityWrite is versatile and can generate content for different platforms, including social media, YouTube, websites, and more.

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